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12 best subwoofers per car. Part 1

The use of subwoofers in the car during the formation of the speaker system allows you to achieve excellent and powerful sounding low frequencies. You should not underestimate the bass, in the lower frequency register there are a lot of musical instruments. Without a high-quality transmission of the "bottom" sound will seem flat, unemotional. It is the installation of a subwoofer that will allow achieving in the car interior high-quality reproduction of the entire sound spectrum, which will satisfy even the most demanding music lovers.

The market now offers a huge selection of active and passive subwoofers that have different performance and functional parameters, so that it is easier for you to make the right choice, we have selected the 12 best models in 4 main categories.

12 of the best subwoofers in a car part 1

The best compact active subwoofers

Pioneer TS-WX210A

An excellent model in the original design, powerful, compact, installed under the driver's seat or in the trunk. Such a subwoofer can be used if you want to tighten the sound on the “bottoms” without using extreme sound frequencies or there is not enough space in the trunk to mount a full-fledged cabinet sub.

Despite the installation of a small, eight-inch speaker due to the design and shape of the case, the manufacturer was able to achieve excellent performance in the frequency range from 40 to 125 Hz. The built-in amplifier with a power of up to 150 W has mosfets; for optimal cooling, a special housing design has been developed. This power is more than enough for compact models installed under the seat.

All the handles and other controls are placed on the side wall of the device’s case; additionally, the possibility of wired remote control is provided. This model is very sensitive and whimsical to the settings. If you approach wisely, and not just squeeze the bass to its full potential, you can get a very high-quality sound.

12 of the best subwoofers in a car part 1
  • + Neoprene speaker diffuser.
  • + The ability to install a subwoofer under the seat.
  • + High sensitivity-98dB.
  • + The ability to control work and settings remotely.
  • - Installation is possible only on the floor.

JBL BassPro Micro

Ultra-compact active subwoofer-the case is only 41 cm long. This is an original model with good performance. It can be installed under the seat in the cabin, as well as in the trunk of the car. The subwoofer is made in a durable case made of ABS plastic.

It also has a small eight-inch speaker. However, due to the fact that the built-in Class D digital amplifier has a maximum power of 300 watts, it allows you to achieve excellent bass sound, makes them rich and powerful. The operating frequency range of this subwoofer is from 50 to 120 Hz.

One of the features of this model is the wide range of settings for performance and sound reproduction, depending on the type of vehicle, location and tastes of the driver. The input sensitivity control allows you to set the maximum system signal without unduly limiting or distorting low frequencies. Frequency control of the built-in crossover allows you to choose the right frequency for your car. Using the bass equalizer, you can enhance the bass sound by 9 dB. All this, with proper tuning, will allow you to get very high-quality bass reproduction without distortion for all types of music.

12 best subwoofers per car part 1
  • + Compact size.
  • + High power.
  • + Flexible configuration system.
  • + Remote management.
  • - Price.

Pioneer TS-WX70DA

This is a great choice if you need to install a subwoofer in a small car with limited space. Its thickness is only 97 mm. The case of this model is made in the bass reflex form factor, due to which it was possible to significantly improve the sound characteristics of the device. Separately, it must be said about its increased strength and wear resistance. Such a subwoofer can be placed both in the cabin and in the trunk. To control the settings, you can use a special wired remote control, which increases ease of use.

The Pioneer TS-WX70DA is an active, compact subwoofer with a built-in Class D amplifier, with a maximum power of 200 watts. There are two speakers, their diameter is 16 cm. The operating frequency range is from 20 to 250 Hz.

One of the key features of the subwoofer of this model is the DIGITAL BASS CONTROL function, which allows you to choose one of two operating modes:

  • DYNAMIC-in this mode, the bass sounds clearly and rhythmically.
  • DEEP-this mode allows you to increase the volume of low frequencies, while the bass becomes more saturated.
12 of the best subwoofers in a car part 1
  • + High build quality and structural strength.
  • + High sensitivity 110 dB.
  • + Availability of the DIGITAL BASS function.
  • + Slim body.
  • - Price.

Best Active Subwoofers

Focal BombA BP20

This subwoofer is small and has an eight-inch speaker, recommended for installation in the trunk. It is easy to connect, in the presence of all the necessary linear inputs and high-level inputs.

Thanks to the built-in Class D amplifier with a maximum power of up to 300 W and a frequency range of 20 to 120 Hz, the subwoofer is capable of producing very powerful sound, which makes music more vivid when listening to bass. It should also be noted that this model is made in the bandpass case, therefore it has an efficiency higher than that of the analogs in closed boxes or bass reflex cases.

Focal BombA BP20 allows you to achieve a very pleasant and accurate bass sound, does not distort the instrumental sound. The sound is powerful, but not sharp.

12 of the best subwoofers in a car part 1
  • + High power and performance.
  • + Good sound quality.
  • + Class D digital amplifier.
  • - High price.

Kicx ICQ 301BPA

Kicx ICQ 301BPA is a compact enclosed subwoofer with a built-in amplifier and 12-inch speaker, which guarantees powerful and rhythmic sound reproduction at low frequencies. It is perfect for listening to rock and popular music. The built-in amplifier was specially designed to get maximum results, its availability greatly simplifies the installation and configuration of the subwoofer. Its maximum power is 550 watts.

The amplifier has high inputs.whom and low level. Thanks to the “speaker connection” high-voltage input, it can be connected to a car radio that does not have line outputs with RCA connectors. This makes installation much easier. Typically, these models are placed in the trunk.

The device can provide very good and accurate sound reproduction at low frequencies. Operating frequency-from 25 to 600 Hz. To maximize the sound quality, you can use the wide range of adjustment and tuning options: changing the cutoff frequency of the low-pass filter, adjusting the input sensitivity and the ability to enhance bass, etc.

12 of the best subwoofers in a car part 1
  • + Having a high-level login.
  • + Remote adjustment of parameters.
  • + High-quality bass transmission.
  • - Sometimes there are slight distortions.

Alpine SWE-815

Compact enclosed active subwoofer with an eight-inch speaker and remote control. A very practical and inexpensive model with a built-in amplifier with a maximum power of up to 150 watts. Please note that this model can be connected to both "high voltage" and "low voltage" terminals of the car radio. One of the features of this model is the case, which has a removable port plug, which allows you to use it in the "Closed box" or "Phase inverter" configuration.

It is worth paying attention that it is perfect for installing a hatchback in the trunk. In small-volume bodies, he will be able to reveal all his capabilities and provide powerful and rich sound at low frequencies. In cars with a large volume body, especially with a closed trunk, its strength may not be enough for a full-fledged low-frequency transmission, except perhaps for subsonic. Be sure to consider this when choosing.

12 of the best subwoofers in a car part 1
  • + High sensitivity-91 dB.
  • + A wide frequency range from 34 to 1500 Hz.
  • + Easy installation.
  • + The ability to remotely control using the remote control.
  • + Small price.
  • - An accentive rather than a dominant sound.

In the online store you can always pick up and buy an active subwoofer in a car in Kiev, Odessa and Kharkov. We have a wide range of models in all price categories.

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