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Choosing a car battery charger

C chargers we come across every day. The car battery also needs recharging. After all, it loses its charge in the process of use. Very quickly this happens at minus temperature. So after a frosty night, you risk not having your car. The car charger (RAM) should be for every car owner, as regular charging of the battery increases the period of its operation. Allocate pre-start and startup storage. First - charge the battery by connecting to an external power source, the second - in addition to normal charging, they can start the engine when the battery is completely discharged.

Car Battery Charger

Car Battery Charger

First, let's read about the pre-start chargers or just the memory. Charging the battery occurs by transferring the current to the battery. And the battery can be charged at constant voltage or direct current. In the first case, the process itself is safer, but it is almost impossible to get a full charge of the battery. In the second case - the full charge of the battery is guaranteed, but in the process there is a high probability of overheating of the electrolyte and even its boiling. Thus, modern developers have brought to the market new combined chargers for auto batteries. This type of memory first charges the battery with a direct current, and when approaching the end of charging it automatically switches to the constant voltage mode, in order to avoid boiling of the electrolyte.

In general, the chargers are divided into two classes. Transformer memory in our time is not often found in the market, it is based on a powerful transformer. This type of device, although more reliable, but the overall dimensions make it difficult to operate. The second class is a impulse charger, often an intelligent one, the transformer underlying it, operates at high frequencies, thanks to this memory is compact and convenient to use. In addition, there is short circuit protection and automation of the entire charging process. Car battery charger buy in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkiv with delivery to Ukraine can be at

Separately, I'd like to highlight a solar charger. This type of device allows you to charge the car battery without connecting to the mains. Charging is performed by connecting the charger to either the cigarette lighter socket or to the battery terminals. The solar cell unit can be located both inside the car and outside. It is not recommended to leave the charger on solar panels outside the car in bad weather, this can lead to the failure of the device.

Start-up charger

Start-up charger

In the event of a complete discharge of the battery, you have several options: start a car with a pusher (only it still needs to be found), light a battery from another car (it is fraught with negative consequences for the electricians of this car, so not every driver agrees to provide you with this service) and use the modern civilized way - use start-up charger (ROM).

If you suddenly lose the battery, you must first connect the ROM in accordance with the polarity to the battery terminals. Set the value of the charging current 15-20A and monitor the voltage at the terminals. When it reaches 15V, you should try to start the car, including the starter for no more than 10 seconds. However, we do not disable the ROM. Probably, from the first time the engine will not start, then re-adjust the voltage in the terminals to a value of 15V. After the car wound up, turn off the starting the charger to avoid recharging the battery. If after two or three attempts to start the engine failed, you should look for another reason for the problem.

Using the ROM, you can also charge the battery. Such devices operate with batteries with a nominal voltage of 12V and 24V. A good device has adjustable current setting. Online store offers to your choice quality start-up chargers with a warranty of 12 months.

Charge the charger

Charge the charger

Before buy a charger, you should check the type of your battery and its capacity, measured in units of Ampere per hour (Ah). Each type of battery has its own charging features, so it is necessary to choose a memory suitable for your battery.

By charging time, the devices are divided into: slow (the charging process takes from 14 to 24 hours), accelerated (up to 3 hours) and conditioning (about an hour). It should be noted that not all types of batteries are capable of accelerating charging. It is important to always comply with the battery capacity and the power of the charger. Inconsistency of these parameters can lead to a decrease in capacity and even damage to the battery itself.

In the process of selecting a memory, one should pay attention to how the charging end time is determined. On cheaper models charging time is limited by the timer. In this case, it is possible that the battery is not being recharged or recharged, which in both cases has a bad effect on its performance. The most modern devices, as a rule - pulse memory, are equipped with a microcontroller, which, measuring several parameters at once, determines the time of device shutdown.

In addition, some models of car battery chargers are equipped with additional functions, such as checking the battery charge level, diagnosing the overall performance of the battery and testing the generator. Also, pay attention to the versatility of the device, since it is likely that you will need to charge several types of batteries.

Now, armed with the information received, you will be able to buy a charger for a car battery, suitable for you in all respects, and if there are any doubts - consultants always come to the rescue.

Best battery chargers

Looking for a quality and the best battery chargers? This rating of battery chargers is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Automatic charger for car battery and motorcycle Hyundai HY 400 12 V, 4 A

Automatic charger for car battery and motorcycle Hyundai HY 400 12 V, 4 A
  • ★ 12-bit processor acd
  • ★ Lead Acid Battery
  • ★ LCD display

Car charger RING RESC612

Car charger RING RESC612
  • ★ With desulfation
  • ★ There are built-in battery test modes
  • ★ Memory type — intelligent

Battery charger Master Watt ROBOT-12 12 V, 12.5 A

Battery charger Master Watt ROBOT-12 12 V, 12.5 A
  • ★ Has a built-in desulfation mode
  • ★ Suitable for charging gel and AGM starters with liquid electrolyte batteries
  • ★ Operating voltage from 160 V to 245 V

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