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Features and Benefits of DVR with GPS-module

DVR has already been given, and become part of our automotive life. Almost every driver has been able to evaluate all the advantages of the use of these gadgets that allow us to fix the situation on the road. Now there are more wide variety of models that do not just shoot, but also have a lot of additional very useful features. For example, the DVR with GPS-module.

The features and advantages of video recorders with GPS-module?

GPS-module allows real-time to receive data from the satellites, receiving from them information not only about the current coordinates, but also to monitor the speed of travel and route. All of this will appear on the video, improving its information and ensuring additional protection in the event of litigation.

What Car DVR have a communication channel with the satellites?

We all know that the main function of any car recorder - record video. However, proof of the place and time when the recording was made, are very important to authenticate the video. That is, in any case, in a complex and DVR GPS-sensor as witnesses work much better. This is due to the fact that such devices have advanced features. In particular a recorder with GPS can solve some additional problems.

coordinate tracking and vehicle speed. These default data embedded video. Then they can be useful in a lawsuit. Although the absence of a stamp with GPS data does not interfere with the video to attach to the case. Nevertheless, these data can serve as an additional proof, if it is necessary to clarify the route of movement or speed.

GPS-informer function. This option is not at all registrars, equipped with GPS. In this case, a video recorder, using data from the satellite coordinate and loaded into the device-to-date database installed on road safety cameras can timely warn the driver that he or she enters into a security camera monitoring area.

The features and advantages of video recorders with GPS-module?

How does GPS-module in the recorder?

Different models of DVRs may have several options of GPS-module performance:

  • Remote GPS-sensor. A very convenient option, since in this case, the module can be taken out even outside the cabin as the antenna using a special cable to connect, which helps to minimize interference, the quality of reception in this case, is the best.
  • GPS module is integrated into the housing. This is the most common form, it is convenient that the sensor is already in the DVR and do not need something extra to connect.
  • GPS module built into the mount recorder. Most often, this option is used in devices that are easily removed, that is, the driver often takes gadget home with you. GPS sensor at the same time will remain in the car.
The features and advantages of video recorders with GPS-module?

It is worth noting that the use of GPS-module does not mean that the registrar will work as a GPS-navigator. In this case, the sensor is used only in order to receive the necessary satellite coordinates and record speed, route and location.

Another point that should be considered. Do not be alarmed that the first switching GRS module will connect to satellites for a long time, it may take a few minutes. This is quite normal, then everything will happen much faster.

Basic functions registrar with GRS-module

As mentioned above, the registrar with the GRS module has more features than the classic device. Among the features that allows you to get the GRS sensor are the following:

Check the current vehicle position on the map

Car recorder with GPS sensor binds the video to a specific latitude and longitude coordinates on the map. In addition, the gadget manufacturers offer special software (for PC and mobile devices), which allows you to check the route of movement of the machine and watch its coordinates in real time.

The features and advantages of video recorders with GPS-module?

Information on actual speed

Have GPS sensor allows to determine the current vehicle speed. The presence of such an option is one of the crucial points when purchasing a DVR. Since the presence in the die video from the average speed may be an additional argument in the case of trials when an accident.

But do not forget that the recording velocity information from a legal point of view, a serious argument is not. That court took into account the rate of speed, measurements must be done only by qualified Certified device. Unfortunately, similar to the DVR does not apply.

However, patrol police officer in the event of an accident, it may take account of these data in consideration of the case and as a minimum, if the speed is not exceeded by the testimony, that he would react favorably.

Although the reverse situation is possible, if according to the device will be released, that the car was driving with excessive speed, the inspector of sympathy can be forgotten.

The features and advantages of video recorders with GPS-module?

The proof of that machine at any given time has at some point

Sometimes it is very important to prove that the car in the specified time interval was at a particular location. In this case, the recorder with GPS module will enable it to confirm. If necessary, you can always get the data linked to the map, which will indicate at what point the car was at a particular time, and view the video captured during this time.

What else is worth watching when choosing a registrar?

As with any other car recorder is very important to look at the picture quality. The device should provide a clear record, which can be easily disassembled, even the smallest details. Therefore we recommend to choose gadget with resolution not lower Full HD 1920 × 1080 pixels. This will allow to consider all necessary, including the number of passing cars.

Another useful feature is the ability to take screenshots of DVR normally, and save sections of the video separately from recording for a few seconds to a few seconds after pressing the button. Naturally, the files should contain full information about time and location coordinates of where it was produced record.

It is equally important for the program to tie the coordinates to move the vehicle to the service Google Maps. This will allow to quickly keep track of the cards in the most visual and convenient way.

The features and advantages of video recorders with GPS-module?

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Best autoregistrators

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Car DVR Aspiring Expert 4

Car DVR Aspiring Expert 4
  • ★ With GPS module
  • ★ With built-in Wi-Fi
  • ★ With WDR function

Video recorder Playme TIO S

Video recorder Playme TIO S
  • ★ with GPS module
  • ★ with wifi
  • ★ 1920 x 1080 resolution (Full HD 1080P)

Car DVR GT R Techno

Car DVR GT R Techno
  • ★ resolution 3840 x 2160 (Ultra HD 4K)
  • ★ with GPS module
  • ★ with wifi

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