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How to connect the speakers to the car stereo?

Connect the new speaker to the radio - a process that requires a certain knowledge of the car owner. It is very important to get it right. After all, even minor errors can affect not only the quality of the sound, but even cause a failure of the car stereo. In this article we will look at how to connect the speakers to the car and what to look for during the procedure.

Okaka correctly connect the speakers to the car stereo?

Connect speakers using special scheme

Experts recommend before connecting the speakers carefully considered color scheme, which is applied by the manufacturer for specific model of the radio, it is indicated in detail how and where the wire should be connected. It is very convenient, and if you follow the pattern that when connected speakers without any problems.

In most modern head unit to connect acoustics uses the standard ISO interface. His scheme pinout and conclusions are as follows.

Okaka correctly connect the speakers to the car stereo?

It can be seen that for the connection of acoustic equipment meets the connector B, multi-colored wires away from it. It is important to remember that the wire base color is connected to "+" contact of the speaker, and two-tone - to "-". In stereo systems typically monochrome signal is transmitted by wire, and wherein the two color is common, i.e. mass.

A very important point that you should pay attention: in order to save time and wiring to connect motorists often combined weight, and the signal is diluted only by plain wire. So it does not recommended. amplifier circuits in stereo systems often have a bridge type. They output common wire is missing. And by grounding one of the contacts may lead to the fact that the power goes down.

Acoustic Rules of connection to the car stereo

Automobile Salon in their acoustic properties of a complex structure. Here, various materials: metal, plastics, textiles, rubber, and many others. And all this, one way or another, affects the quality of the speakers sound.

Every manufacturer is usually the choice of regular places to install acoustic tries to consider all the features to provide the most efficient propagation of sound. Most often, speakers are placed at the door on the front panel or under the rear window.

Okaka correctly connect the speakers to the car stereo?

It is also an important point to take into account at the stage of buying new speakers. To connect to the standard head unit need speakers with an impedance - 4 Ohm. Of course, some models can meet high power radios, which can connect the speakers to 2 ohms. If the set of dynamics with less resistance than is provided by the manufacturer the car radio head unit may be damaged if you put the acoustics with a high resistance, it is unlikely to be able to shake the speakers at full power.

Also, remember that paralleled additional speakers, you should not! In such embodiment, compounds of the load resistance will decrease. This may adversely affect the quality of sound, start wheezing and other troubles. In the worst case radio will not be able to continue to work, as it may suffer a built-in amplifier in it. Sometimes the car owners install additional speakers in the trunk, most often it is a subwoofer (woofer). It is important not only to choose the right model of the parameters, but also securely design with speaker. This is important not only for stable sound without distortion, but also in order to ensure optimal acoustic conditions for long-term work.

How to select connecting cables for the automotive acoustics?

Installation of acoustic wires differs from conventional electrical connections. This is due to the fact that it is transmitted by alternating the sound signal with a frequency in the range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz or even more. And here it is important to remember that when connecting can take place electromagnetic interference, linear distortion, and others. All this significantly impairs the quality of sound transmission. Therefore, the choice of wires is important to consider all the nuances. This applies not only to cross-sectional area, but also the type of conductor in them.

Okaka correctly connect the speakers to the car stereo?

When selecting section operates a simple rule: for every 10 W power amplifier - taken 1Q. mm square. That is, if the radio is set to 50 watts per channel amplifier, it is recommended to use a wire cross-section 5 square millimeters

As for the materials, they can be different:

  • Copper - the most common and affordable metal with high conductivity characteristics. Used in the majority of speaker cables.
  • The gold or platinum - precious metals, which also have very good conductivity, which is much higher than that of copper. But this variant has one big disadvantage - the high cost.
  • Silver - this material is also quite common, because the cost is much cheaper than gold. It demonstrates good conductivity performance.
  • The composite wire - a special type, it uses wires that consist from several metals. Typically copper conductor for improving the properties covered by a thin layer of silver or tin.
  • Component wires - in this case, the copper is not combined with metals and with carbon conductors, this also allows us to give some specific properties of the conductor.
Okaka correctly connect the speakers to the car stereo?

The procedure for connecting the car audio to the radio

  • Disable the car by electrical vehicle.
  • The color of the wires leading to the head unit connector, determine which of them are designed for the connection of a particular speaker.
  • Run the necessary wiring, thus it is necessary to carefully monitor to avoid crossing and chafing wires. After placing all the wires are fixed by special plastic fasteners, it is necessary to fix them, then to the wires do not hang out.
  • The remains of wiring should be cut, you just leave up to 5 cm margin on the connection.
  • Strip the ends of the wires that connect to the speakers, and fix them terminal. Connect the wires and terminals is recommended to perform the method of crimping or twisting + soldering.
  • Strip the ends of the wires leading to the car stereo connector.
  • From the wires connect to the radio very carefully check that the polarity is observed.
  • Connect the wires to the connector on the head unit, it is necessary to take care of additional insulation connection.
  • Power up the radio.
  • Make the necessary audio settings radio. Should definitely make sure that there is no non-linear distortion that is not audible wheezes, rattles and other noise.
  • If the sound is clear and smooth, without interference, it can be considered a complete installation of speakers.
Okaka correctly connect the speakers to the car stereo?

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