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Special features subwoofers in the car

When installing the car speakers, it is important to calculate everything in advance, so that the sound was clean, and there is no interference or conflict between the various components of the system. One important element is the subwoofer. Installing woofers require care and correct calculation. It is important not only to choose the optimum settings of the speakers, but also to find the right place, type and size of housing. Let's take a closer look at how to install a subwoofer in the car.

features a subwoofer in the car

What is the role played by installing the subwoofer enclosure?

If you are installing your speakers is very important to choose the right package. It is necessary, as it is properly selected the desired body size and volume can help improve the subwoofer. And of course, there must adhere to certain rules and take into account the characteristics of different materials and installation location of the subwoofer.

The main task of the housing-to provide insulation front sound wave which is produced when driving the woofer diaphragm forward, reverse wave generated during movement of the membrane in the opposite direction. If the body is not present, then these two waves meeting, will cancel each other. This will lead to the fact that the bass will be shallow and very weak. It is important to understand that the body must be protected from vibration and rugged construction. It is important to provide protection from exposure to sound waves, which will distort the sound.

How to set up your speakers affect the sound quality

The luggage compartment, the installation of the speaker in the forward

This is one of the most popular methods. But here it is necessary to consider if between the subwoofer and the opposite wall of the luggage compartment is a small place, the speaker issued a sound wave will experience excessive pressure, which negatively affects the quality of the reproduction of low frequencies.

The luggage compartment, the installation of the speaker towards the back

This is also a good option, but in cars such as sedan or coupe distortions often arise because the place is not very much. To correct this effect it is recommended to use a special baffle, remove obstacles to a sound wave or make the body smaller. In hatchbacks and vans such problems are not observed.

features a subwoofer in the car

Installing the front on the center

This position provides a good connection to the subwoofer and front speakers expands transition frequency. Please note that This installation option is not possible for vehicles with limited space in front.

Installation flush with the floor

This option can be used for the trunk, where tires are. In this case, the trunk floor will serve as an acoustic screen, and the sound got a strong, vibrant, and will be well distributed throughout the cabin space. This subwoofer installation option is suitable for different types of vehicles: sedan, coupe, station wagon. Not only suitable for cars that do not have space for the spare tire. It should also be remembered that the speaker size is limited, as a place for its installation in this case is not very much.

Installing the rear shelf

This is a very good place for the sedan and coupe. Placement of the subwoofer thus provides sufficient strength that can hold the weight of the structure and the sound wave pressure.

What points should still pay attention when installing a subwoofer

In addition to the placement is also very important to think in advance such things as: what are you going to make the shell, its size, shape and weight. This is very important as all of these parameters directly affect the quality of sound transmission. And if this be taken lightly, the end result after installation, you may not get this, you dreamed.

features a subwoofer in the car

Body Material

There are a few basic materials used for the construction of housing for the subwoofer. They differ in certain parameters and the influence on the sound. Let's look at all types of materials for buildings in more detail.

  • Plywood. There are many options and varieties of plywood, many of them for the construction of buildings for the acoustics just do not fit. Usual plywood has insufficient density, which leads to a distortion of sound. For the construction of small buildings it is recommended to take a multilayer (12 layers) plywood or solid wood ship Russian birch. This material is thick enough, it is lighter than chipboard and fiberboard. With such plywood work quite easily, it is well screwed screws, there is no fear that the material exfoliate. Sheets with a thickness of 12 mm have resonance characteristics that are better than what shows the majority of boards with a thickness of 16 mm. But there is a plywood and disadvantages of high cost and rarity, as well as the fact that a larger enclosure can start to ring. Therefore, it is not recommended for buildings with large flat spans. Optimum will use this type of housing for mounting a pair of 8-inch woofers in the housing up to 0.04 cubic meters.
  • DSP. This is one of the most common materials used for the acoustic assembly. DS plates come in several varieties, but it is recommended to use the maximum density particle board for construction of housing for the subwoofer. Despite the fact that these sheets weigh more with them is quite easy to operate and the sound is pretty high quality. 16 High-density chipboard sheets millemetrovye this is probably one of the best options for installation of powerful woofers. This material has a high density and weak resonance qualities. In addition, this material is relatively inexpensive and easy to find. But even here there are drawbacks. Particleboard easily absorbs moisture, and difficulties may arise when cutting band saws whether disc. To protect from moisture, such housing is recommended to be sure to paint.
  • MDF medium density. This material is a compressed paper, it is quite thick and well cut. It is important to bear in mind that the higher the density of the sheet, the best options will be the case. Tight enclosure will distort less sound transmission. Among the shortcomings of this material is worth noting that with him because of the tendency to denomination can be difficult to work with. Further, it is prone to moisture absorption. And it should be taken into account when building the body, as it is necessary to take measures to protect against humidity. However, the result is good, it will be worth the effort. Fiber can be a great option if you need to do everything quickly. Suitable for installation subwoofers average power.
features a subwoofer in the car

The need for the use of sound-absorbing materials

If you are installing subwoofers use of sound-absorbing material is necessary to. It is needed in order to reduce the effect of standing waves inside the cabinet. However, do not get involved, if it will be very much, the sound can become jammed, power dynamics will be reduced. It is recommended to paste a little sound absorbing material on the rear wall of the body inside. It is best suited for this purpose, porous, spongy material, they are quite effective and at the same time light.

Body weight

When the energy of the woofer powerful resonance facilitates emergence with surrounding objects. The result is a sound distortion which leads to degradation of bass. To playback the bass was pure as possible and saturated without interference the subwoofer enclosure should be heavy. It is important that the body does not resonate, and not distort the sound. The heavier the body, the better and cleaner get the bass sound.

How the subwoofer depends on the shape of the body in which it is installed

Hull form — not the most important indicator. Volume and material are considered more important parameters, but also on the shape of something depends. Let's look at what shape can have a subwoofer enclosure.

    • Square. This embodiment maximally easy to manufacture, but such an enclosure tends to form peaks and dips of the F3 after F3. In order to equalize characteristics must install inside the structure special reflecting plate, to use sound absorbing material to reduce or parallel phase.
features a subwoofer in the car
    • Trapezoid type 1. This form allows you to slightly flatten the peaks, but still, in this case, the failure does not go away after the peak. For smoothing, it is necessary to use an additional small amount of sound-absorbing material.
features a subwoofer in the car
    • Trapezoid type 2. This body sound characteristics of a little smoother than the previous two. If a little rounded corners of the body, the distortion can be avoided almost completely.
features a subwoofer in the car
    • Trapezoid type 3. This embodiment is a structure in which the front part of the tapered body of the second type is superimposed another trapezoidal design. This option has the best performance in sound quality. Smooth curve is obtained without sharp jumps, and the sound output more powerful and rich.
features a subwoofer in the car

Of course, the installation of a subwoofer in the car-it is a very important stage in the formation of high-grade interior acoustic system. We hope these tips were useful to you, and now you know that you need to install a subwoofer in the car. Remember that you can always buy subwoofer in Kiev, Odessa and Kharkiv, the online store any size and power delivery to Ukraine.

TOP-3 subwoofers

Best car subwoofers

Looking for a quality and the best car subwoofers? This rating of car subwoofers is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Car subwoofer Hertz S 300 S4 Uno

Car subwoofer Hertz S 300 S4 Uno
  • ★ Size — 30 sm
  • ★ Rated power 250 W
  • ★ Compressed Cellulose Diffuser - V-cone

Case subwoofer Blaupunkt GTb 8200 A

Case subwoofer Blaupunkt GTb 8200 A
  • ★ With built-in amplifier
  • ★ Resistance 2 Ohm
  • ★ Frequency range from 30 to 200 Hz

Box car subwoofer Mystery MBS-312A

Box car subwoofer Mystery MBS-312A
  • ★ Built-in amplifier
  • ★ Clear and rich sound
  • ★ Subwoofer - active in the finished package

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