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How to choose a powered subwoofer for the car?

Subwoofer - one of the most important components of the car audio system. It subwoofers can achieve perfect bass sound. It usually takes the form of a large speaker, placed in a special box, which is necessary to ensure perfect acoustic performance. If the speaker is not a subwoofer, the sound is not as rich and varied, especially in the lower classes.

How to Choose a powered subwoofer for the car?

What are the features of active subwoofers?

All offered in stores woofers can be divided into two main groups: passive and active.

  • Active subwoofer - is equipped with a built-in audio amplifier.
  • Passive subwoofer - offered without the amplifier.

One of the most important and significant advantages of active subwoofers - the compactness and ease of installation. To integrate the device into existing speaker system of the machine, you just connect the contact to the head of the vehicle system. Also worth noting is that the active speakers do not need to agree on the components, it is also a big plus.

But there are also disadvantages. Despite the fact that the active subwoofers cheaper for its price, and the same will be their disadvantage. This is due to the fact that manufacturers often use to reduce the cost more affordable components that do not always guarantee the best sound.

However, active subwoofers are very popular with motorists. Precisely because of its affordable price and ease of installation. In addition, they are easier to not have to choose a separate amplifier and install it.

How to Choose a powered subwoofer for the car?

Types of active subwoofers

Manufacturers offer different types of powered subwoofers. Let's look at what they are and what is the difference between them.

  • Active Subwoofer gated. This is the simplest version of the design. They operate in a closed sealed enclosure. That is, the speaker is installed in an enclosure, the manufacturer of such models have provided necessary for reproducing high-quality sound acoustic cavity. Plus reasonable price and good sound. Of the minuses relatively low efficiency.
  • Vented subwoofer This embodiment is characterized in that the body has a special bass reflex - a slit or a pipe. Such a structure enables adjustment of the frequency characteristics of the speaker in the low frequency range. Of the advantages good efficiency and clear sound, since the diffuser reflex dampens vibrations. Of the minuses, this type subwoofers rather capricious and requires a serious approach to the setting.
  • The bandpass subwoofer. In this case, the speaker is mounted within the housing, and the sound comes out through the hole, most often used for this as a phase inverter. These subwoofers have a high measure of efficiency. But there is a drawback - the complexity in the construction of the box to the sound was good all you need to calculate, as the speaker must be installed inside the case.
  • Active subwoofer with passive radiator. They also use an additional speaker, allowing to reduce the resonance frequency.
How to Choose a powered subwoofer for the car?

Additional Installation active subwoofer in the car

If you are installing a powered subwoofer is necessary to consider not only the size and configuration of the boot, but also the type of the vehicle body. Among the main are: sedan, wagon and hatchback. Others simply be a variation of the data types of the body.

The sedan is usually a speaker subwoofer is set so that the sound is directed into the back seat. In this case, experts recommend leaving a small gap - about 8 cm, and try to make sure that sound is aimed at the center of the seat. This is important, as this option will provide an opportunity to maximize the penetration of sound into the cabin.

If you are installing subwoofers in wagons, the sound is directed from the back of the subwoofer. In this case, the sound wave is reflected off the tailgate, and only then the sound travels through the cabin.

The hatchback is recommended to direct sound up the subwoofer so that the sound wave is reflected from the trunk lid. after that the sound is distributed evenly throughout the interior volume.

How to Choose a powered subwoofer for the car?

The compact active subwoofers

Now you can often find another type of subwoofers. Manufacturers began to offer the model is very compact size. Of course, they can not guarantee a perfect sound, and can play on the power of their bulkier counterparts. But this type has its own distinct advantages:

  • small size, a speaker is easily located in the cabin, for example, under a seat or in the legs in the cavity under the dashboard, etc.
  • ease of connection, if necessary, even a subwoofer can be turned off and take home with them, to protect them from theft.
  • free trunk. The use of compact models do not require space in the trunk, then there is nothing to get in the way.
  • affordable price.
How to Choose a powered subwoofer for the car?

What else should pay attention to?

Before installing any of acoustics, this applies not only active subwoofers, it is important to pay attention to soundproofing the cabin. The fact is that even the most high-quality and expensive speaker in the car with a low level of noise isolation, would not be able to realize their potential and to give high quality sound.

When you install any of the subwoofer experienced craftsmen are advised to get rid of any squeaks and "crickets" in the car. They negatively affect the quality of sound transmission, as they can create resonance.

When choosing a subwoofer for a ready-made system, remember that it is very important to keep a reasonable balance of characteristics.

With regard to the specific model, then it all depends on personal preference motorist. Just remember that it is better to choose from the products of famous brands, who have credibility and are proven. Cheap analogues from a company with a dubious reputation - it is always a lottery. No one can say exactly how much they will be high quality, and the sound will clearly lose. Subwoofer and speakers - it's not on anything worth saving, if you really want to get good results

How to Choose a powered subwoofer for the car?

We hope that these tips will help make the right choices, and the subwoofer will appreciate the quality and richness. In the online store you can buy subwoofer passivity or active, in the case and no low-cost in Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa with delivery to Ukraine.

TOP-3 subwoofers

Best car subwoofers

Looking for a quality and the best car subwoofers? This rating of car subwoofers is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Car subwoofer Kicx STQ 300 Standart

Car subwoofer Kicx STQ 300 Standart
  • ★ maximum power of 800 W
  • ★ speaker diameter 300 mm
  • ★ Has a resistance of 4 ohms

Auto Subwoofer Alpine SWE-815

Auto Subwoofer Alpine SWE-815
  • ★ With built-in amplifier
  • ★ Operates at a maximum power of 300 W
  • ★ Has a resistance of 2x2 ohms

Case subwoofer Blaupunkt GTb 8200 A

Case subwoofer Blaupunkt GTb 8200 A
  • ★ With built-in amplifier
  • ★ Resistance 2 Ohm
  • ★ Frequency range from 30 to 200 Hz

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