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What to give a motorist?

Almost everyone among close people has motorists. Women can have this man: husband, boyfriend, friend, father, colleague-everyone can find a gift in the car from the range of auto accessories. Men, in turn, should not forget about themselves and their "iron horse", because there is reason to please yourself. You should also think about women, or rather, what to give a woman to a motorist, as part of our beautiful half also has a car and loves to receive presents.

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Seasonal goods

This section contains relevant seasonal products that will be useful to motorists and not only, it is at this time of the year - blowers, car chargers, batteries, drills, screwdrivers, generators, seat heaters and other goods for the house, cottage and garden.

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Video recorders and security systems

Various unforeseen situations can occur on the road. To protect oneself from false accusations, or, conversely, to be able to prove the guilt of another driver, a video recorder is used. And to track the location of the car and protect it from theft, we recommend using GPS trackers and car alarms.

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Auto accessories

Car accessories are useful devices for the driver that improve the comfort and safety of movement. Especially true for those who spend most of their time on the road. In the assortment of you can find many different car vacuum cleaners, compressors for inflating tires, child car seats, wipers and awnings.

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Car audio and radio

To create comfort and ease of movement, cars are equipped with car audio components. Auto sound in the car, helps the driver to concentrate or relax. Music makes travel more fun, allows you to enjoy the sound of your favorite tunes. Our assortment includes a wide selection of car radios, car acoustics, subwoofers, sound amplifiers and much more.

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Nuances of night driving

Nuances of night driving

Driving a car at night is a dangerous thing. Therefore, there are rules that allow you to make a night trip as safe as possible.

27.10.2021 More info →
Types, objectives and methods of soundproofing a car

Types, objectives and methods of soundproofing a car

Car noise isolation - how to choose the right materials and make high-quality sound insulation

25.10.2021 More info →
Piston or membrane autocompressor? What to choose?

Piston or membrane autocompressor? What to choose?

The autocompressor is an indispensable thing for a motorist, because the wheel can be pulled down at any time, most often at the most inappropriate moment. Compressors for tire inflation are divided into 2 types - membrane and piston compressors. The differences between these species will be discussed in the article.

22.10.2021 More info →
Why do I need a car audio amplifier?

Why do I need a car audio amplifier?

In order to improve the quality and power of car speakers, you must select and install a car audio amplifier. According to its characteristics auto amplifier should match the characteristics of the speakers. The main thing is that the impedance and power of the speakers come to the audio amplifier in the car.

20.10.2021 More info →
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