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What does having WDR and HDR mean in a DVR?

When choosing a DVR, one of the most important parameters is the quality of shooting. After all, often the device has to work with a different level of illumination, in different weather conditions, and all this can adversely affect the quality of the resulting image. To improve the clarity and contrast of the image so that you can consider any details, manufacturers have developed several technological solutions. In particular, in the characteristics of many modern recorders you can see the presence of HDR and WDR. These are functions that are special video processing algorithms that allow you to achieve a clearer image at any quality and level of illumination.

What does the presence of WDR and HDR in the DVR

What is the essence of the WDR function

WDR (translates this concept as «extended dynamic range») — technology, thanks to which the DVR can shoot in any, even very difficult, light conditions. At the same time, the picture remains clear, sharp, detailed and bright. As for the essence of WDR, this function assumes that the camera has the ability to immediately take two pictures at the same time, but with different levels of illumination, which are then processed and combined, allowing you to balance the image. The principle of operation is as follows: the device first reads the darkest frames or areas, then those that have maximum illumination. then the video recording is processed by the processor, which balances the contrast of these frames. at the last stage, the device superimposes 2 differently lit frames on each other, and a new single image is already displayed on the screen.

What does the presence of WDR and HDR in the DVR

The presence in the car recorder of WDR technology allows the device to automatically adjust all the main characteristics of the shooting by adjusting the exposure where it is required. In particular, in very bright environments, the camera provides darkening in the right areas, when shooting in low light conditions, the frame is automatically lightened. Maintaining such a balance ensures a consistently high quality of video recording both at the exit from the tunnel and at the entrance to it, and even when the camera is hit by direct sunlight.

The function allows you to get an image on which you can easily see traffic signs, faces of passers by marking, car numbers, etc. A clear picture will help in the event of an accident to quickly identify the offender.

Features and functions of the HDR function

HDR (translated as “high dynamic range”) is a special technology that improves the graininess and contrast of the video. Its use allows you to make the picture more saturated and bright, the sharpness increases.

This is a function that will improve the image obtained in adverse environmental conditions. In particular, it eliminates the negative effects of bright sunlight, preventing illumination of the image. Also significantly improved video quality shot in the dark. Through the use of this technology, the driver gets a clear picture, where you can see any details: road markings; number plates; faces of pedestrians and other drivers, as well as a variety of prohibition signs. HDR adjustment is performed using the menu, function keys and display. Just select the item that is responsible for adjusting the image

What does the presence of WDR and HDR in the DVR

What are the differences between WDR and HDR in car DVRs

Let both WDR and HDR function work to achieve a common goal-to improve the quality of the image by balancing it in brightness and contrast, so that the images at different, changing light levels are clear and detailed. But they also have significant differences. The difference, and quite substantial, lies in the way this goal is realized.

If we consider the technical side of the issue, the main difference between these technologies lies in the fact that in the case of WDR, the recorder is equipped with an improved matrix that allows you to record video while maintaining the brightness level and the contrast of the entire image. Processing and balancing of images, depending on the level of illumination, is carried out automatically using a special built-in matrix and processor. When using HDR, a special software function is used for processing, which superimposes several images with different levels of exposure. Such systems can have several modes of operation, but the principle is the same; when overlapping, sections of the picture are combined with the lightest or darkest areas.

What does the presence of WDR and HDR in the DVR

As you can see, these are completely different technologies and together they cannot work. It is also worth noting that WDR is a more expensive option, since it is based on making changes at the hardware level, providing for the installation of a special matrix. But this technology is more functional and makes it possible to get a better and more realistic picture even with a sharp difference in light.

If you are looking for a model with the best shooting quality, then WDR and HDR are required. You can buy a car dvr in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov in the online store


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DVR in the car Gazer F750w

DVR in the car Gazer F750w
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  • ★ with ADAS; FCWS; LDWS

Car DVR Aspiring Expert 4

Car DVR Aspiring Expert 4
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  • ★ With built-in Wi-Fi
  • ★ With WDR function

Video recorder Gazer F730

Video recorder Gazer F730
  • ★ With built-in Wifi module
  • ★ 6 layer IR-compensated glass lens
  • ★ With WDR technology

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