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Mirror DVR with camera. How to choose?

A rear-view mirror with a DVR is convenient, since such devices have a simple design, are invisible (externally it's just a rear-view mirror), provide excellent visibility and most often have the ability to connect a rear-view camera.

The DVR in this case is built directly into the mirror, which means it will not catch the eye. However, in order to become the owner of a functional and modern device, it is very important to know the main characteristics that you should look at when choosing. We’ll talk about this in more detail.

Mirror recorder with camera. How to choose?

Important characteristics of DVR mirrors

There are several key parameters that you should focus on when choosing a mirror dashcam:

  • Camera resolution. A modern device should have a good resolution, since the quality of the image depends on it, it is recommended to choose devices with an indicator of 1920x1080 pixels (FullHD or 1080p). Naturally, the higher this characteristic, the better the picture. However, the price of a registrar with a higher resolution will be higher.
  • Viewing angle. This parameter affects which section of the road will fall into the camera lens. Obviously, the larger the angle, the larger the road will capture the camera. The minimum recommended value is 120 degrees.
  • Frame rate per second. This indicator is also important because it affects the smoothness of the recording. The frequency should be at least 30 fps. If the value is less, the video may not play smoothly, but jerkily.
  • Built-in sensors. At a minimum, the device must have a shock sensor or g-sensor. It provides the ability to save records in the event of an accident, as the files are placed in a special indelible area of ​​the memory card.
  • Parking Mode. In this mode, the recorder provides the ability to monitor what is happening with the car in the parking lot. As soon as the sensors detect movement near the car, the camera automatically activates and records.
  • Parking markings. A very useful feature, when a rear view camera is connected, marking lines appear on the mirror screen that make it easy to perform any reversing maneuvers.
  • Night shot function. Lighting at night is usually very poor, so the big plus is that the camera is able to work in such conditions and provide a readable picture of good quality.
  • Built-in battery. The higher the capacity of the built-in battery, the longer the device will be able to record offline, without access to the on-board power supply.
Mirror recorder with camera. How to choose?

Advantages and disadvantages of a DVR mirror

Like any technical devices, mirrors with DVRs have a complex structure and certain operating features. Let's look at some pros and cons that affect usability.


  • Externally, such a car DVR is indistinguishable from a regular rear-view mirror, the camera is practically not visible from the outside, so the risk that they will want to steal it will be noticeably less.
  • Such devices are often slightly larger than standard mirrors, which helps to improve visibility, that is, increase safety and driving comfort.
  • Very simple installation, does not require complex manipulations.
  • The swivel mount is very convenient, since it can be used to adjust the viewing angle of the recorder so that the required section of the road gets into the lens.
  • The absence of foreign objects on the windshield of the car-nothing closes the view and does not distract the driver, it also favorably affects the comfort and safety of driving.
  • All control buttons are usually located on the front panel of the device and access to them is always free, so it’s very easy to configure and regulate the operation of the DVR.
  • Since in such mirrors several devices are often integrated at the same time (recorder, rear camera, GPS-navigator, etc.), the purchase is cost-effective, you do not have to buy separate devices.
  • Anti-reflective coating, protects from blinding when headlights from behind cars are entering the mirror.
  • When you turn on various applications on the device, recording is not blocked, the DVR continues to record video in normal mode.
Mirror recorder with camera. How to choose?


However, despite the large number of advantages, DVRs of this type have some disadvantages:

  • When choosing, you need to look at the dimensions of the standard rear-view mirror installed in the car, that is, you need to select the recorder specifically for the mirror so that later there will be no problems due to the device not matching the length of the mount or the thickness of the mirror.
  • It is necessary to take into account the fact that the standard mirrors have mounts designed for the weight of this mirror itself, and when fixing the plates with the recorder on it, an unpleasant situation may arise when the mount is not in Withstands increased load.
  • If the device fails, the driver simultaneously loses several at once: a DVR, a rear camera, a navigator and others, depending on the functionality of a particular model.

Despite some shortcomings, the advantages still outweigh, so every year such devices are becoming increasingly popular. Drivers appreciated their convenience and functionality.

How to properly install and connect a device

Installation is simple, the device is most often mounted on a regular mirror with the help of special rubber or plastic fasteners. After that, you need to connect the power wires to it. Such devices are usually connected through the cigarette lighter socket. If this is not possible, you can power the device by connecting the “+” wire to the ACC pin (accessories) on the ignition, and the “-” to ground.

If the mirror supports the operation of an additional camera, you also need to separately lay the wiring to connect it. To do this, in the trunk through the entire cabin, you need to stretch the wires through which the video signal from the camera goes, and power will also be supplied to ensure its operation. If it is necessary that the external camera starts working as soon as the car starts reversing, it is powered not from the ignition switch or the cigarette lighter socket, but is connected to the rear lights.

Mirror recorder with camera. How to choose?

So that nothing interferes with the cabin and does not spoil the aesthetics of the appearance, it is better to carefully hide all wires under the casing in the ceiling and racks. This is not difficult to do, you just need to slightly bend the edges of the rubber seal, place the wires under it, carefully pushing them in. To place the rear camera, you can choose several options: drill a hole and install it in the decorative trim on the trunk lid or place it in the license plate frame. Be sure to ensure that the camera is firmly fixed.

If you are looking for a high-quality device with good functionality and excellent performance at a bargain price, then in the online store you can buy a DVR mirror in Kiev, Odessa or Kharkov. We always have a large selection of models.

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