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Warranty, Return and Exchange

Online store sells quality products. The entire range of products is warranted, from two weeks to several years, depending on the manufacturer. The warranty period is listed on the product page.

Return and Exchange

Buyers have the right to return or exchange goods purchased on during the first 14 days from the date of purchase, in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Protection of Consumer Rights".

Returns/Exchanges of goods are made if the goods have not been in use and their presentation, equipment (including protective films on the device parts), packaging, as well as the payment document and sales receipt are saved.

Sending goods for return / exchange / warranty service is carried out by the cargo carrier "Nova Poshta".

To exercise the right to return goods of good quality, the Buyer must send a notice of intention by email to return the goods with the indication:

  • date of purchase;
  • order number;
  • product name;
  • reasons for returning the goods;
  • it is planned to exchange goods for another or refund.

The return of the goods is carried out at the expense of the Buyer according to the details sent to the reply to the message about the desire to return the goods.

Exchange of goods for another or refunds are carried out after checking the Goods that are being returned. The verification period is 10 working days, the refund period – 5 working days.


Before sending the goods to the service, you need to fill out special form .

To transfer the product for warranty service you must provide:

  • a full set of goods (including original packaging, wires, power supply unit (s) and accompanying documentation);
  • filled out fault description form;
  • seller’s warranty card/original product warranty card;
  • sales receipt.

In case the product falls into one of the following categories: Car Alarms, Receivers, On-board computers, Amplifiers, Parking radars, Light and rain sensors, you must also attach a report with a wet seal to the workshop employee who completed the installation.


  • Give the declaration number only by telephone or email.
  • For individual settings and information recorded on the internal memory of devices that are transferred to the service, is not responsible.
  • In the case of an unauthorized (uncoordinated with employees, putting the external storage media together with the goods for servicing does not bear responsibility for them.
  • It is not allowed to put labels, addresses, etc. on the packaging. When sending by a carrier, use additional packaging to preserve the presentation of the original packaging.

Goods in boxes with printed addresses or pasted over with tape without additional packaging are not accepted!

Upon receipt, the product within a few working days will be transferred for service. The period for equipment to be repaired is determined by the Contractor and agreed with the Customer. Extension of the repair period is allowed (repair in the national service center, lack of accessories). The basis for warranty repair is a complete set of correctly filled documents. The contractor has the right to refuse to carry out warranty repairs upon detection of traces of unauthorized intervention or negligent operation (moisture, dirt, insects, cracks, chips from impacts).

Shipment of goods for warranty repair/refund/exchange is at the expense of the buyer. In the event that 14 days have not passed since the purchase of the goods and a factory defect has been compensates for the costs of shipping.

Parcels that were sent for warranty repair/refund/exchange at the expense of, after 14 days from the date of purchase will not be received. The goods will be received only after payment for delivery by the sender.

Refund upon return of goods is made to the client’s bank card after the goods are diagnosed at the service center. Goods that were sent for refund due to or cash on delivery will not be collected from the carrier’s office and returned to the sender.

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