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Why do janitors creak on glass? How to eliminate creaking janitors?

After prolonged use of wipers, they wear out and begin to creak. It constantly distracts the driver from the road, besides he gets on his nerves. To eliminate such a problem is recommended at the first sign of it. So, we will understand because of what the scratch generally appears.

Why do wipers squeak on the glass? How to eliminate the crease of the wipers?

Main reasons

  • poor brush material;
  • due to dirt, the brush does not adhere well to the glass;
  • locking mechanism not
  • gum is already worn;
  • frame damage;
  • dry glass;
  • fasteners are made of low-quality materials;
  • problems with the drive mechanism.

Sometimes it’s hard to understand the reason from the first time, so you’ll probably have to do additional diagnostics.

Moistened Test

One of the simplest and most solvable problems is the dry surface of the glass. It is recommended not to use wipers at all on such a surface, since in the long run this will lead to premature wear of the structure and even scratches on the glass may appear.

If the creaking occurs even on a wetted surface, then:

  • replace the rubber bands;
  • diagnose the holder;
  • replace the wipers.
Why do wipers squeak on the glass? How to eliminate the wipers creak?

New Brushes

If the creaking arose after the installation of new brushes, then you need to start to check the quality of manufacturing janitors. Ideally, this point should be considered before buying a new design.

If the materials or assembly leave something to be desired, the brush may not fit at the required angle to the glass itself. And the angle should be 90 degrees. We also take into account the state of the glass itself, perhaps there are micro cracks on the surface with dirt, which cause squeaks. There can improve the situation checking mounts, careful cleaning the glass.

You can independently check the condition of the glass surface with the help of a detergent: put it on the glass and if the creaking disappears, then the cause was dirt on the surface. There is only one recommendation-to clean more often.

Do not forget that any detergent can not be used here: only specifically designed for automotive glass.

Why do wipers squeak on the glass? How to eliminate the wipers creak?

Brush Drive Analysis

A worn brush drive mechanism can be one of the reasons for the squeak of glass. To check it, you need to raise the mechanism itself and apply power to it. If a creak occurs in such a situation, then its reason is in the design of the drive.

To fix this problem, replace the hydroprotection elements under the glass and lubricate the structure. Do not forget to get rid of dirt and rust before starting work.

Another reason for squeaking is the bushings in the drive unit. In this case, you need to dismantle the trapezoid and repair the moving parts. This job is not the easiest and requires at least basic skills. Drivers who are not confident in their abilities are strongly advised to immediately contact the workshop.

Why do wipers squeak on the glass? How to eliminate the wipers creak?

Other Squeak Causes

The whole structure consists of small parts, those mechanisms that are subjected to the greatest load, gradually lose their reliability and properties. This may be one of the reasons for the squeak.

The spring can lose its elasticity. When the brushes are constantly in the wrong position, the spring wears even faster. This usually happens with the onset of frost, because car owners are beginning to independently change the position of the janitors so that it does not froze. Yes, most likely the brushes do not freeze, but the mechanism may not be pressed strongly against the glass and the spring will creak.

The angle of the janitor is important. When it is not correct, critical conditions are created for the janitors to work, so over time a creak appears. The problem in the holder may be if:

  • creak is heard when the brush moves in one direction;
  • the creak disappears when the brush moves in the opposite direction.

To solve the problem, simply tilt the lever plane with the pliers.

Useful tips: how to forget about the scratch forever

Why do wipers squeak on the glass? How to eliminate the crease of the wipers?

Maintenance wipers-the condition of their long service life. To prevent or eliminate the scratch, you need:

  • wash your glass more often;
  • follow the manufacturer’s recommendations for wipers;
  • lubricate the hinges periodically;
  • inspect the structure;
  • Use only special fluids for auto glass.
  • Lubricate the gum with regular alcohol once a month.

The rule of three "no" to extend the life of the brushes:

1. Do not use waxed polish for glass.

2. Do not use wipers if the glass is icy.

3. Do not leave levers raised for a long time.

These simple tips will help you extend the life of your favorite janitors and get rid of squeaks. you can buy wipers in a car with delivery to Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov and all over Ukraine on

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