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How to extend the life of car wipers

How many wipers will last will not only depend on the quality of the wiper blade and its design. Most often they fail due to the non-observance of elementary rules of operation, which leads to rapid wear and subsequent breakage. If the driver wants them to serve more than one year, then you should follow simple recommendations that will help extend the life of car wipers.

How to extend the life of car wipers

Factors affecting wiper wear

Failure of the wiper blades is usually caused by abrasion of installed rubber elements, as well as a decrease in the elasticity and strength of the parts of the metal frame that presses them tightly against the glass. There are several factors that are detrimental to the janitors, in particular:

  • Dirt on the glass. Everything is obvious here-the smallest grains of sand and dust particles act like an abrasive. When wipers are turned on, they contribute to increased friction and destruction of the soft rubber surface of the brush, and even glass. Therefore, if a large layer of dirt has accumulated on the glass, it is recommended to remove it using a special brush or cloth manually.
  • Go on. Here the effect is about the same as with sand, only worse. Cope with a thick layer of ice on the windshield wipers may not be able to do at all. So they quickly break, and the glass surface can be damaged.
  • Work «dry». If you turn on the patios and there will be no water on the glass at this moment, this will adversely affect the quality of cleaning the glass surface and the service life of the car wipers.
How to extend the life of car wipers

How to increase the life of the wiper blade?

The operating time of these devices depends on many factors, but there are several tips that will help make the wipers work for a long time and perform their main task with high quality.

Carefully install wipers

Drivers, removing the old wiper blade, can damage the trapeze on which it is attached. In order to prevent such troubles, it is recommended to put a special lubricant on the mount of the old janitor before removing, for example, the universal compound WD-40 will do. After that, remove the brush will be much easier. You can then install new wipers. Pay attention to whether the wiper leash staggers, if you notice something strange, it is better to consult with an experienced master to prevent more serious damage.

Be sure to use washer fluid

As we have said, you cannot use wipers for dry cleaning windows, so you should always use a glass-cleaning fluid. It is very important to ensure that the washer reservoir is not empty and, if necessary, top up the washing liquid in it. If the washer is not at hand, then in the summer, you can use regular distilled water. It will be better than using wipers without any liquid. In winter, this option is not suitable, because the water can freeze.

If you keep to this rule all the time, you can keep the janitor’s gum in good working condition for a long time, and do not damage the windshield, which is often scratched if, when the janitor is working, the dry rubbish under the brush gets sand or other debris.

How to extend the life of car wipers

Keep it clean

For some reason, car owners rarely think that they need to be periodically cleaned to extend the life of the wipers. It is important to understand that when operating the machine, a mud scurf forms on the surface of the brush, which leads to the fact that the rubber part of the janitor loses elasticity, is deformed and no longer fits so tightly to the glass. Experts recommend at least once a month to carry out «general cleaning» wiper blades. To do this, you need a regular damp cloth, which you need to gently wipe the entire surface of the janitor.

In the winter, in addition to dirt, snow may stick to the surface of the glass and wipers and form ice orc. And to ignore this is also impossible. Before you get behind the wheel, it is recommended to clean the glass and wiper blades from ice and snow. Do not be lazy, use a special liquid and scrapers. This will not only maintain the working condition of the janitors, but also help avoid scratches on the windshield.

When do janitors need replacing?

Many people think that it is time to change the wipers only when they no longer see anything when driving while working brushes that simply can no longer cope with their task. But it is better not to allow such situations, as this may even lead to accidents. Car owner should take care of the replacement in advance when the first signs of wear and tear appear. So, replacement is necessary if observed:

  • stains on glass while janitors work;
  • there is even a slight backlash of the frame or it is deformed;
  • The surface of the windshield is not completely cleaned
  • The gum on the brush has visible signs of wear and even damage.
How to extend the life of car wipers

If you notice that the wipers are starting to skip the areas on the glass and do not clean it to the end, then you should replace them as soon as possible. Timely replacement is very important, because it affects the comfort and safety of driving.

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