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Bi-xenon lenses for cars – the main selection criteria

Nowadays, xenon is a very popular type of lighting that most drivers use. In addition, now almost all replace halogens with modern xenon light, since this type of auto-lamp is safer, provides an increased level of illumination and visibility on the road.

One of the more modern and popular types of lighting are bi-xenon lenses, which are better in quality and efficiency. They give more light, consuming less energy. In addition, these lamps provide white light, which considered more susceptible to the human eye.

Why whites are used and xenon?

Bi-xenon lenses for cars – the main selection criteria

However, improper use of xenon can do the opposite — harm, severely blind or shine, reducing safety on the road. The best solution in this case is the use of bi-xenon lenses; they provide a more stable flow of light, directing the rays at the right angle. As a result, the driver receives high-quality and uniform illumination of the road. Consider these nuances in more detail.

Correct and uniform drop in luminous flux

Bi-xenon lenses provide the opportunity to get the «right light», with it completely eliminated light and dazzle. How is this possible?

1. When the lens turned on, it set up automatically by each element of the auto light using the auto-corrector headlights. In other words, if there is an overload the back of the machine, then the lens is lowered, it is ensured incidence the light flux onto the road surface, and excludes the possibility to dazzle other cars.

2. When turning, the bi-xenon lenses rotated relative to the position of the car body, this eliminates the possibility of invisible places – the road surface fully illuminated in front of the car and in the direction where the car turns.

3. Climbing up the road, bi-xenon lenses go down, this prevents blinding other cars that are traveling in the opposite lane.

The same situation occurs when the car goes down the road. In this case, headlights with lenses, on the contrary, rise upwards; this makes it possible to illuminate the road in front of the car, and not under it.

Bi-xenon lenses for cars – the main selection criteria

Light focusing

Modules, due to the presence of a sufficiently thick glass lens allows collect the luminous flux, ensuring its focus and focuses ray and light. As a result, lenses with bi-xenon collect the entire luminous flux, which gives out xenon, together, in the central part of the glass inside, on its flat surface. Thus, all the light is collected at one point. The glass of the lens has a convex shape from the outside, this allows from one point to spread all the collected light over the glass surface and focus it on the road.

Lighting uniformity

Uniform propagation of the light flux is, bi-xenon lens makes it possible to secure the glow, without dazzling oncoming drivers. This is possible due to the presence of a convex lens, which contributes to the uniform propagation of light both in front of the car and in likely dark areas eliminating the blinding of other cars.

These bi-xenon lenses have a clear border of light shadows that have a stepped shape. In addition, it is worth considering that in the left part the light is partly lower than on the right, this indicator also affects the reduction and the total exclusion that such light can blind other drivers.

Two light modes

Bi-xenon lenses for cars – the main selection criteria

These autolamps provide two types of road lighting – dipped and main beam. This ensured by the presence of a special design: the magnet contributes to the movement of the shutter, which provides switching from the «far» mode to the «near» mode and vice versa. In this case, the headlight itself does not turn off:

  • the distance occurs when the shutter is located at the bottom, while the luminous flux is narrow, different and uniform distribution along the road surface. It also provides maximum brightness in the central part of the road and slight shading from the sides;
  • The low beam mode occurs when the curtain is located at the top. In this case, the border of the light shadows is clearly visible, has a sufficient width and a slight height relative to the road.

Bi-xenon lenses are versatile – they can be installed in any vehicle. For proper installation, you only need to select the size for installation and the diameter of the lens. Thus, it is possible to retool the optics of a car with xenon-type lighting, or in the case of a complete transition from halogen headlights to xenon, in a quality and efficient manner.

Basic rules for choosing a bi-xenon lens

Bi-xenon lenses for cars – the main selection criteria

One of the most important criteria for choosing a lens is the selection of the manufacturer, because it affects the efficiency, quality and duration of the device. However, to understand the characteristics of each model auto lamp, it is worth studying the following information.

Lens type

There are regular and universal lenses. The first option – devices, that are suitable brands of cars, they have the required installation size. If the car has been installed and marketing auto lamps xenon, in order to choose the best option, the installation SIZE River should be considered when choosing eligible and lens.

Universal used for retrofitting halogen optics to improve the quality of lighting. They have dimensions, which are denoted H, for example, H1, H3, H7 and others. Therefore, when choosing a lens, you must specify the desired base to select the appropriate lamp.

Light emission characteristics

Bi-xenon lenses for cars – the main selection criteria

The features of the light canvases are very important; the driver's safety on the road depends on them. Many manufacturers offer different types of lenses, they have different generations differ in these characteristics:

  • luminescence range;
  • width of the road lighting;
  • features of the cut-off line;
  • the presence of a pronounced step and border of light and shade;
  • light saturation;
  • shape of the product.

For providing quality lighting bi-xenon possible through a lens, they provide a clear cut-off, which displayed in the form of a step. In the center, the light should be bright, and at the side – dimmer. In addition, the near-light flux should illuminate a wider canvas, and the far one should provide a long and narrow light.

Auto lamp size

Bi-xenon lenses for cars – the main selection criteria

A very important criterion is the size of a car lamp, because not always very large devices can fully illuminate the road while driving. It is therefore important to choose the device that is, perfectly suited for car optics, for its size.

There are different sizes of lenses, from 2.5 to 3 in diameter. If the car has small headlights, then you need to choose a model with a smaller size. For standard models of cars that have regular seats more, you can pick up lenses, both smaller and larger. For SUVs, it is also better to select lens models that are larger, because small auto lamps will not look very good without guaranteeing high quality and effective road lighting.

Exterior design

Each model of bi-xenon lenses comes with special devices – masks, they come as an addition to car lamps, giving it greater aesthetics and beauty in appearance. These elements allow you to hide the bi-xenon, while making the module look neater in appearance.

They distinguished by:

  • size: for headlights with a diameter of 2.5 or 2.8 or 3.0;
  • shape: round, square, oblong or rounded;
  • external differences: with protuberances or holes in the form of patterns, cast;
  • configuration: with or without angelic eye.

If desired, you can change their color by painting with a balloon, in accordance with the shade of the car or in contrast to it.

Summing up

Bi-xenon lenses for cars – the main selection criteria

Thus, the installation of bi – xenon lenses – the best solution for the arrangement and improvement of light in the car. They will give more safety to the driver on the trip, making the road lighting better and uniform. At the same time, eliminates the possibility of glare or lighted, that is one of the important criteria for modern motorists.

Choose the necessary elements for auto light possible in our online store. Here are the models of bi-xenon lenses manufacturers Cyclon, Guarand and others. You can buy bi-xenon lenses in Odessa, Kharkov and Kiev at with delivery in Ukraine.

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