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What are the advantages of using multiple subwoofers in a car?

advantages of using multiple subwoofers in a car

For more powerful and beautiful bass sound in the car install subwoofers. However, sometimes to obtain the desired effect of one speaker will not be enough. To do this, the audio system uses two or more subwoofers. However, when it is necessary, and what can you get in the end? Let's take a closer look at all the nuances.

Special features with two subwoofers in the audio system

advantages of using multiple subwoofers in a car

Very often, to create a better sound, especially in large car cabins, owners often install several sabs. Another important point is the compensation of low-impact sound in the design of acoustics on the type of free air. Often, also such a design becomes the basis of powerful and loud sound in demo versions.

How can I get the desired effect? First of all, it is worth considering that installing a second or third speaker increases the sound pressure by 3 dB each, as a result the basses are deeper.

1. If you choose two subwoofers, they can be mounted on the rear shelf in the cabin – in the same or in different buildings.

2. The presence of several low-frequency speakers will allow you to turn on the acoustics in both mono and stereo. The latter option allows you to separate the sound channels on the right and left.

Many motorists and music lovers are sure that mono sound will not provide the depth and naturalness of sound, but this is not true at all. Indeed, many drivers often use only monobas, with a standard frequency range of 80 Hz, no more. It should also be borne in mind that the stereo is optimally suited for an extensive speaker system consisting of two small subs, located in the front and one large in the back for low and medium frequency reproduction.

Types of connection diagrams

advantages of using multiple subwoofers in a car

Connecting to the power amplifier sound two subwoofer speakers, which work in mono, is carried out as well as connecting two voice coils of one subwoofer. The difference of this process is the output sound mode:

  • using a subwoofer with two coils, its right and left channels create mono playback mode;
  • The use of two subwoofers leads to a powerful stereo system.

There are two possible ways to connect car subwoofers to an audio system: serial and parallel. Connecting one amplifier channel to 2 subwoofer speakers from 4 ohm often use a consistent type of inclusion. As a result, the load on the amplifier decreases, the resistance will be 8 Ohms. However, the user also gets the opposite effect of amplification, which can be halved. Therefore, this type of installation is very rarely used, because no one wants to lose power, buying an amplifier just for amplification, not for reducing the sound power.

More popular is the parallel connection of standard subs, having a resistance of 4 ohms. As a result, the resistance is reduced to 2 ohms, while increasing the output power.

Power increase

advantages of using multiple subwoofers in a car

More expensive models of amplifiers can double the power, other options are also capable, but with a slightly lower value. Using several amplifiers, car owners often purchase special monoblocs for subwoofers, with their help stability is maintained up to 1 Ohm, without much overloading the device.

The negative point in this case is the expensive cost of such a system, since for each amplifier you will have to install a separate subwoofer monobloc. Therefore, the most optimal solution would be to use 2-channel amplifiers with increased power.

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