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Overview subwoofers Hertz CS 250 S2 and 250 Hertz CS S4

Subwoofers Hertz CS 250 S2 and S4 included in Cento family and at first glance this model is very much like, since they have virtually identical design. The main difference is the impedance 2 and 4 ohms respectively. But, in fact, their only differences do not stop there. In this article we will discuss the features of these two lines of subwoofers and their capabilities.

Overview subwoofer Hertz CS 250 S2 and 250 Hertz CS S4

Design features

Speakers & Subwoofers Italian company Hertz Cento series, whose name translates from the Italian as «hundred», replaced the well-known and well shown Hertz Energy herself Series 5th generation. With the new series of the manufacturer to improve the design through the use of more advanced technology solutions. This allowed significantly improve the sound quality.

The fact that the manufacturer offers two types of subwoofers Hertz CS 250 S2 and S4V allows motorists to choose the best option of resistance, so that the dynamics of the amplifier is compatible with. The instructions are also available recommendation for connecting multiple subwoofer speakers with different variations of the compounds and the final resistance value, you even do not need a calculator.

Indexes S2 and S4 in the title talk just about the level of resistance of this model, and represent Single and 2 Single 4 Ohm. Other indicators are almost identical dynamics. Outside, there is a difference only in the marking. Sami same speakers look very similar, it is possible to use them as a protective grill and the removable front insert and without. Note the grill is not included.

As for the structure, then it is possible to allocate a solid sheet steel basket, which has additional reinforcement ribs in the form of flange returns. The cooling system of the voice coil is represented by special ventilation windows which are located between the magnet and the centering washer. An additional advantage is the presence of the rubber casing on a ferrite magnet, as well as an additional seal on the flange of the basket.

Overview subwoofer Hertz CS 250 S2 and 250 Hertz CS S4

terminals, nickel-plated, they have a good defense in the form of a plastic casing. Contacts are well insulated, which ensures good damping and reduces the risk of interference and sound distortion.

The cooling system used in these subwoofers, was developed based on the experience of development «senior» Series Mille Pro. The acoustic chamber is behind the central dust cap. It communicates with the volume of the housing thanks to the ventilation holes in the annular adapter, which is attached via a coil and a diffuser. Also, worth noting is that the shape and size of the optimum ventilation holes was calculated using an innovative system of Modeling software, built on the basis of the finite element method (FEM — Finite Element Method). It is possible to achieve excellent performance, reduce turbulence and minimize the probability of extraneous noise and overtones. During movement of the air diffuser is flagged for the centering washer, it is also, together with the diffuser acts as a kind of acoustic filter. Which also contributes to the smooth and clean reproduction of low frequencies.

As for the diffuser, in these subwoofers it is made of polypropylene. The voice coil has a diameter of 35 mm, it is a 6-ply and is wound on a heat-resistant fiberglass frame.

When you create a magnetic system is also used innovative solutions, for example, then there is a blind tapered hole in the core, which allows you to accurately focus the magnetic field in the gap. And the core of the magnetic system plays the role of the front magnetic core, which makes the magnetic field near the magnetic gap symmetrical and minimizes the reduction of even harmonics.

Overview subwoofer Hertz CS 250 S2 and 250 Hertz CS S4

The parameters of the magnetic component dynamics are optimized using special software which simulates the electromagnetic processes based on the finite element method (Finite Element Analysis — FEA). Due to the experts were able to assess the real oscillations of the magnetic field under the influence of a strong signal supplied to the coil, and due to changes in the coil/diffuser position in relation to a stationary magnet mounted. All this has enabled the manufacturer to achieve the perfect design, minimize distortion and make better linearity performance. That is, even when applying for a strong signal the speaker can not be afraid of showing any distortions.

The landing depth is quite small. Note that in the core there are no vents, so a subwoofer can easily be mounted close to the rear wall of the body.

Sound and functional features

If these subwoofers are virtually indistinguishable, here is their performance level have some differences. And this is obvious, because it is impossible to lower the resistance factor of 2, decreasing the number of turns only twice. This will lead to the fact that in the same 2 times reduced and the power factor. Therefore, the designers had to solve a difficult problem: the number of turns it was necessary to reduce the minimum, and to reduce the resistance through the use of heavy gauge wire. Which in turn leads to the fact that the thick wire increases the overall weight, since it is heavier. In these models, the difference in weight is 12 grams, or 8% by weight of the entire movable system.

As for the cardinality indicators, for both models Hertz CS 250 S2 and S4V

nominal power is — 300 W, and the maximum — 600 W


Also these woofers exhibit good sensitivity and resonant frequency of 84 dB

Overview subwoofer Hertz CS 250 S2 and 250 Hertz CS S4

Separately it is necessary to highlight the good performance of linearity. When applied to the speaker sound pressure of 90 dB (1 m) SOI value does not exceed 1%, it is very good, even impressive rate. With the growth of a sound pressure level of harmonics index also increased, but very slowly, which favorably affects the quality of sound transmission. As a result, the bass gets a powerful and clear without distortion or interference.

What is the acoustic design is recommended to install these subwoofers?

The manufacturer recommends as the optimal acoustic design to use a sealed box volume of 16 liters, which will have the resulting quality factor at the level of 0.87. This will ensure a good and powerful Pancha. This allows for enclosure subwoofer with the most compact dimensions without loss of sound reproduction quality.

Note that the instructions have a sketch with all the recommended body size and circuit cutting out material. Just select the correct material and cut it under his body.

Of course, if you want a little increase of the amplitude-frequency characteristics and place in the machine allows, you can make the body more volume is approximately 1.5 times. That way you can get a little better performance, but in fact, the difference will be noticeable not much. Is that the most avid audiophiles.

Summing up

subwoofers Hertz CS 250 S2 and S4V — this is a very successful model in all respects. They have a very thought-out and robust design, which allowed achieving high quality sound and stability. And thanks to the fact that the manufacturer offers a choice of just two versions with different operating resistance, the motorist can choose the best option based on the required power and the rest of the configuration of the speaker system, including the amplifier used.

Overview subwoofer Hertz CS 250 S2 and 250 Hertz CS S4

Another advantage of the subs is that they are not demanding on the volume of registration, that is, they can be easily installed in a case of a relatively small size. The only drawback is the lack of complete grill. But all this stuff, but otherwise nothing to complain about. A very good option in terms of price/quality.

In our online store you can always buy subwoofers Hertz in Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa at a good price with delivery across Ukraine.

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