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The legal side of using the DVR

The legal side of using the DVR

Car DVR is designed to help the motorist recover events on the road in order to confirm his innocence. But giving a video has some pitfalls. Not observing some rules, you can cancel such a weighty proof of your innocence.

Next we will give the opinions of some motorists and lawyers. To begin, we will describe the opinions of experienced car owners, and then comments and even step-by-step guidance from lawyers.

So, the comments of car owners.

  • The Code on Administrative Offenses clearly fixes the right to provide any evidence in the case, including a video recording made by the DVR.
  • In many cases, the DVR is the only unbiased witness capable of fully recovering the situation.
  • Recording of DVR dvr is evaluated together with other evidence when considering the issue of damages.
  • A traffic police officer will not be able to interpret what is happening in his favor when there is a video recording of an auto DVR.
  • The testimony of eyewitnesses, as well as of other participants, can often be biased in contrast to the video recorder.
  • Neglecting the use of video recording as evidence by law enforcement is unlikely.

Comments of lawyers

Below are comments from lawyers and instructions on how to use these videos as evidence.

First, the presence of carcam and the corresponding video recording of events must be declared on the scene of the accident immediately, otherwise the entry will not be valid.

Secondly, the legal status will have only a genuine video record, acquired legally and having a direct link to the case under consideration.

Check whether the record is legally valid by documents. The militia protocol should contain detailed information about the video material seized from the scene. In this case, it speaks about the authenticity of the evidence, because you had no time for a fake.

Urge the inspector to make the most minute details about the DVR in the protocol: its location and orientation, the model and the brand, the distinguishing marks of the withdrawn flash card.

It is important that the time reflected on the video is correlated with real data, so make sure that the DVR setup is correct. The presence of witnesses can increase the legal force. Well, if, also in their presence, you will seal the medium before it is handed over to the inspector.

If the inspector refuses to record a video record in the record, you have the right to mention it in your explanations, and when signing the protocol, disagree with the inspector's refusal.

To provide the court, you need to prepare detailed information on the principle of the DVR, as well as provide a device with the appropriate software for viewing video.

Third, to provide video recording as evidence in court, the following steps must be taken.

First of all, to inform all officials present on the scene of an accident that you have a video recorder with all the details in the record. In case of refusal, we should mention it ourselves in the explanations and the protocol, as well as the refusal of the inspector.

Do not forget that the evidence transmitted by you can be spoiled or lost. In this case, there are several options:

  • backup of the recording of the DVR;
  • sending a copy of the record in a short time by registered letter to the court, the proof will be valid from the moment the court receives it;
  • a copy can be put in the bank cell, the data of the last visit will be enough to establish the date of legalization.

Regardless of how you deal with the material received from the video registrar, it will be subject to examination for authenticity. The main aspect is time, because nothing can be done in seconds. Experts determine whether it is possible to forge this video, how quickly and with what equipment.

For the legalization of this evidence, it is important that the time and place of transfer of the DVR's recording to law enforcement agencies is important. If the place is reflected in the protocol, then time plays a very important role. DVR buy in Kharkov, Kiev, Odessa with delivery to Ukraine can be at

The production time for fake video is the main aspect of determining the authenticity. The record, submitted in six months, will not even be considered an examination and will be accepted as conditionally forged.

As you can see, DVR can really become your side in any proceedings related to the car. It is necessary to know your rights and act in accordance with the advice of lawyers. For you, the choice of DVR meets all requirements. Which DVR is the best - it's up to you, and the consultants of the car store "130" always help with advice.


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