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TrendVision's DVR Review-Split and Tube Series

The Russian brand, which is engaged in the production and development of new video recorders, entered the global automotive products market not long ago. However, in a fairly short time, about 10 years, they released more than one line of autoregistrars, distinguished by high-quality performance of their functions. The ultra-compact TrendVision Split and Tube series are considered among the most thoughtful and interesting models.

It is believed that these models were created by analogy of some models of South Korean manufacturers, since they have a cylindrical body, a WI-FI function and a supercapacitor. The presence of WI-FI option completely replaces the screen-the user can connect a smartphone or other gadget to be able to view the captured video. But the supercapacitor performs the functions of a battery, which is very profitable and efficient. These features make the devices the best among other DVRs in this price category on the market.

Installation features and design

TrendVision dashboard review-Split and Tube series

The manufacturer chose to release devices, especially for models TrendVision Split, and TrendVision Tube, made in the form of a cylinder. This type of implementation is more modern and functional. Externally, these recorders are similar, but their ideology is significantly different.

Features of TrendVision Tube DVR

TrendVision dashboard review-Split and Tube series

This model is distinguished by the following design features and installation of the DVR:

1. It is slightly larger, represented by a conventional recorder, whose mechanisms are located inside the case.

2. The case has a minimum number of components, on one side there is a loud speaker for voice notifications. On the other hand-a slot for a memory card and a button "Restart". On the body is a lens and LED indicator that displays the camera. This indicator is located in the rear part so that the driver has an idea of ​​whether the recording is being conducted or not.

3. Has a fixed mount bracket very small size, fixed to the windshield using 3M adhesive tape.

4. The power cable is in the holder, for which a microUSB port is provided. L-shaped plug from the power cable ensures its long-term operation, eliminating its wringing.

5. The ability to turn the camera in the right direction makes it possible to set the angle necessary for the review. However, it’s impossible to make registrar turns to the side.

But the most interesting and unusual in this model of recorders is the presence of a remote control button. It is made in the form of "pills", which can be easily placed anywhere: on the steering wheel, near the driver's seat, on the dashboard.

This remote is connected to the recorder via Bluetooth, its operation is carried out using a battery, it lasts up to 3-4 months of continuous work. By clicking on it you can take a photo or save a video fragment with a duration of 10 seconds. These clips, like after the G-sensor has triggered, are recorded in a folder from which they cannot be deleted or deleted. In addition, these records are automatically duplicated to the smartphone, if it is, of course, connected to the autoregistrar via WI-FI.

TrendVision Split Features

TrendVision dashboard review-Split and Tube series

The principle of operation and design of TrendVision Split is significantly different from the first option. Here there is a division into two elements-only the camera is located in the cylindrical case, and the control unit is made as a separate component of the recorder, they are connected by cable.

This implementation is not only interesting, but also necessary, since the body part with the camera has more compact dimensions. Thus, the car recorder does not interfere with the view for the driver and is not at all visible from the outside of the car, this allows you to leave it in the car at night.

1. The modular part, with the camera, is fixed on the glass on the 3M bracket, while the power cable is connected directly to the camera connector, not through the mount.

2. The camera has only a connector for the power cable and an indicator that shows the work of the recorder, all other buttons, connectors and slots are located on the unit. To select the desired angle, you can set the camera based on the user's personal preferences.

3. The control unit has a compact size, it has a slot for a memory card, a button to turn on the recorder, a microphone and connectors for the power cable and cable for connecting the module with the camera.

4. The control unit is fixed in any place in the car-near the steering wheel, near the control panel, with the help of 3M adhesive tape. It is worth noting that the microphone is located on the block, so positioning in a place remote from the driver or the steering wheel will be inappropriate.

Among the similar characteristics of two DVRs is the ability to control and configure the device using applications from a smartphone via WI-FI-based on Android and iOS. Also here is a very concise set of functions, relatively small, which is very important for users who do not want to have a huge menu.

Also, in two models there is an ionistor or supercapacitor, which allows you to save the video after turning off the power from the network. It allows you to quickly start the recorder, immediately after turning on the engine, with air temperature up to -30 degrees. In addition, the TrendVision Split recorder also has a clock battery, which allows you to save the date and time of video recording when you turn off the power.

Functional identity and main distinguishing features

TrendVision dashboard review-Split and Tube series

Despite a number of specific differences between these two models, the video quality is almost the same here. Therefore, choosing one of the two options presented, it is worth taking into account only their functionality.

  • TrendVision Tube has extensive functionality due to a more powerful processor, it also provides the function of recording video in the parking lot.
  • Video recording is of very high quality, while the Tube model has a more correct white balance during night shooting. Also, this recorder for cars allows you to more accurately make the brightness setting when illuminating the road with headlights.
  • TrendVision Split has the ability to install a memory card of up to 256GB, which is very rarely seen in recorders for cars in this price category. In the second model, it is possible to install a card with a capacity of only up to 32GB.
  • The clear advantage of TrendVision Split is its ability to be installed in the rear, as a rear-view camera.

Regarding processors, the usual devices are installed here that do not have WDR and HDR functions, as well as security systems like LDWS and FCWS. Although, these options, in recent times, are not an indicator of a great DVR.

Also, among the obvious similarities of these two models is to provide the opportunity to leave them in the car, when used in winter, and it does not affect their subsequent work. Also, the presence of WI-FI allows you to easily connect your smartphone and watch the captured video without connecting it via cable. In addition, they are equipped with identical Japanese Sony matrix, differing only in manufacturing technology, as well as high-quality lens.

Which option do you choose?

TrendVision dashboard review-Split and Tube series

Despite some similarities between these two models, you still need to choose one, but on which one to choose, many drivers often think about it. So, the main advantage of these recorders for cars is their small functionality. Here, the user will not find the GPS function and other modern and “advanced” options, which, oddly enough, are not always needed by many drivers.

TrendVision Split and TrendVision Tube — classic models of autoregistrars having control via WI-FI, miniature sizes and resistant to extremely low temperatures. They also provide excellent quality shooting and a reasonable price.

When choosing between these two models, it is especially worth considering the method of installing the DVR, because not everyone will be comfortable installing two devices at once-a unit and a camera. However, in the final result, it will be worth it. Choose the best option and find out the price of it by visiting our website. With delivery in Ukraine car DVR you can buy in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa on

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