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DVR: useful functions and features of different devices

The main task of the car DVR is to record what is happening on the road along the route of the vehicle. As a result, if disputes arise, such a record can be very useful, as it will be important evidence that will be used to resolve disputes or punish the guilty person. In addition, many models have many other equally useful functions, for example, determining coordinates, night shooting, parking mode and others.

Video recorder: useful functions and features of different devices

To know exactly which gadget is better to get, so that it becomes not just a camera, but also becomes a useful assistant, you need to study how modern car DVRs work, their main and additional functions. That's what we’ll talk about.

Features of the DVR

The purpose of each recording device is to fix video information, while the time and date are marked on the record, sometimes even the coordinates.

How the DVR works:

  • The camcorder records clips of a certain length (duration and size depend on the quality of the picture and the model of the device). Recording in most modern models is carried out cyclically, that is, in place of the old files, when the space on the flash drive runs out, new ones are gradually written so that the process does not interrupt.
  • Captured recordings are stored on the memory card as separate files.
  • The quality of the DVR's performance is greatly influenced by the processor installed in it. The speed and amount of processed information depends on its characteristics. It also affects the quality of the video. It depends on the processor that the recording will be in good resolution, without interruption and jumps. Now one of the most productive and popular are the Novatek NT96660, AMBARELLA A7L processors.
  • The matrix influences how the signal is formed, which is then processed by the processor and stored in the memory of the video recorder. If the matrix has sufficient photosensitivity, then the picture quality will always remain good, even in low light, for example, at dusk, at night or in rainy weather.
DVR: useful functions and features of different devices

Automobile cameras differ from ordinary ones in that they are carried out in compact cases and their optics are adapted for shooting in motion. This is very important, as the picture should be clear and not blurry. Registrars are usually mounted on the windshield using ZM adhesive tape or a special vacuum suction cup. They provide reliable retention of the device, even when driving on rough roads. Special magnetic mounts are also very popular, which allow you to quickly and easily remove the camera if necessary, for example, to remove damage to the car after an accident from the outside, and then quickly return to its place.

As for the connection, most modern car recorders are connected to the cigarette lighter socket. They need a little power to work. Additionally, many devices are usually equipped with their own batteries, this is necessary to ensure uninterrupted recording. It is activated if the power stops receiving, for example, at the time of the accident.

It is also worth noting that different models can support different memory cards, usually you can use MicroSD from 32 to 128 GB.

Additional features that modern car registrars have

In addition to directly recording what is happening, aggregates can still do a lot. For example, most modern models are equipped with a built-in shock sensor (G-sensor, accelerometer). It is used in emergency situations (sharp braking, collision) and allows you to automatically protect the recorded video file from loss. At the command of the sensor, the file is placed in a special area on the memory card, which is protected from overwriting. Please note that if you select a device with this optionIf you configure it, then set the sensitivity correctly. The sensor should not be triggered on every bump or pit into which the car enters.

DVR: useful functions and features of different devices

You can highlight other special functions that car DVRs have:

Device Function



The presence of a built-in Wi-Fi module allows you to quickly transfer captured videos to a connected mobile device, as well as view videos from a memory card on a smartphone or laptop.


Tracks and fixes coordinates and speed of the vehicle. The data comes from the satellite, and then can serve as evidence of where the car was at a particular point in time.


This function allows you to significantly improve the image quality at different levels of lighting. The picture is obtained without light, contrasting and well readable.

Motion Sensor

In the parking mode, after the engine is turned off, the recorder enters a special "sleep" mode and does not record. As soon as the sensor detects any movement near the vehicle, recording starts automatically. This saves power and memory when parking the car for a long time.


Some devices may emit special beeps to alert the driver of a long driving stay. From time to time, they may also remind you to turn on the headlights. This option is most relevant for truckers and drivers of intercity buses.

Video recorder: useful functions and features of different devices

The presence or absence of certain functions depends on the manufacturer and the specific device model. Everyone chooses the set of necessary options for himself, just remember that the more sophisticated the device, the higher its cost. Therefore, the choice should be approached consciously and carefully so as not to overpay for what you do not plan to actively use. On the other hand, most of the additional features are designed to increase operating comfort and provide protection along the way.

In the online store you can always buy a DVR in Kiev, Odessa or Kharkov. We have a large selection of models from leading manufacturers. You can easily choose a model at any price category in any set of functions, according to your needs.


Best autoregistrators

Looking for a quality and the best DVRs? This rating of DVRs is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Video recorder Gazer F730

Video recorder Gazer F730
  • ★ With built-in Wifi module
  • ★ 6 layer IR-compensated glass lens
  • ★ With WDR technology

Multifunction DVR Playme UNI

Multifunction DVR Playme UNI
  • ★ SONY wide-angle lens and photosensitive CMOS sensor
  • ★ Full HD 1080p high-definition video
  • ★ Easy removal of the device thanks to the magnetic power connector

DVR with Wi-Fi Aspiring Expert 5

DVR with Wi-Fi Aspiring Expert 5
  • ★ With 2 FullHD cameras
  • ★ With Wi-Fi
  • ★ With GPS module

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