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Smart Chargers-Operation Steps

Smart chargers-work steps

Modern car batteries require periodic checking of the charge level. Constant movement within the city, with short distances, leads to the fact that the battery does not have time to fully restore its charge. A partially discharged battery can present an unpleasant surprise on a frosty winter morning when it does not have enough capacity to crank the engine. If you are faced with this situation, then you need to charge the battery.

Today, the car electronics market offers a huge selection of chargers for car batteries. Here you can find transformer and impulse devices for every taste and wallet. In this article, we'll look at the benefits, features and additional features of smart chargers.

Intelligent chargers. The word "Intelligent" means that this device is able not only to charge the battery, but also to select the optimal operating parameters, check the health of the battery, determine the initial charge and much more, and do it all independently and fully automatically. The built-in microprocessor is responsible for all processes and stages of the device. When connecting a car battery and turning on the device to the network, the charger follows the following operation algorithm:

Smart chargers-work steps

Stage 1 — Test

— Checking the correct polarity when connecting.

— Check the health and functionality of the battery.

— Voltage measurement at the terminals.

— Selection of optimal charging parameters and calculation of the time until the end of the process.

Stage 2 — Desulfation

This mode returns the ability to accumulate and hold electricity by applying impulse currents to the terminals, which helps to remove all kinds of sulfates from the surface of the plates. This is a huge advantage when used with older batteries.

Stage 3 — Initial Charge

The device supplies a low current with a gradual increase to the required value. This stage is necessary for batteries that have a critically low charge level.

Phase 4-Main Charge

The charger supplies the maximum required current until the voltage at the terminals reaches the rated value. Allows you to restore performance by 75-80%.

Stage 5 — Absorption

Smooth decrease of currents at the terminals while maintaining the rated voltage.

Stage 6 — Recovery

Delamination of the active substance in highly discharged batteries to restore the nominal capacity.

Stage 7 — Analysis

Test battery health and ability to hold charge.

Stage 8 — Storage

Switching to this mode indicates a full charge of the car battery and its performance. The mode maintains a charge level of 13.6 volts by applying low voltage to the terminals.

Depending on the type of battery, the degree of its sulfation and the level of charge at the time of connection to the smart charger, some of the steps can be skipped, and some, on the contrary, are very long. ZU independently controls this process.

Another advantage of these devices is the safety of use. Intelligent car battery chargers are equipped with modern protection systems, including:

  • protection against incorrect connection to terminal connections.
  • short circuit protection.
  • overload protection.
  • AC surge protection.
  • overheating protection.
Smart chargers-work steps

Choosing a smart charger, you do not need to understand the nuances of charging modern batteries, as well as constantly monitor the process. The device will do everything for you.

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