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Video surveillance in autos using a smartphone & nbsp;-pros and minuses

Modern technology makes it possible to use universal devices in a car rather than acquire specialized narrow-profile devices. However, not always this solution is optimal, and it is sometimes difficult for a smartphone to replace the DVR, which is confirmed by many users of this video surveillance method.

However, however, a smartphone in many cars already performs the function of a navigator, so choosing it to record videos of everything that happens on the road is sometimes necessary. Consider the basic features of using a smartphone in DVR quality, and also find out what the advantages and disadvantages of this process. But first, let's compare the general characteristics of a smartphone and a registrar to understand which are the main differences between them.

Distinctive features of the smartphone and DVR

Video surveillance in cars using a smartphone-the pros and cons

Despite all the advantages of a registrar, using a smartphone is more economical. Thus, the user is not required to buy additional devices you just need to install a mobile device and start recording video. On the other hand, using a smartphone differs in a number of such features:

1. Cyclic video recording. Most DVRs offer continuous video recording, and in the case of a full memory card, new files begin to be recorded over the old ones. The smartphones of this feature are not provide and video may be interrupted in inappropriate moment for this. Also, video recording stops if an incoming call is received on the smartphone. However, in the first case, if you install a memory card of sufficiently large volumes, you can record for a long time, without losing data.

2. The duration of the device. A significant disadvantage of smartphones, according to experts, is the likelihood of overheating, it arises due to the increased load on the RAM and Processor. In result, due to the constant shooting of videos, the mobile device may begin to work incorrectly. However, such nuances occur very rarely and only with long recordings, during the time of fairly long journeys. In the case of a DVR, such problems are never never occurs.

3. Viewing angle Modern car recorders offer a fairly large viewing angle for the user, he can reach up to 135 degrees. In the case with a smartphone, this figure will not be more than 70-90 degrees. In other words, the recorder covers several lanes and shoulder, and mobile device, respectively, is much less.

Video surveillance in cars using a smartphone-the pros and cons

Modern technologies used by manufacturers of smartphones suggest obtaining a viewing angle of 100-120 or 135 degrees from some new models. This indicator is fully compared with a fairly good version of the DVR for cars. In addition, the shooting is done in fairly good quality-Full HD with a resolution of 1920 × 1080 pixels. This is possible due to the arrangement of dual cameras, but this feature has been provided for the time being, with the flagship models. Therefore, now installing a recorder into an auto is a more optimal and profitable option than using a smartphone.

On the other hand, the driver may additionally purchase a lens for installation on a smartphone. So the review will be much larger, however, in this case, the disadvantage is the constant installation and removal of this element on the mobile device.

Smartphone Benefits

Video surveillance in cars using a smartphone-the pros and cons

Despite the a number of significant drawbacks and features of using these types of equipment, the it is worth highlighting several advantages of using mobile devices.

  • Detailing shooting. Good lighting makes it possible to more clearly and accurately determine all the details on the road: the road sign or numbers of another vehicle. This feature also provides better photos.
  • Image Stabilization. Many modern mobile devices have this option, which means the frame is stabilized, thanks to it you can smooth out the shaking by shooting video during driving time.
  • Multifunctional. Using one of the video recorder applications, you can also use the functions of the navigator and anti-radar, to get a more detailed picture of the situation on the road.
Video surveillance in cars using a smartphone-the pros and cons

Having decided to use the smartphone as a DVR, you need to have an idea of ​​how to install it, what you need, and other nuances.

General Recommendations

Getting started using a smartphone in as a DVR is not always easy, as many drivers face some difficulties. Therefore, for those who like to experiment, here are some tips to help complete the smartphone and use it to monitor video in the car.

Mount your smartphone in the lounge

Special auto mount is supplied with the recorders for the car, so their installation requires a minimum of time and effort. In the case with a smartphone, you need to buy a special retainer that must be rigidly and with the ability to adjust to mount the mobile device.

1. The holder must be compact in size and have a pivoting function. Large clips are very inconvenient, because of the the same, there is a possibility of additional shaking and disconnecting at the wrong moment.

2. When using the main smartphone, it is better to choose a magnetic mount or clip bracket for quick removal.

3. Installation is preferable to carry out on the windshield, near the rear-view mirror. If you fix below, there is a chance of sunlight.

If there is an old holder from the registrar for the car, you can try to use it.

AC Power

Despite the power of the driver’s smartphone, it’s often often discharged at a very inappropriate moment. Therefore, it is necessary to take care of the charging connection in advance. To do this, you need to have a power adapter that works from the cigarette lighter, and also a cable.

Customize video recording

Video surveillance in cars using a smartphone-the pros and cons

Before you start recording, you need to adjust all sorts of settings to get high-quality and clear video. To do this, despite the maximum resolution of shooting a mobile device, it’s best to choose Full HD or HD quality. This will save space on the memory card, while it is better to increase the frame rate, it will be much more efficient.

Which option to choose-DVR or smartphone?

The difficulty of choosing what is best suited for use in an auto-recorder or mobile device? Despite the some advantages of smartphones, all the same disadvantages have they are much greater. In addition, the functionality of a mobile device cannot be compared with a registrar, since these devices are much more powerful and more productive. It is also worth highlighting some of the features, their are not only expensive, but and more budget models of car recorders of many manufacturers, which will be quite difficult to install in smartphone:

1. Shooting in low light or at night.

2. The presence of a G-sensor that allows you to save a record during time of sudden braking, collisions, impacts.

3. The security video feature on the parking lot.

4. Ability to equip with LDWS and FCWS options.

These and many other features of DVRs contribute to the choice of registrars for cars rather than using a smartphone for monitoring by many users.

Video surveillance in cars using a smartphone-the pros and cons

An excellent selection of all kinds of car recorders is available from us on the website. Everyone will be able to choose the best option for your car. This can be a standard or universal model, in the classic version or in the form of a rear-view mirror, and also a combo or conventional devices. Car DVR buy in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov with delivery in Ukraine you can go to


Best autoregistrators

Looking for a quality and the best DVRs? This rating of DVRs is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Video recorder for Playme NETTON

Video recorder for Playme NETTON
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  • ★ It has 2 cameras – back and front

Car DVR Aspiring Expert 4

Car DVR Aspiring Expert 4
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  • ★ With built-in Wi-Fi
  • ★ With WDR function

Video recorder Gazer F730

Video recorder Gazer F730
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  • ★ 6 layer IR-compensated glass lens
  • ★ With WDR technology

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