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Автомобильные статьи — автосвет — за 2019 year

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The principle of operation of xenon car lamps


Xenon car lamps have many advantages that determine their popularity among drivers. What is the principle of their work, and what features of their design allow the lamps to demonstrate excellent performance characteristics? all…


Which is better to choose xenon or LED lamps for the car?


What are the features of different types of automotive lamps: xenon and LED. Comparison of key parameters and the main differences between these two types of car lamps, which headlights should be installed on the car and why. all…


Features of the choice of automotive halogen lamps


Types of halogen car lamps, features of power and color temperature of halogen lamps. The advantages of using automotive halogen lamps, as well as their features. Special types of designs of automotive halogen lamps. Recommendations for choosing to install halogen lamps. all…


Bi-xenon lenses for cars — the main selection criteria


The importance of using xenon auto lamps. Features and benefits of using bi-xenon lenses. Uniformity, correct focus, other possibilities of bi-xenon lenses. Rules for more optimal selection and installation of bi-xenon lenses. Bi-xenon lighting with lenses – the best solution for improving road safety. all…

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