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Speaker system in the car – how to pick up a complete set. Part 1

Building the speaker system in the car correctly

Many drivers are not always satisfied with their sound system in the car – the sound is bad or very quiet, there are any noises or interference. In this case, the question arises about the replacement of acoustics and its components. However, is it worth making a full replacement, or is it necessary to upgrade some elements?

Improved acoustics with the replacement of the head unit

Building the speaker system in the car correctly

Replacing the head unit is a very complicated and time-consuming process, because sometimes its work and functionality are directly related to the steering buttons and the electronics of the car as a whole. On the other hand, it is often necessary to reproduce the replacement of the car radio because of the poor sound quality and the inability to improve it precisely because of the PG.

Therefore, if the reason for the bad sound lies in the car radio, then you need to replace it. To do this, you can use our review, where you can learn in more detail about possible options for improving the acoustic scene in the car, taking into account the complete replacement of all components – from the standard head unit to the subwoofer and amplifier.

Choosing a head unit

As it is known, there are two types of the location of the head device – 1DIN or 2DIN, the motorist needs to select the necessary model based on the size of the hole for the radio. If a 1DIN place is provided in the car, then the Pioneer MVH-S510BT media receiver is ideal.

1. It is possible to connect a smartphone based on iOS and Android via the USB port or using the Bluetooth function.

2. There is the Mixtrax option; it involves creating remixes and great sound effects, as well as using the karaoke function.

3. Unlimited opportunities to listen to audio in excellent quality, using a 13-band equalizer.

This option is a great choice for optimizing and improving the sound of music in the vehicle cabin.

Building the speaker system in the car correctly

If 2DIN is a regular place, then you can pick up the same media receiver, additionally equipping it with a special frame for the radio. You can ease the task by choosing a different model suitable for this size. In this case, the Pioneer SPH-DA240BT media station is a great device. The main advantages of this model:

  • playing music from smartphones based on iOS and Android;
  • 13-band equalizer;
  • it is possible to connect external devices via Bluetooth;
  • large touch screen with the ability to view video files on it;
  • management of time delays is possible.

In addition, each of the presented options will help to create an amazing sound from the speakers, featuring quite clean and deep reproduction.

The best Acoustic models

Building the speaker system in the car correctly

Choosing speakers for the speaker system is, first, to decide on the type – coaxial or component. Many people choose coaxial options, they are easier to install and, at the same time, the sound will be quite good. Among the most popular and interesting options are several models.

1. Kicx GFQ 165 Technology – powerful two-way coaxial speakers. Equipped with a PEI membrane and a neodymium magnet, they give the sound greater clarity and dynamism. Playing music will surprise you with its subtlety and excellent transfer of all the nuances of the selected track. It features high clarity and quality sound of all frequency ranges.

2. Morel Maximo Coax 6 – two-way coaxial speakers. In addition to the main high rates of sensitivity and high power, in this acoustics it is worth noting the presence of a compact ferrite magnet with a powerful magnetic field. The result will amaze the user – excellent and clear sound, as well as deep and balanced reproduction of each track.

3. No less excellent performance indicators are presented in acoustics Hertz ECX 165.5. These coaxial two-way speakers will provide high quality and powerful sound, while with a fine transfer of all the details of each track being played. In general, it is characterized by the presence of a ferrite magnet, a pressed cellulose diffuser and a steel pressed basket.

More powerful and high-quality sound of music is possible using component types of acoustic speakers. Deciding to choose this type of acoustics, you should pay attention to the Hertz DSK 165.3. These two-way component speakers are very popular devices for obtaining invaluable purity and depth in playing music in a vehicle cabin.

This acoustics refers to the systems of the third generation, its main advantages is to provide high-quality sound, good bass response. In addition, this model provides the ability to connect not only to the media receiver, but also directly to the amplifier; this is possible due to the increased power reserve. Additionally, the speakers are equipped with a squeaker, and if this component is properly installed, the result will amaze with its clear and rich sound.

We enhance the sound of the speaker system

The output power of the acoustic speakers may be undoubtedly good, but every driver-music lover wants to get even more power of music playback. To do this, you need to choose a sound amplifier, with its help you can significantly modify the flow, making listening to your favorite playlist much more pleasant.

Among the most optimal options is to provide a budget version – Blaupunkt GTA-475 sound power amplifier. This four-channel device will provide much more power, delivering 75 watts per channel, with a resistance of 4 ohms. High frequency ranges and sensitivity will allow you to produce music with greater dynamics and timbre. To set the low or high frequency, it provides for the presence of regulators Low and High Pass.

Building the speaker system in the car correctly

Sound amplifiers Kicx AP 4.80AB are devices of four-channel type; with their help, it is possible to get power 80W per channel, with resistance 4Ohm. The quality of the work of this device is indicated by the brand name – Kicx devices are distinguished by high quality of performance and performance. At the same time, this amplifier combines the following features:

  • there is a low-pass filter that improves the sound quality of the bass, is able to suppress interference with high-frequency reproduction;
  • refers to a class A / B devices, with a predominance of the first type, ensures less distortion of the signal;
  • connection to acoustics implies reasonable coordination of the two devices for obtaining higher quality and clearer music.

Thus, with this device, the user will get unlimited possibilities with playing your favorite tracks, while maximizing their sound.

We improve the reproduction of low frequencies

Reproduction of bass – one of the most important and necessary elements of high-quality and full sound. Therefore, deciding to add acoustics with subwoofers it is necessary to decide on the desired option.

There are several options to choose from:

  • active (installation without a sound amplifier is possible);
  • passive (additional purchase of an amplifier is necessary);
  • in the finished package (active and passive).
Building the speaker system in the car correctly

In active models, in most cases, the setup does not require additional installation of the amplifier, since most models are equipped with this device. In addition, they are simpler and easier to install. A great option would be a Pioneer TS-WX130DA active subwoofer – a compact device with a built-in audio amplifier. Its main advantages are the presence of digital adjustment of low-frequency playback; this will allow you to get controlled bass with greater depth and dynamism. It features excellent performance of nominal and maximum power, and thanks to its compact dimensions, it can be installed in any convenient place – behind or under the seat, in the trunk.

The best solution among active subwoofers in the finished package would be Mystery MBB-306A. This sub is made with a built-in amplifier, a polypropylene diffuser and a 40-ounce strontium magnet. This combination is the best choice for high quality and powerful bass sound. The result will surprise – the bass will be rich and deep, you will feel the dynamics and clarity.

Building the speaker system in the car correctly

Passive subwoofers are distinguished by the absence of an amplifier, but using them will allow you to get more surround bass reproduction. The following models of devices are considered to be excellent variants of passive sabs:

1. JBL Stage 1210 – passive subwoofer with polypropylene cone. Such an implementation provides an increase in the internal damping properties and obtaining smooth amplitude-frequency characteristics. The result is excellent bass reproduction of the listening music.

2. JBL Stage 1200B – case passive subwoofer, has a slim and compact body, which gives richness and depth to the sound of music. Differs in high efficiency and amazing power. It has a large voice coil; it provides a unique realism and clarity, while the output will be a pleasant and rich sound.

Despite the difficulties in choosing the type and brand of the subwoofer, the main criterion will still be the correct coordination of all systems. Therefore, it is necessary to select the best option, taking into account the requirements of other components of the speaker system.

We increase the power of low frequency reproduction

Building the speaker system in the car correctly

Greater dynamics and bass reproduction power can be obtained using a sound amplifier for the subwoofer. These devices can be installed with passive subwoofers; the active models already have these elements. Among the most popular options are such single-channel devices that are able to enhance the sound of the low-frequency range in the acoustics of the vehicle.

1. Sound amplifier Calcell VAC 1100.1 – single-channel device, which gives more power and depth to the bass sound. Additionally, equipped with a low-range gain control knob, as well as a low-pass filter.

2. Sound amplifier Kicx AP 1000D – single-channel device to enhance the sound power of low frequencies. It also provides for the presence of low-pass filter, with its help, the bass sound is significantly improved, while suppressing any noise and interference in the high-frequency range.

The first option is one of the budget models, while its technical characteristics are not inferior to more devices that are expensive. Regarding the amplifier brand Kicx, he, despite its cost, meets the expectations of the driver – with him the bass sound is completely transformed, the output will feel the power and depth of playback of each note.

The difficulty of choosing the «right» acoustics

Building the speaker system in the car correctly

Despite the variety of options offered, it is still possible to select components for an optimal speaker system.

1. First you need to decide on the replacement option – full or partial.

2. We select the type of acoustics – coaxial or component.

3. Ideal subwoofers – active, passive, in the case or in the form of speakers.

4. Amplification of acoustics and low frequencies – selection of an amplifier for acoustics and subwoofer, taking into account the channel.

An important point is also considered the coordination of all components, because the correct system setup will allow you to get a perfectly clear and powerful sound from the speakers.

You can choose the best options for creating a powerful speaker system on our website. Specialists of the online store will help you choose the components to get the perfect and high-quality sound of music from the speakers in the cabin of your car. You can buy all components of car audio on with delivery to Kharkov, Odessa, Kiev and in Ukraine.

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