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DVR - selection wizard

How to choose a DVR?

When choosing DVR, you should pay attention to such criteria as the resolution of the video being recorded, the number of cameras, the type of attachment, the presence of a display and additional functions, such as GPS-logger, function WDR, built-in Wi-Fi module and others. Also, important criteria for choosing a DVR are the ability to rotate the recorder, the camera's viewing angle, the presence of internal memory and built-in battery. Buy a DVR can be delivered to Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov and throughout Ukraine at

Video Resolution

To select the DVR based on the resolution of the video being recorded, click on the corresponding image.

More information about video resolution

One of the factors that affect the quality of the picture is the resolution of the video. The higher the resolution - the more clear and detailed the picture will be.

The difference in video resolutions

Additional functions

To select a DVR based on its advanced functions, click on the corresponding image.

DVR with GPS logger
WDR and 3DNR
DVRs with WDR and 3DNR functions
DVR with Wi-Fi module

More information about advanced features

GPS logger - a device that allows you to track the route, location, as well as the speed of movement of the car. The coordinates and speed of the vehicle are displayed on the DVR's display and displayed on the recorded video.

The functions WDR and 3DNR significantly improve the quality of shooting. WDR - balances light and dark areas. This improves the quality of night shooting. Also, due to this function, the video will not have too light and too dark areas. 3DNR - digital noise reduction. This function removes noise and also improves the quality of night shooting.

With the Wi-Fi module, you can synchronize the DVR with your smartphone or tablet and online to watch the video on the device data screen. Also, with the help of a special application, you can completely control the DVR.

Number of cameras

To select the DVR based on the number of cameras, click the corresponding icon.

One-camera DVRs
DVR with two cameras
Multi-channel DVR

Availability of the display

To select the DVR based on the presence of the display, click on the corresponding icon.

With display
DVR with display
Without display
DVR without display

Why do I need a display for the DVR?

The DVR display is required to configure its parameters and view the captured videos.

The DVRs without a display also have their own advantage - they are more compact and can be installed in the car imperceptibly.

Other useful features of DVRs

Viewing Angle

Viewing angle of the DVR

The more the angle of view of the DVR, the more details will get into the frame. The optimal viewing angle is 140 degrees or more. It should be noted that if the viewing angle is too large (170 ° and more), then sometimes the effect of the "fish eye" is observed, that is, the video is lapped around the edges.

Video recorders with internal memory

Inner memory

Internal memory is needed for the DVR to quickly copy important clips from the memory card to the DVR's memory, thereby protecting these videos from overwriting.

DVR with built-in battery

Built-in battery

DVRs with built-in battery can be used not only as a recorder in a car, but also as a portable camera outside the car.

DVR with G-sensor


G-sensor - shock sensor. The principle of its operation is this: in case of sudden braking / accelerating or tilting the car, the video will automatically be saved to a separate folder and will be protected from overwriting.

DVRs with the possibility of parking shooting

Parking shooting

Parking shooting allows you to shoot at a time when the car is parked. For a parking survey, the registrar needs constant power.

The lineup

Best autoregistrators

Looking for a quality and the best DVRs? This rating of DVRs is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Video recorder for Playme NETTON

Video recorder for Playme NETTON
  • ★ Super Full HD and Full HD recording
  • ★ Large viewing angle – 145 degrees
  • ★ It has 2 cameras – back and front

Video recorder Gazer F730

Video recorder Gazer F730
  • ★ With built-in Wifi module
  • ★ 6 layer IR-compensated glass lens
  • ★ With WDR technology

DVR with Wi-Fi Aspiring Expert 5

DVR with Wi-Fi Aspiring Expert 5
  • ★ With 2 FullHD cameras
  • ★ With Wi-Fi
  • ★ With GPS module

With DVRs they buy

Cigarette Lighter Splitters

Not all cars are equipped with several cigarette lighter sockets, and in the current reality, with many useful devices operating from the cigarette lighter, it is difficult to do just one jack. Using the cigarette lighter socket, you can simultaneously connect several devices to the cigarette lighter, for example, a DVR, a radar detector and a charger for the phone.

Memory cards

Memory cards are a must for the DVR. The larger the volume of the map - the more videos you can record. For faster operation of the DVR, it is recommended to take memory cards no lower than the 10th grade. If the card class is lower - there may be short pauses between the rollers.

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