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Automotive articles — auto acoustics — за 2019 year

Autoacoustics — selection wizard

Overview Kenwood Performance Standard series coaxial speakers


The Kenwood KFC-PS series of coaxial car speakers is an excellent option for installation in a car, for those who want a reasonable price to get high-quality sound in the interior of their vehicle. Consider the design features of the Performance Standard series speakers and their advantages over analogues. all…


What is the difference between coaxial and component speakers?


The choice of acoustics for the car is a very important issue, especially for those who appreciate the quality and clarity of sound. Of course, loudspeakers are made up of many elements that affect sound reproduction, and the speakers are one of the important components. What type of coax or component to choose? And how do they differ between themselves? all…


TOP 5 car speakers. Auto Acoustics Rating 2019


Looking for high-quality acoustics in the car? This car acoustics rating will show the most popular car speakers among motorists. Best car speakers 2019. all…


The best solution for making diffusers is paper


Varieties of cellulose diffusers for acoustic speakers, the characteristics of this material. Used types of materials for acoustic speakers. Kinds of cellulose processing for car acoustics. The choice of composition to create the best acoustics in the car. all…


Speaker system in the car — how to pick up a complete set. Part 2


Upgrading the speaker system without replacing the standard head unit. How to pick up the speaker system in the car – installing an amplifier with a processor. Improving the speaker system in the car with the help of more powerful acoustics, subwoofers. A complete set of speakers in the car – we supplement the amplifiers of sound power. The importance of improving sound quality and the right choice of a complete set of speakers. all…


Speaker system in the car — how to pick up a complete set. Part 1


The best version of the speaker system – how to choose the speaker system in the car correctly? A complete set of the speaker system – replacement of the staff GU, acoustics, subwoofers. Acoustic system in the car with sound amplifiers for acoustics and subwoofers. The need to choose a complete set of speakers in the car - getting more power and clarity of sound. all…


Coordination of the amplifier and speaker system — optimal power


An important indicator of speaker system parameters is power. How to determine the power of the speaker system and sound amplifier. Matching the power amplifier sound and acoustics. Correct installation of the acoustics and the consequences of overheating the amplifier. all…


New Hertz Cento 2019 Speaker System


The new Hertz Cento car audio has replaced the 5th generation Hertz Energy series. The updated version demonstrates the excellent quality and clarity of sound reproduction through the introduction of advanced technological solutions. Review of new items will help you make the right choice and buy the acoustics for the car. all…

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