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DVR with night shooting - IR and LED backlight

DVR with night shooting - IR and LED backlightDVR continues to help drivers, providing "iron" evidence and a confident trip in any situation, day and night. About the features of the night shooting of a modern camcorder, let's talk about this article. After all, situations where the video data of the registrar are decisive and priceless often arise precisely at night. Many motorists face dubious circumstances during an overnight car in a parking lot: the fuel is diminished, then there are damages, then the car does not stand that way in the morning. And on a night trip it's another pair of eyes, capable of capturing meaningful data with extremely limited visibility and often with minimal and unstable lighting.

How does the night vision of a modern DVR for cars work? Today you can buy a DVR with IR illumination or a DVR with LED backlight, which is just for better recording in dark conditions and poor visibility. Infrared light is able to provide a more distinct picture, and the presence, as a rule, of several IR diodes gives volumetric illumination at different angles.

The image obtained from the autoregistrator (LED backlight) is also distinguished by high clarity, and ultra-bright LEDs can illuminate the surrounding objects in the dark. This makes it possible to use a DVR with a backlight for night recording, not only in the car, but also outside, useful when shooting communication with police inspectors or in the event of an accident. DVR buy in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkiv with delivery to Ukraine can be at

In conditions of insufficient illumination, the special modes of DVR operation are also called to improve the quality of shooting. The photosensitivity is important: the smaller it is, the less illumination is required for a quality picture. The wide viewing angle, the high-definition matrix, the higher resolution, the high-quality optical system - all this in combination with the backlight of the camera can give a legible image, the quality of which is sufficient to determine ambiguities arising from the car in the absence of the owner, and for the necessary evidence, during a night voyage. Still, you need to really assess the capabilities that "night" DVRs have.

Do not count on a large-scale image of the road situation with a clear detail, lit in total darkness more than car headlights. But the presence of these elements of night shooting will significantly improve the quality of recording. And to record, for example, the traffic police inspector addressing you, the protocol being compiled or everything that happens to the car at night in your absence, a DVR can be able to do this, the price of which is often incomparable with the value of the materials received.

In the range of you will find various autoregistrators , working in the night recording mode. Choose and buy on DVR with IR, LED backlight and other features for high-quality night shooting!


Best autoregistrators

Looking for a quality and the best DVRs? This rating of DVRs is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Video recorder for Playme NETTON

Video recorder for Playme NETTON
  • ★ Super Full HD and Full HD recording
  • ★ Large viewing angle – 145 degrees
  • ★ It has 2 cameras – back and front

Car DVR Aspiring Expert 4

Car DVR Aspiring Expert 4
  • ★ With GPS module
  • ★ With built-in Wi-Fi
  • ★ With WDR function

Video recorder Gazer F730

Video recorder Gazer F730
  • ★ With built-in Wifi module
  • ★ 6 layer IR-compensated glass lens
  • ★ With WDR technology

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