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Top 4 DVRs – ranking 2019

The need to monitor everything that happens on the road during the trip often arises for many motorists. Frequent cases of accidents, emergency and other situations lead to the need to install the DVR. However, before buying, you need to choose the appropriate option, which will not only perfectly cope with its functions, but will also be equipped with additional functionality. It is also important to have a screen and excellent resolution to get high quality and clear pictures.

We want to present the TOP-4 video recorders for cars, compiled by our company. Among them, devices of different brands, with different functionality and additional features. Consider this rating of DVRs in more detail.

Top DVRs – a comparative table:

1 place 2 place 3 place 4 place
Car DVR Playme NETTON Playme NETTON Buy Car DVR Gazer F720 Gazer F720 Buy Car DVR Gazer F117 Gazer F117 Buy Car DVR Xiaomi Yi Car Xiaomi Yi Car Buy
Screen Size, inches 3 without display 2.7 2.7
Resolution 2304x1296 (Super Full HD) and 1920x1080 (Full HD) 1920x1080 (Full HD) 1920x1080 (Full HD) 2304x1296 (Super Full HD)
Viewing angle, degrees 145 140 140 165
Rated voltage 12V 12V 12V 12/24V
Advanced With two cameras, parking mode, LDWS, microSD support up to 32GB With the security recording mode in the parking lot, WI-FI-module, microSD support up to 32GB With display and WDR function, microSD support up to 32GB WI-FI-module, WDR function, support microSD up to 32GB


  • ★ Оснащение двумя видеокамерами
  • ★ Разрешение Super Full HD
  • ★ Большой ЖК-дисплей
First place

Video recorder Playme NETTON is designed for installation on the windshield, equipped with two cameras-the main and remote with excellent resolution video shooting. Due to the large viewing angle, you can get the maximum volumetric image while driving, while the camera is additionally equipped with a G-sensor and accelerator, for greater sensitivity of the device and obtaining a clear and high-quality image.

Additionally, you can install a memory card up to 32GB. Thus, the shooting will take place continuously for quite a long time. Thanks to the capacitive battery, the device will also work long enough

  • + availability of two high quality cameras for video shooting;
  • + large enough screen to view high quality video;
  • + loop recording and parking mode;
  • + Equipping a microphone and a G-sensor significantly increases the functionality of the device.
  • - you will have to buy a memory card separately, as it is not included.
Gazer F720

Gazer F720

  • ★ WI-FI availability
  • ★ Security recording in the parking lot
  • ★ Availability of WDR technology
Second place

The Gazer F720 DVR has a lot of functionality, has a WI-FI module for viewing videos that can be downloaded directly to your smartphone. And installing applications on Android and iPhone OS allows you to make various settings on the autoregistrar, and also shares videos on social networks.

The six-layer lens allows you to shoot video in excellent quality despite the level of illumination, making the shooting with more detail. In addition, WDR-technology will help to achieve a balance of the level of illumination, making getting illuminated or darkened objects with greater clarity and accuracy. In addition, it is possible to install a memory card of up to 32GB for recording more video files.

  • + a huge viewing angle, which allows you to get a more three-dimensional image;
  • + the ability to record sound, while turning off the microphone;
  • + the function of quick shooting photos and save records with a duration of 10-30 seconds;
  • + availability of security recording in the parking lot.
  • - no display;
  • - the lack of a complete memory card.
Gazer F117

Gazer F117

  • ★ Availability of WDR technology
  • ★ Power through the device mount
  • ★ Full HD quality recording
Third place

The DVR Gazer F117 is equipped with a number of important features, including the ability to record video in excellent quality and the availability of additional functionality for more detailed images, despite the shooting conditions and visibility. This is facilitated by the presence of a six-layer glass lens, a large aperture and a WDR function. The result is a clearer and more informative video with accurate display of all objects.

This auto-recorder allows you to record sound with the mute option for switching to confidential recording mode. And the availability of power through the mount-holder makes installation of equipment easy and fast. Separately, you can install a memory card with a capacity of up to 32GB to record videos continuously, up to 18 hours.

  • + excellent recording quality at any time of day, good image detail;
  • + availability of functions of cyclic video recording and G-sensor to protect the recorded data;
  • + excellent viewing angle, providing a more volumetric image during recording;
  • + the presence of the backlight for the keys with the option of auto-off using a timer.
  • - no secure fit.
Xiaomi Yi Car

Xiaomi Yi Car

  • ★ Availability of LDWS and FCWS features
  • ★ Shooting with the WDR function
  • ★ Having a night movie


Video recorder for auto Xiaomi Yi Car has a huge functionality and the ability to record high quality video. With it, you can determine the marking on the road and the displacement of the car from it in real time, as well as monitor the distance between the car. In addition, it is possible to notify by voice that an emergency situation may arise, for this the LDWS and FCWS options are activated.

The presence of night video is possible due to the equipment ultrasensitive image sensor. Thus, it is possible to pinpoint the cause of the accident at night, as well as shoot a high-definition video at this time of day. There is also equipped with a WI-FI-module for transferring video to an external device-a smartphone or tablet. It has a fairly large viewing angle to cover more space and get a more voluminous image.

  • + LDWS and FCWS functions to prevent possible emergencies;
  • + Equipping with a WI-FI module for transferring videos and viewing them on a smartphone or tablet;
  • + Shooting is done with excellent detail and in excellent quality;
  • + night time recording is possible with clarity and image transfer accuracy.
  • - no memory card included, you need to buy separately.

As a result, we can conclude that one of the best among the presented DVRs of this year are the Playme, Gazer and Xiaomi devices. The choice is up to the buyer. First of all, it is necessary to study the main features of the devices, compare them according to their functionality and then choose the best option for your car.

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