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Quality car audio. Budget car audio

More recently allocated three conventional types of modernization of the car — improvement, interior decoration of cars outside and internal technical “tuning”. But the installation of high-quality acoustics in a car “tuning” does not recognize: CD player and speakers attributed to a more standard equipment than to an additional. Today the situation has changed radically. Installing automotive acoustics became a sort of “tuning”. Not even taken into account the fact that the very price automotive acoustics can be a greater cost of spare parts and units of the car.

Acoustic Tuning

For a small period of time (4–5 years) automotive acoustics moved to the new stage of development: from the amateur entertainment in a professional and successful business. The concept of “quality auto sound” professional drivers describe not as “home” motorists. The advantage of modern automotive audio system sounds very aggressive and was originally designed to play modern rhythmic, but not of classical music. And it is quite logical — move on the road does not have to “dive” into the ocean of classical works.

But motorists who travel through our roads most of his life, listening to music, usually from the first second of listening to distinguish quality from low-grade automobile acoustics. It happens so, that is absolutely identical in their characteristics speaker systems very different sound in a different car. Somehow, in one-car music sounds truly alive, natural, dynamic and volume, and in another — very dim, not bright and not interesting. The deciding factor in car audio sound quality there is a good choice of components and “smart” setting acoustics, depending on the characteristics of the car interior.

Music system in your car are usually divided into 3 classes in their price range and, respectively — in the classroom. There is a budget car acoustics, the mean (Hi-Fi) and high-quality and cutting-edge acoustics (Hi-End). Each of these systems deserves a separate discussion and analysis.

Budget car audio

How to choose and buy budget car acousticSimplest sound system today is equipped with virtually every ordinary car. No stereo in saloon cars in the world today is characterized as a significant technical "glitch". But not enough to buy a car media receiver and a pair of some of the speakers to create a full-fledged car music system. If you want to get really high-quality playback of music in the car, even with an inexpensive car audio, you need to follow some very important principles.

One of the most important — the bulk of the budget assumes the head unit. Experts say that it is quite logical and generally correct-sound speakers to submit an internal amplifier head unit and sound quality depends on the car radio. Cheap “head” will not be able to apply for the dynamics of sound quality on characteristics of force and sound quality. In addition, statistics are often prone to breakdowns. So do not save, and buy a speaker system for the car at least middle class.

Market automotive products offers a huge selection of car audio: cassette, CD/DVD-receivers, MP3-players. The lowest value of “head” is bordered on the level of 50 dollars. For these small money you can buy a car receiver (in Kiev and Ukraine), which has no large “bloat” and embedded options, but with playing music, she'll do for sure. FM-unit in a car radio will be no different qualitative sensitivity, but indicated in the passport frequency range in large cities such as Kiev, will make perfect.

Main source of sound in the car is front speakers — the dynamics, which are located in front of the car. In the budget version of the appointment of the speaker plays a pair of coaxial speakers that are mounted in the car door. These speakers are designed to generate both low, medium and high frequencies.

U coaxial speakers are installed on the same frame several magnetic heads, and “Diversity” Acoustics consists of a number of separate magnetic heads, each of which is fixed to its frame.

Rear speakers, as the name implies, is located in the rear of the car. There are two main reasons for these speakers on the rear: creating high-quality surround sound, and significantly increases the volume level.

In any modern speaker car amplifier has four channels. So you can install an inexpensive sound system of staggered on each side of front and rear coaxial speakers acoustics. These rear speakers are called “pancakes” (their size — 6x9 inches), and “slam” them in the rear shelf. Together with the frontal, rear speakers create a fairly decent quality sound in your car.

In the online store “130” you can choose and buy a car acoustics, amplifier, subwoofer, processor, crossover, car-audio cable and set up in your car a perfect sound to travel and rest. Our experienced professionals will help you choose the budget car speaker system for you and your car.

TOP-3 car audio

Best auto acoustics

Looking for a quality and the best car audio? This rating of car audio is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Car speaker Kicx DC 652MR

Car speaker Kicx DC 652MR
  • ★ Two-way coaxial speakers
  • ★ RMS 55 W
  • ★ Sensitivity 91 dB

Car Audio Mystery MC-542 Calypso

Car Audio Mystery MC-542 Calypso
  • ★ Coaxial two-way speakers
  • ★ Diffuser made of polypropylene
  • ★ Nominal power level 40 W, maximum 150 W

Car speaker JBL Stage2 9634

Car speaker JBL Stage2 9634
  • ★ Three-way coaxial speakers
  • ★ RMS 70 W
  • ★ Oval speakers measuring 152x230 mm

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