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DVRs in winter: why do batteries die?

Most modern car DVRs are equipped with lithium-ion batteries. Such batteries are used so that if necessary it was possible to shoot autonomously, disconnecting the device from power through the cigarette lighter. However, it is the use of batteries of this type that is one of the most vulnerable places of registrars, which often affects the reliability of their work. Most often, batteries fail in winter or in summer. And since winter is coming very soon, we will consider exactly the features of winter operation of car recorders and the reasons that kill their batteries.

Video recorders in cold weather: how do batteries die?

Winter overnight in the car, how is it dangerous for the registrar?

Nobody can cancel the laws of physics, and the fact that negative things happen to lithium batteries at low temperatures is caused by natural physical processes. For example, batteries in cold weather begin to quickly lose their charge, which leads to the inability to perform their main functions-to provide power and support the health of the device. Therefore, do not sharply remove the power cable from a frozen DVR, if the battery has already been adversely affected by cold temperature, it may simply turn off and the last recording may not be saved.

With regular use of the car in the winter, the camera has to work almost constantly, and if you leave it in the cabin, the gadget can freeze overnight. When the driver returns in the morning, after warming up the passenger compartment, the registrar will most likely turn on and work. However, sudden changes in temperature are detrimental to lithium-ion batteries. After a while, you can find a big problem in the form of a swollen body. The battery will simply fail.

Sometimes you have to change the battery after the very first night of the registrar in the cabin, especially if there is a big minus on the street. Some manufacturers use the low-current charging method to solve this problem. This slightly reduces the damaging effects of low temperature on the battery. More advanced brands install a special protective system on their devices: the built-in sensor must detect the temperature, and as soon as it drops below zero, the battery will automatically stop charging.

Of course, sometimes it’s lucky if a good battery is installed in the recorder, it can work even for several seasons, the battery will die out gradually and it will be very difficult to notice right away. In high-quality, well-designed models, most often an additional clock battery is installed on the motherboard, the role of which is to save the settings and preset date and time settings. In cheap Chinese, there is no such element, to save data they need a working lithium power source. If the battery fails and loses the ability to maintain the registrar, then after each shutdown the device will be constantly reset.

Video recorders in cold weather: how do batteries die?

How quickly the battery goes down can be affected by the quality of its assembly. For example, during production, the seam of the battery shell is not tightly sealed or scratched when installed in the DVR. Through any damage, cold air can get inside, which, if the temperature drops sharply in a few days, can cause the battery to die.

The investigator, if you want the lithium-ion or polymer battery in the recorder to last a long time, you should not leave it in the car for the night in the winter. Optimal solutions will take the device with you every day.

Is there an alternative to lithium-ion batteries?

Since lithium-based batteries are unsuitable for operation at low temperatures, an alternative solution must be sought. And it already is-these are supercapacitors, they are also called ionistors. They representOh, a kind of rechargeable battery (with a pretty low capacity). Moreover, such power sources are almost impossible to disable it. Their peculiarity is that they are not susceptible to sudden changes in temperature and remain operational even after prolonged exposure to frost.

Supercapacitors are commonly used in the products of Korean manufacturers of car DVRs. Just remember that if you have a supercapacitor, you will not be able to constantly take the device from the passenger compartment and use it as an external portable camera. That is why in most Korean models there is no through-feed system through the bracket. Their purpose is only to ensure the safety of videos, if suddenly the power supply suddenly breaks.

One of the typical supercapacitor recorders is the BlackVue DR750S-2CH. However, other brands offer similar devices, including Neoline, TrendVision, etc.

Video recorders in cold weather: how do batteries die?

To summarize

Obviously, in winter, some rules should be followed so that the DVR works for a long time and its battery is not exposed to negative factors. There are several key recommendations:

  • No need to leave a device that has a built-in lithium battery for a long time in the passenger compartment when the temperature is below freezing. At night, take the best ones home, so you can avoid the fact that the battery suddenly fails.
  • If you do not want to constantly take and take the camera out of the car, then immediately at the purchase stage it is better to give preference to devices that are equipped with supercapacitors. Such models are more reliable and can withstand almost any temperature difference without much harm to their working qualities.
  • If you still decide to buy a DVR with a lithium-ion battery, check with the manufacturer if it’s best if you have a separate battery in the model you like, which ensures the safety of the date and time settings. If it is present in the design, then you can use such a device in any conditions without much loss. Even if the battery fails, it will be enough just not to disconnect the DVR suddenly from the on-board network. Then all files will be safe. True, such a device will no longer be suitable for autonomous shooting.

Whatever car recorder you choose, remember, this is not just a fashion accessory. This device once, if you suddenly get into an accident, you can greatly help out. However, all this is relevant only for fully operational devices. If the power cord suddenly comes out during an accident and the battery is not working in the recorder, then you risk losing an important record, which can cost you a lot of money later. Therefore, monitor the condition of the device and do not expose the battery to excessive loads in winter, then it will last a long time.

In the online store you can always buy a DVR in Kiev, Kharkov or Odessa from leading brands with different technical capabilities with a built-in battery or supercapacitor.


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