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Hertz Cento 2019 Advanced Series Speaker System

Hertz recently introduced its new Cento speaker system, which replaced the 5th generation Hertz Energy, which for many years was considered one of the leaders in its segment.

One of the main advantages of the Cento series speakers is their technical improvement. Magnetic systems of new acoustic systems were optimized using software that models electromagnetic processes based on the finite element method. This makes the distortion of the sound minimal and significantly improves the performance of the linearity of the speaker.

The new Hertz Cento series includes the CK 130 and CK 165 component systems and the CX 100, CX 130, CX 165 and CX 690 coaxial speakers. It is assumed that the Cento range will be further developed in 2019.

Natural sound without distortion-Hertz CK 130 Cento and Hertz CK 165 Cento speakers

Hertz CK 130 Cento

Two-way component speakers Cento CK 130 and SC 165. These two models differ slightly from each other-the size of the main speaker (13 and 16.5 cm). Both were created using modern technological solutions.

These speakers have a tweeter with a dome made of Tetolon material. This provides natural and detailed sound reproduction at mid and high frequencies. SPP-M (cellulose, coated on top with a special mica powder) was taken as the material from which the woofers are made. It has excellent characteristics: it preserves the naturalness of the sound, while enhancing it.

In addition, the model received the Hertz CCX 2 ultracompact crossover, which provides powerful and realistic sound reproduction, and a high density ferrite magnet, which improves playback control at high volume.

Hertz CK 165 Cento

It should also be noted that all the Cento series speaker systems have received CG 100 grilles. They are made of high strength ABS plastic with a metal grid. The grille is very durable, provides a high level of protection, despite its compact dimensions.

This acoustics provides an excellent balance between lightness and damping, which makes it possible to get not only powerful, but also controlled sound reproduction. And the original design will allow the system to perfectly fit into the interior of the interior of any car.

Quality sound at an affordable price-Hertz CX 100, Hertz CX 130 and Hertz CX 165 Cento

Hertz CX 100 Cento

The family of new two-way coaxial speakers from the Cento CX series has excellent sound and excellent technical performance. Despite the fact that these models belong to a segment that is affordable for the price, the Italian company used the most modern technical solutions in their production, which were previously available only in the flagship series.

These three models differ in the size of the main speaker-10, 13, and 16.5 cm, respectively. As well as a slight discrepancy in a number of other technical parameters. However, if we consider the design and the materials and technologies used, they are identical.

Hertz CX 130 Cento

If we talk about their unique parameters, it is worth noting that the speakers have a tetolon dome tweeter, which, unlike plastic, allows you to get a detailed, high-quality sound. The creators have optimized the dispersion to ensure off-axis listening. Thanks to the installation of a cone made of compressed material SPP-M (Semi Pressed Paper-Mica)-it is light and durable at the same time-the system has excellent acoustic and damping performance, the sound is reproduced almost without distortion.

The magnet is made of ferrite and additionally has plates of high carbon steel. Due to this, developers managed to achieve excellent sound control at high playback volume.

Hertz CX 165 Cento

This is a speaker system that is perfect for replacing full-time speakers if you want high sound quality.

Powerful sound in the best traditions of the Italian brand Hertz-Cento CX 690

Hertz CX 690 Cento

The Cento CX 690 three-way oval coaxial speaker system was designed specifically to achieve high performance when mounted in a horizontal position. The model has a cone size of 6 × 9 inches and, like all the speakers in this series, has an exceptional balance of sound reproduction and power control.

The diffuser is made of pressed pulp, it is durable and very light. The tweeter has a dome made of Tetolon material. The result is a very high sound quality over a wide range.

The model has several advantages over analogues:

  • Elliptical cone made of pressed paper material.
  • The presence of a rubber suspension, which provides good sound insulation and is designed for a long excursion.
  • Special basket with a metal coating. It, together with a dense rubber magnetic cover ensures the suppression of any third-party vibrations.
  • Reduce sound distortion through the use of a ferrite magnet and a special dome tweeter with a diameter of 40 mm.
  • The special geometry of the tweeter faceplate, modified using FEM-modeling technology, provides extremely linear frequency characteristics of off-axis settings.

Why choose the Hertz Cento car speakers?

By creating this series, the company used the most advanced materials and technical solutions, for example, Tetolon, pressed pulp SPP-M. If earlier similar materials were used only in the premium segment, now you can get the same high-quality sound for less money.

According to many experts, Cento speakers have excellent speed characteristics, the sound quality is not distorted even at high volume and at different reproduction frequencies, from low to high. The acquisition of such speakers will please even the most demanding music lovers. Buy acoustics Hertz Cento 2019 in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, you can 130 on. with delivery in Ukraine.

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