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Automotive Articles — DVRs — за 2019 year

DVR — selection wizard

What does having WDR and HDR mean in a DVR?


Why do they use WDR and HDR technology in the car DVR? What are their features, as well as the main differences. all…


Neoline X-COP 9000C Combo Overview


Unique combo device — Neoline X-COP 9000C. Features of recording and playback of videos by this car recorder. The presence of the function of the radar detector in this hybrid DVR. Additional features video recorder for auto — shooting during parking and modes of operation of the device. Interface, installation features and equipment DVR Neoline X-COP 9000C. all…


Dual Channel Combo Recorder — Playme OMEGA


How does the Playme OMEGA DVR differ from other combo recorders? External design and equipment of the registrar. DVR configuration and features of the radar detector. The quality of the captured video, selection and installation of the Playme OMEGA DVR is the best solution for the safety of the car owner and his car. all…


Video surveillance in cars by a smartphone — the pros and cons


What is the benefit of using a smartphone as a DVR? Features of the use of DVRs for auto and mobile devices. The main advantages of smartphones over auto DVRs. Recommendations for installing a mobile device DVR. What is better to choose – car DVRs or smartphones? all…


TrendVision DVRs Review — Split and Tube Series


New miniature models of DVRs – TrendVision Split and TrendVision Tube. Features of the DVR installation and design of each model. What is the difference between recorders for cars of these models? Similar specifications and equipment auto DVR. Which TrendVision car DVR is better to choose – Split and Tube series? all…

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