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Overview Kenwood Performance Standard series coaxial speakers

Kenwood is one of the leaders in the production of car speakers, their speakers are characterized by excellent balance, clear sound and original design. The Performance Standard (PS) series of coaxial speakers was no exception. This is a line of car speaker systems that stand out among their peers in this price category, since they were created using original technologies that made it possible to achieve very pleasant and high-quality sound.

Overview of the Kenwood KFC-PS series coaxial speakers

Kenwood KFC-PS Speaker Series-Car Speakers with Character

This is a series of high-class coaxial speakers, which includes acoustics of different sizes: round-with a diameter of 4, 5.25 and 6.5 inches, oval-with a size of 6×9, 5×7 and 6×8 inches. All of them have optimal sizes and can be installed in regular places, so installation will not require serious alterations in the cabin.

These speakers are equipped with rigid and lightweight polypropylene diffuses of a special design. Their uniqueness lies in the fact that their surface received a special relief Diamond Array Pattern. This technology allows you to damp out resonances in local areas and effectively smooths out possible distortions and interference, as a result, the manufacturer was able to rid the acoustics of the appearance of characteristic overtones, which often affect speakers from the low price range.

However, this is not all design changes; the design of the RF emitter has undergone the most serious modifications. It looks like a ring mounted around a tweeter. This element is designed to minimize any amplitude-phase distortion. This is a common problem of many coaxial car speakers, the reason for which is the mutual increase and amplification of sound waves coming from the diffuser, and then reflected from the tweeter in front of it. Such a design made it possible to improve the ratio of the distribution of waves and align the axial amplitude-frequency characteristics (AFC).

In addition, the updated speakers received a special design tweeter-Sound Field Enhancer. It also helps to reduce distortion by aligning the angular frequency response at high frequencies, and improves work efficiency.

Overview of the Kenwood KFC-PS series coaxial speakers

The developers saved in the new baskets all the positive properties that the speakers of the previous generation had. One of them is embossed embossing, giving the structure rigidity and minimizing spurious vibrations. Nevertheless, due to the change in the shape of the "paws" the windows were enlarged, which during operation of the speaker makes the passage of air masses easier and free. This has a beneficial effect and protects against the effect of "air cushion".

Let's take a closer look at the features and characteristics of several speakers from this series.

Kenwood KFC-PS1095 speakers

This three-way speaker is suitable for installation in regular places in the doors or on the rear panel, it has excellent working power parameters: nominal-40 W, maximum-220 W. In addition to oval corner holes, some additional mounting holes are provided, which greatly simplifies installation. The mounting depth of the speaker is 43 mm, the side of the “square” is 104 mm and the size of the mounting hole is 93 mm.

The speaker copes with sound reproduction in a fairly wide frequency range from 110 Hz to 20,000 Hz. This is a compact four-inch model with an uncharacteristically wide suspension, which does not add bass, of course, but it helps to increase the linear stroke of the diffuse and minimizes the appearance of non-linear distortions when transmitting sounds in the lower range accessible to it.

Overview of the Kenwood KFC-PS series coaxial speakers

In general, we can confidently say that even this small speaker is capable of delivering a good, fairly clear bass-naturally, only in the upper bass range. At the same time, its power is such that the bass parts go a little to the background, but do not disappear. If you adjust the bass tone control correctly, you can get high-quality, well-balanced sound.

Speakers Kenwood KFC-PS1396

This model has a size of five inches and is attached using traditional "ears". The power of these speakers is slightly higher than the previous model under consideration: nominal-75 watts, peak-320 watts. They are mounted in regular places and have the following main dimensions: the size of the mounting hole is 113 mm, the installation depth is 46 mm.

One of the important structural elements is a round steel basket, which is characterized by increased strength and resistance to resonance. Since a sufficiently rigid polypropylene diffuse with the original Diamond Array Pattern texture is used, a very good internal attenuation indicator is provided, helping to reduce the likelihood of possible distortion in sound transmission.

Overview of the Kenwood KFC-PS series coaxial speakers

Among the advantages of these speakers you can highlight the perfect tonal balance, they work more confidently when playing sounds at low frequencies. Their working frequency range is from 80 Hz to 25,000 Hz. They are able to qualitatively convey the sound of a bass guitar or double bass. Separately, I want to note the volume and detail of the sound transmission, this rarely boasts coaxial speakers. Their sound is characterized by a very high level of balance, so you get a clear sound with virtually no distortion.

Kenwood KFC-PS1795 speakers

This model has a diameter of 6.5 inches, this is one of the largest three-way speakers in this series. Its rated power is 80 watts, and the maximum-330 watts. The speaker is easily placed in the cabin in the doors or regular places on the rear panel. Its installation depth is 60.5 mm.

Acoustics works great in the frequency range from 70 Hz to 20,000 Hz. It is worth noting that the low-frequency section is very well-designed, due to the moderate resonance frequency, a fairly clear bass range was obtained, almost without distortion. When reproducing the mid frequencies of these speakers, the "presence effect" is quite pronounced, the sound is saturated and realistic. However, it must be said that the angular characteristics are not the most ideal. At a large turning angle, the sound will not be so voluminous, there will be less “air” in it, but the overall quality and accuracy of sound transmission will still remain at a fairly high level.

Overview of the Kenwood KFC-PS series coaxial speakers

Some flaws may be due to the fact that this car speaker is equipped with a large, albeit a shallow diffuse, which does not look like a point emitter. This causes a slight increase in the frequency response unevenness, especially in the area where the diffuse and the dome act together. Nevertheless, this model shows very good performance, which coaxial speakers rarely possess.

Kenwood KFC-PS6975 speakers

These are 6×9-inch oval-shaped 4-way car speakers that can be used to replace factory car speakers; they are suitable for installation in existing standard niches in the car interior. This is a fairly powerful model: rated power is 105 watts, and peak 550 watts. They are suitable for installation in a mounting hole of 218×149 mm, while their mounting depth is 78 mm.

Steel basket, has an elliptical shape and is characterized by high strength, as well as good indicators of resistance to the occurrence of resonance. Thanks to this and a good balance of design, it was possible to achieve clear sound without distortion.

Overview of the Kenwood KFC-PS series coaxial speakers

The speaker has a fairly wide range of reproduced frequencies from 63 to 20,000 Hz. Despite the fact that this is a coaxial model, it copes well with the transmission of sound at low frequencies. The bass is crisp and m gives the sound volume. It was possible to minimize distortion through the use of a special diffuse with the original Diamond Array Pattern texture, made of durable and lightweight polypropylene. This is what provides the internal attenuation, and the speakers produce sound with little or no change.


Kenwood coaxial speakers are a great solution for motorists who don’t want to interfere in the interior of their car or spend a lot of money on a full upgrade. On the one hand, this is a compromise solution, but if you approach the issue correctly, it will be the most balanced.

The acoustics of the KFC-PS series show the right approach, and most importantly, are quite budget-friendly. These speakers are distinguished by a clear and transparent sound, without a pronounced directive of radiation, which is a big plus when installing speakers in regular niches. If you complement the system with a good subwoofer, they will allow you to create a very good surround and realistic sound in the cabin. You can buy Kenwood car speakers in Kiev, Kharkov or Odessa in the online store

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