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What is the G-sensor on the DVR, and how to properly set up?

Many drivers have heard of such a thing as a G-sensor. This sensor is used in many a variety of devices: smartphones, DVRs, etc. This allows the sensor to generate a specific signal, depending on its location relative to the gravitational field of the planet. That, in fact, and due to its name: the letter G-it Gravitation (with English gravity.) In the name of the sensor. We they are sometimes called accelerometers.

What is G -sensor on the DVR, and how to properly set up?

The very first use of these sensors were in tablets and touchscreen phones, they provide a revolution of the screen are based on the provisions of devices (vertical or horizontal). Later they were adapted to the games, where they can already react to turns at different angles. Now almost every car video recorder is equipped with such a sensor, but the algorithm of these sensors is a little different.

G-sensor on the DVR: Features the work and purpose

The main purpose of G-sensor in any car DVR-timely react to any changes in the speed of the vehicle. Since the machine is always moving in three-dimensional space, the sensor makes it possible to respond to any changes in movements in 3D mode. You can even talk about his work in four dimensions, since in addition to monitoring changes in velocity in three axes, the sensor is also able to record and time.

Sometimes referred to as G-sensor shock sensor, similar to that used in car alarm. This statement is not entirely accurate, as the sensor on the DVR is more important to monitor the performance of sharp acceleration or braking while driving, rather than determining the absolute position of the machine or mechanical damage in the tilt/shock sensor installed in many modern security systems.

The signal, which feeds the sensor is supplied to the microprocessor controlling the DVR operation modes. It provides the following functions:

What is G -sensor on the DVR, and how to properly set up?
  • the identification and memorization of the exact moment of a collision or other situations in which there is an abrupt change in the speed of the vehicle;
  • ensure the transfer of important video (made in the time of the accident) in a special protected from erasing the memory card folder;
  • emergency activation of the video if it is not carried out in the current mode of the device.

The principle of G-sensors

There are two types of such sensors:

  • Piezoelectric-their work is based on the creation of a special electromotive force (EMF), which occurs at the time of change of the piezoelectric element size is inside. The design provides that the special absorbing element (small ball fixed weight) is placed on the three-dimensional piezo suspension. When accelerating machine according to one or more axes of the piezoelectric element generates an electrical signal supplied on after G-sensor. And then delivers the corresponding sensor signal that fixed rate of change.
  • Magnetoresistance in them as the primary inertial body using a conventional magnet. Register moving the machine in this type of sensors is due to determine the change in the resistance index in the magnetic field.
What is G -sensor on the DVR, and how to properly set up?

How to set up a job and detector sensitivity?

Each G-sensor has certain characteristics that determine its functionality, including:

  • the ability to control and configure the sensitivity level;
  • Set the time interval to record in preserving the indelible area.

To perform the sensitivity adjustment is necessary to go to the main menu of the DVR. There should be an appropriate point. Change parameters typically by using special scales from 1 to 10, or the actuation of levels-2g/4g/6g/8g. Please note that the 2g-is the maximum sensitivity level. In this case, the sensor will be triggered, and to signal transfer in a protected folder even with minimal changes machine speed. For example, it will respond to:

  • getting transport in small pits, and when driving on rough roads;
  • the minimum impact on the car body;
  • start and abrupt braking of the vehicle;
  • abrupt maneuvers.

Obviously, if the sensitivity of the sensor overly high, particularly in the area indelible memory card will always get unwanted events that lead to its rapid filling. This can lead to what is the right time to record the accident on the map will not just free space.

What is G -sensor on the DVR, and how to properly set up?

Of course, protected from erasing a folder can be cleaned if necessary. To do this, connect the recorder to a PC, as in many models it can be done manually using the menus and controls on the recorder. First you have to go to the menu and find "Settings G-sensor".

is also possible to configure the time interval for recording in indelible memory area, it may be 10, 20, 30 and 60 seconds before and after the event. Usually enough 30 seconds to ensure a complete and most objective image of what happened. This is the best option, and the place on the map clip in this case does not take so much.

How to reduce the sensitivity of the sensor, if the menu adjustment is not provided?

Sometimes, the market caught DVR model, where there is no possibility of adjusting the sensitivity of the G-sensor. Typically, this is the least expensive segment. Such devices are very quickly overwhelm a protected area of ​​video footage in which fixed unimportant and insignificant events. This means that they are very quickly runs out of space, and it becomes impossible to provide guaranteed the most important record of events in the case of a real accident.

Especially, the area fills quickly when driving on flat roads not the most, which is in Ukraine, a lot, or if the driver prefers an aggressive style of driving. In these cases, almost all the records fall within the special zone. And the land is filled with non-volatile memory in less than a day. How to solve this problem?

Output, in fact there is, for example, you can: Ensure the DVR soft suspension. This can use a special suspension or cushioning cover with soft cushion for the device. With these measures, you can achieve a very good result, the sensitivity is reduced by 2-4 times. This will be enough to minimize the frequency of the sensor is triggered.

There are quite a radical solution evaporate G-sensor from the board completely and remove the sensor completely. Only this is not entirely appropriate, since what a DVR is a general need. After all, the device instantly lose a very important part of their functionality.

What is G -sensor on the DVR, and how to properly set up?

General recommendations are worth considering when purchasing a DVR

If you are planning to buy a DVR for your car, then in addition to image quality, resolution, viewing angle and other important technical parameters of the note and the presence of G-sensor, and be sure to check: Does this model is the ability to manage settings G-sensor. Ignore the setting is not necessary, as this is very important, because in case of an accident you will be guaranteed a record of what happened on the road, if the sensor is properly reacted and transfer the record to a special indelible area. When you set up should use the following guidelines:

  • setting the sensitivity of the sensor, always refer to the peculiarities of the road surface where you will often drive a car. Also, be sure to consider your driving style.
  • The sensitivity should be such that the sensor is responding to a click on the case of the DVR, and gave a command to transfer video to a secure area.

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