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Car articles - subwoofers — за 2019 year

12 best subwoofers per car. Part 2


How to choose the right subwoofer so that it produces a powerful sound in lower case? What type of subwoofers does its job better. Answering these questions is very important if you want to achieve the perfect and most natural sound in the interior of the car. We offer you a selection of the best models of passive subwoofers that guarantee powerful low sound. all…


12 best subwoofers per car. Part 1


Installing a subwoofer allows you to achieve a very powerful and rich bass sound inside the car. This is an indispensable element of the speaker system for those who like to listen to dynamic music. We offer you a selection of the best models of active subwoofers that are reliable, great sound and ideal for installation in a car. all…


Active and passive subwoofer which one to choose?


Choosing a subwoofer for installation in a passenger car is not an easy and very important task. It is from the subwoofer that the bass sound power will depend. Which subwoofer to choose active or passive? What features, advantages and disadvantages do devices of various types have. Consider that question in more detail. all…


Review of Alpine PWD-X5 active subwoofer


Alpine PWD-X5 is a unique combi device that opens up very wide possibilities for tuning sound reproduction and allows you to create an ideal acoustical system in the passenger compartment using only one device instead of the standard set. He combines the capabilities of an active subwoofer, amplifier, and sound processor. all…


What are the advantages of using multiple subwoofers in a car?


The importance of using car subwoofers – when you can connect two or more subwoofer. Possible wiring diagrams for subwoofer speakers, their features. Why do we need monoblocs subwoofers – increase the value of power. all…


Speaker system in the car — how to pick up a complete set. Part 2


Upgrading the speaker system without replacing the standard head unit. How to pick up the speaker system in the car – installing an amplifier with a processor. Improving the speaker system in the car with the help of more powerful acoustics, subwoofers. A complete set of speakers in the car – we supplement the amplifiers of sound power. The importance of improving sound quality and the right choice of a complete set of speakers. all…


Speaker system in the car — how to pick up a complete set. Part 1


The best version of the speaker system – how to choose the speaker system in the car correctly? A complete set of the speaker system – replacement of the staff GU, acoustics, subwoofers. Acoustic system in the car with sound amplifiers for acoustics and subwoofers. The need to choose a complete set of speakers in the car - getting more power and clarity of sound. all…


Benefits of using two coils in a subwoofer


Features of use and equipment of the car subwoofer. What distinguishes the subwoofer with two coils? The importance of a subwoofer with a car audio amplifier. The main ways to connect the subwoofer for cars with two coils and the advantages of connecting the car subwoofer in this way all…

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