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The best solution for making diffusers is paper

Even in ancient times, when they began to produce serially loudspeakers, the best option for the manufacture of diffusers was cellulose. Nowadays, almost nothing has changed – many manufacturers use cellulose to create acoustic speakers, they transmit sound better and better than other options.

Features and varieties

The best solution for making diffusers is paper

The use of cellulose is fully justified – it has unique natural properties, its processing using different methods helps to create paper that has a very wide scope of use. This is especially true for speakers of acoustics, cellulose is used for their production:

  • coniferous;
  • vegetable;
  • hardwood.

In addition to these types of compositions, their compositions are used; they, using different processes and technologies, become the basis of a high-quality diffuser having excellent technical characteristics.

1. Increased initial elasticity and linearity of these parameters in a fairly wide range of changes in load and frequency.

2. Low density.

3. High damping performance.

In addition to these characteristics, it is worth noting the natural timbre, natural and soft music reproduction, and all this is possible thanks to the paper performance of the diffuser.

The main types of material used

The best solution for making diffusers is paper

Technical pulp, which is most used for the manufacture of diffusers, consists of various components that affect its properties. There are such options:

  • alpha cellulose, refers to chemically pure fiber. It is used to determine the strength to mechanical stress, heat resistance and the duration of the paper;
  • hemicellulose is very similar in composition to the previous type. Its main advantages are plasticizing fibers, facilitating fibrillation and increasing interfiber bonds;
  • lignin is an organic substance, it has increased stiffness and hardness like wood, it adversely affects the grinding process, worsening the conditions of fiber bonding.

The technical type of cellulose can be obtained during the processing of wood chips or vegetable mass. This process is carried out using acidic and alkaline chemicals at elevated temperatures.

Pulp processing

The best solution for making diffusers is paper

Car acoustics diffusers differ in quality and performance, this is influenced by the type and method of processing raw materials. Cellulose can be obtained using a sulphate or alkaline cooking method, as well as sulphite or sour. The result is SFA and SFI cellulose. Processing takes place as follows:

  • in the first case, wood chips are processed in sulphate-alkaline solution of sodium sulphate and caustic soda;
  • in the second, an acidic solution of calcium bisulfite is used.

The resulting substance is washed with water, after which the sheet material is formed using a special aggregate.

Features processing of the finished material

The best solution for making diffusers is paper

In the manufacture of diffusers can be used as bleached and unbleached pulp. During bleaching, a 3-step chlorination process is used, if you want to get less whiteness, then a two- or one-step treatment is performed. This process is extremely important, because during it decreases the rigidity of the pulp.

Selection of the right composition

During the development of speakers, it is important to choose the best option for the composition of the manufacture of diffusers. Very often, the distinctive features of automotive speakers from different manufacturers are precisely the different composite characteristics of materials. Very often, the manufacturer indicates this in the technical parameters for the device.

Compositions can be of two types:

  • based on different types of cellulose, it can be a mixture of plant, coniferous and flax;
  • mixture of cellulose with other fibers of mineral, synthetic, metallic and carbon type.
The best solution for making diffusers is paper

It is important to note that during processing, impregnations and various chemical additives are added to virtually all composite mixtures. For example, low-frequency speakers (subwoofers) get long wool fibers. This makes it possible to increase the damping in the material itself, and reduce the unevenness of the frequency response. In addition, each manufacturer in the development of a new type of speakers, to obtain a richer and more saturated sound, is carried out a careful and lengthy process of finding the optimal composition for the diffuser.

Thus, the choice of the optimal variant of the material depends on the characteristics of the speakers, their structure. As a result, the output will be surprisingly clear and powerful sound, which will amaze with its naturalness and softness of reproduction.

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