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Overview of automotive acoustics Ground Zero GZRC 165.3SQ and GZRC 165.2SQ

In this article we will look at two models of car audio component of the family Ground Zero Radioactive. They have appeared on the market at the end of 2019, that is, they are relatively new. Please note that all the speakers series can be purchased separately or as a 2-way and 3-way kit, which we consider. Obviously, the set will be slightly cheaper than one.

Overview of car speakers Ground Zero GZRC 165.3SQ and GZRC 165.2SQ

Design Features Series speakers Ground Zero GZRC Radioactive

Let's start with the bass speakers. Their first feature-aluminum diffuser. This material allows the right approach to achieve very good performance sound. It is worth noting the qualitative performance of the speakers, but without the extra exotic-basket stamped, magnets received additional protective cover. The leads standard, wires run from the terminals to the speaker cone, and then the coil. They even under high shear cone does not come into contact with the back of his. Due to this when playing no noise and ringing.

Midrange Dynamics also received diffusers made of aluminum. Planting depth is only 34 mm. They have a plastic basket, but rather tough. Magnet They use neodymium ring. The coil has good ventilation, which is carried out through a special axial openings and additional windows for centering washers.

Tweeters compact, dome made of transparent silk. On the back of the speaker is provided a small axial bore, which is closed by a special "fluffy" insert. For this class of speakers is very surprising, because the open acoustic design is typical of the more expensive high-frequency speakers.

Please note that the bundled with speakers are simple but high-quality grills. Grilles are made in the same style for all series of speakers, so they look great in the kit.

crossover in both sets of outwardly no different, have the same size housing. Per-channel connecting them, alas, is not provided. The 3-way crossover is possible to select the level midrange and tweeter. The 2-way crossover network also has two jumpers that are located in the channel tweeter.

Overview of car speakers Ground Zero GZRC 165.3SQ and GZRC 165.2SQ

Features of sound 3-way acoustic ground zero gzrc 165.3sq

In general, this speaker sounds vigorous and at the same time easily and openly. The sound is clear, without zamylenny. All tools can hear good music comes naturally. Even with a decrease in volume of the speaker is not "dubeyut", the playback quality is maintained at a fairly good level. When the crossover is in the initial position (the jumper to "0 dB") of the upper turns a lot, but they are clean and pretty high quality in its structure. Anyway, tweeters for this price category excellent, above all the right to set up on a level.

Note that the RF level at the turn of the tweeters varies slightly. Maximally natural sound can be achieved by direct Tweeters not the listener, and, on top of each other. Srednechatotniki at the same location also sound interesting. Therefore we would recommend midrange and tweeters installed in a rack, sending them to each other or to the glass center on the opposite side.

The bass is very cool, meat, fine sound in the music of different genres from rock to house and instrumentals, and other electronics. Razdempfirovanie small low-frequency crossover unit does not give a negative effect, on the contrary, the bass to be not dry, as is sometimes the case with speakers with a small proportion "Zhirkov". In general, the sound at low frequencies is quite powerful, almost a subwoofer that is certainly a plus of this kit. At the two-lane version of the bass is a little different, but more on that below.

Overview of car speakers Ground Zero GZRC 165.3SQ and GZRC 165.2SQ

Features of sound 2-way acoustic ground zero gzrc 165.2sq

In general, the character of the sound is similar to the 3-way option. The top of a fairly bright, but there are also a lot depends on the direction of the tweeters. In the mid-range resolution slightly lower than in the 3-way performance, and it is quite natural. Nevertheless, the sound is clean, not muted. Tweeters fits well with the bass/midrange car speakers. However, pay attention to the fact that the different orientation of the tweeters should produce an individual setting. It is important to agree on the location of the speakers, then you can achieve a very good result.

The bass is not as deep as in three-band set, but pretty sure. Here at the resonance peak of the effect of the crossover is practically absent, ie control on the low side of the amplifier is similar to the way it does when it is connected directly to the amplifier. That is, the articulation of the speaker in lowercase here better than the 3-way complete, but he turns the bass more restrained. Get a good sound with no "meat", but not dry.

Overview of car speakers Ground Zero GZRC 165.3SQ and GZRC 165.2SQ


When listening to speakers Ground Zero GZRC 165.3SQ and GZRC 165.2SQ leaves a very good impression. A value of 100% justified, and even more. Naturally, the sound character in any particular case depends on many other factors, including the settings and editing features. It is therefore important to pay attention to all the nuances. However, the potential of this car audio without a doubt a very large, and it is a fact.

This car audio for those who want to get high-quality sound in the cabin, but does not plan to spend money on expensive professional components.

+ Minimal distortion when playing audio.
+ Choice of system configuration (2 or 3 bands).
+ The broad thrust of tweeters.
+ Successful work midrange, beginning with the frequency of 250-300 Hz.
+ bass/midrange speakers are rare phase linearity, up to 3 kHz.
+ Trusted passive crossovers that provide excellent acoustic docking strips together.
-In order to achieve the most natural and perfect sound tweeters, it is necessary to spend some time trying to pick their focus and configure crossovers
Overview of car speakers Ground Zero GZRC 165.3SQ and GZRC 165.2SQ

Buy car speakers Ground Zero in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov, or any time you can in the online store. ua, we have a large selection of speakers of all sizes for all vehicles.

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