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The advantage of using amplifiers with a built-in DSP processor in systems with a standard head unit

Most drivers, especially those who prefer powerful and clear sound of music in the car, want to create a system of components that improve the sound, make it better and more elaborate. This is possible, because now there are many different devices on the modern car audio market that will not only enhance the sound, but also create amazing opportunities for high-quality individual tuning of the audio system: time delays, cuts, separation and filters, and many other settings.

A simple solution to the problem of poor sound quality.

using amplifiers with a built-in DSP processor in systems with a standard head unit

To perform a similar upgrade of the standard head unit, you can use an amplifier with a built-in processor. The presence of such a useful «add-on» will exceed all user expectations. This amplifier will be the solution to many of the «shortcomings» of the regular head unit, while helping significantly change the sound from the speakers. Its benefits include:

  • management of time delays;
  • the presence of a multi-band graphic equalizer;
  • adjustment of low and high frequencies;
  • division of the signal into frequency bands, crossover;
  • signal summation;
  • signal limiting to protect speakers connected to the device from overloading;
  • phase inversion.
using amplifiers with a built-in DSP processor in systems with a standard head unit

Thus, using a sound amplifier with a built-in DSP processor, you can fine-tune not only the sound amplification parameters, but also fully adjust the sound to your liking, ensuring the signal quality is at the level of the best systems with external processors.

Budget solution for high sound power

The best option for creating a unique and dynamic sound among budget models will be a sound amplifier with a built-in processor Pioneer DEQ-S1000A. This device is a four-channel type, with its help; you can significantly improve the sound of the audio system without replacing the standard head unit. Setup is simple, you need a smartphone with a previously installed special manufacturer's application to perform it, and there are options for iOS and Android.

using amplifiers with a built-in DSP processor in systems with a standard head unit

The main task of the processor in this amplifier is to receive a signal from the car radio, process it and transfer it to additional devices to enhance the sound power. Moreover, despite its compactness, this device is not inferior to other, more professional options. It has everything you need to adjust the sound capabilities:

  • crossover;
  • equalizer;
  • high level inputs;
  • linear type output with 4V output voltage;
  • time delays;
  • spatial effects.

The presence of the last function is very important, because spatial imitation, in terms of auto, greatly enriches the sound.

Key Features and Customization

using amplifiers with a built-in DSP processor in systems with a standard head unit

An important function in this device is the management of time delays; they are set independently in each individual channel. The control range of time delays can be up to 350cm in steps of 2.5cm.

1. The user sets the sound effect Todoroki settings, this is a dynamic loudness, it is able to enhance the low frequency ranges of the signal. The tone balance is self-aligned with the preset volume.

2. Options for adjusting the equalizer are 7, additionally there are 2 user.

3. Controlled reverb recreates the necessary acoustic atmosphere in the cabin of the car.

4. It is possible to select signal sources, enter settings for delays or filters, separately selects the ability to select the processor auto-tuning mode based on the measurement signal.

5. Depending on the placement of the speakers and the system configuration, the mnemonic will display certain indicators of the cutoff frequency of the filters, signal levels and time delays – according to the selected position of the user, in a separate menu.

Using an amplifier with a processor without setting personal parameters and settings is also possible, and then it will work as an external DAC. The balance of tones will be soft and neat, no extraneous interference will not cut the ear. Moreover, if you adjust the necessary parameters, you can set some delays adjust the crossover and equalizer. In addition, spatial effects will help significantly revive the sound; as a result, a beautiful and melodic sound will come out.

Professional modernization – we choose «advanced» models

using amplifiers with a built-in DSP processor in systems with a standard head unit

More power and, accordingly, better sound quality can be obtained by choosing a Mosconi Gladen One 130.4 audio amplifier with an integrated processor. This four-channel type device will help fully transform the understanding of high-quality music playback. With it, you can fully unlock the acoustics of the Hi-End class due to the high power amplifier and at least a powerful processor. At the same time, the user fully retains all the functions and capabilities of the standard head unit.

Features of the functional

With this amplifier, you can get a pleasant and dynamic sound; it will be different clarity and timbre. A weighty addition is the fact that, with such crystal-clear transparency of reproduction, it is not individual «scattered» sounds that are felt, but a holistic and musical sound.

1. Low-pass and high-pass filters with the ability to fine-tune the frequency.

2. Modules allow you to shift the phase in individual channels, as well as elements for correction models of machines. To replace these built-in modules, you can use the G-Card slot, and install external devices in it.

3. Possible to introduce time delays in increments of 0.7 cm to 5 m. Input is possible independent, on channels, or block-by-block – on the entire left or right side, on the rear or front part.

4. In each individual channel, you can enter up to 2 additional correction options.

using amplifiers with a built-in DSP processor in systems with a standard head unit

The sound will be good, in the track, a quick play on the acoustics will not merge with the general sound, and each string will be heard separately, making the presentation very interesting and unusual. The grand piano will be heard with a pressure, strikes on the strings will sound very clearly, and the attenuation of each string will be especially clearly heard with an almost outstanding resonance of the instrument body. Thus, the user will be able to experience all these little things in detail, which is especially important for the driver-music lover.

Bass is also felt with special dynamics; the amplifier has an excellent supply of energy, so the sound does not deteriorate even with an increase in sound volume. What is important, the low frequencies remain the same; you can feel the balance and excellent sound timbre.

Important points when choosing a processor with an amplifier

using amplifiers with a built-in DSP processor in systems with a standard head unit

Which one to choose? Italian or Japanese manufacturer, budget or a more professional model? It all depends on the capabilities that you want to get in the amplifier with a processor and, of course, the financial component. The important thing is that in any case, the driver will get a high-quality sound, a sufficiently large power potential and convenience in location and use. The last factor is no less important, and since these devices are compact, their installation will not introduce any difficulties.

These, as well as other variants of sound amplifiers with or without an integrated processor can be viewed and selected on our website. Here is a huge selection of different models of devices to provide greater power and high quality sound. You can buy car audio amplifiers in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov with delivery in Ukraine at

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