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Tire pressure sensors are guarantee safety of the driver on the road

It is obvious that the descent to determine the loss of pressure in the tires of the car-to-face, not everyone can. But this is a very unpleasant situation, since nedokachanyh wheels at lightning speed the wear rate increases. In addition, the pressure-it's one of the main parameters affecting the safety of the vehicle. The deviation from the norm can cause serious trouble and irreparable consequences, so it is important to constantly monitor tire pressure.

Tire pressure sensors-security guarantee driver on the road

How dangerous abnormality pressure?

The pressure drop increases the area of ​​influence of rubber on the road surface, thereby accelerating the rapid wear and abrasion protector. At constant cyclic load erased even part of the rubber on the wheel rim. Also, it will contribute to the growth of fuel consumption.

High blood pressure is also bad, in this case, a bus amortization deterioration, increasing the load on the suspension, the ride on rough roads would not be as comfortable as usual. All this leads to a rapid exit suspension parts failure, suffering body-all this will require over time a serious and expensive repairs. Also, do not forget that a sharp increase in pressure in the tire can cause the tire to rupture. And this, in turn, may trigger an emergency.

How can we measure the tire pressure?

Experts advise to check the pressure at least 1 time per month, if the vehicle is operated on a daily basis. In this case, keep in mind that measurements are made on a non-heated tires before driving, it will get the most accurate reading.

As for the pressure of the process, for this there are special devices that can accurately assess the condition of the tires and measure the air pressure in them.

Tire pressure sensors-security guarantee driver on the road

Using a pressure gauge

The main and most simple device which is used by most of today's drivers-gauge. It can be of several types:

Dial gauge (mechanical) -the simplest embodiment, has a scale and an arrow, which indicates pressure;

The electronic pressure gauge (digital) -has instead scale special electronic board on which and output pressures are more simple and convenient than analog, because you can see everything at once, the needle does not swing and do not need look closely and strain to determine which is the level it is.

Procedure for measuring the pressure using a pressure gauge as follows:

  • Step 1: reset parameters on the device to "zero";
  • Step 2: Remove the pressure relief valve tappings on the bus if it is, of course, there is;
  • Step 3: Connect a manometer to the nipple and gently tap it to go on the air tube pressure device;
  • Step 4: Look at the scale or display, there will be a visible test result
  • .

The use of tire-pressure monitoring system

In addition to gauges, many modern cars are equipped with a more advanced system-sensors control the pressure in the wheels (TPMS). This option is the most simple and convenient, since it is not necessary to measure anything, simply install electronic sensors in the tires, and the measurement results will be displayed on the monitor on-board vehicle computer. Their advantage is that the driver is able to receive data even during movement of the machine. Structurally, the sensor for measuring is a small device, which is fixed to each wheel, reads the information about the pressure and transmits it to the on-board computer.

Tire pressure sensors-security guarantee driver on the road

All sensors can be divided into two major subtypes:


They are, in fact, are the gauges in miniature. They look like small caps (caps), is screwed onto the nipple car tires instead of the standard caps.

Mechanical pressure sensors provide effective control and are considered among the most convenient. Their method of detecting the pressure level based on the movement of the piston. On the level of pressure signal the special indicators that are lit in different colors:. Red, yellow, or green

With all the advantages, ease of use and simple installation have sensors of this type, and one very significant drawback-because they are located in plain sight, then they can access any, so they are very often subject to theft. They also have another drawback-the type of pressure sensor has a fairly low informative value, as the driver will not be able to check the performance on the go. However, look at the sensor and its color is easier and faster than every time to take on the pressure gauge, which at the right moment can not be at hand.


Electrical sensors precisely determined pressure and have a more complex structure, their installation also requires additional manipulation. Commonly used system of four sensors, one for each wheel and a receiving-information block. They are constantly monitoring the pressure indicators (some models can also monitor and temperature). The driver can adjust the system so that the sensors transmit data at set intervals. So it will always be aware of road wheels are in what condition.

Electric pressure sensors can be divided into several types:

  • Caps are external sensors that are installed on the nipple. Their advantage is ease of installation and replacement. The design of these sensors typically use a special sensor which detects the pressure and then transmits the parameters to the central unit by means of Bluetooth.
  • Micro chips-it is an internal type of sensor, that is, their installation is carried out inside the tire. The peculiarity of this system is that it calculates, and does not measure performance. It leads to the fact that sometimes when riding on a rough road, the sensors may be wrong and provide inaccurate data. Their disadvantage is the high cost, which makes their use is not very widespread.
  • mounTed disk sensors-this embodiment also involves the installation within the tire. They are well protected against theft and protected from outside weather conditions. Among the few drawbacks is worth noting the complexity of the installation.
Tire pressure sensors-security guarantee driver on the road

As you can see, the options are many, each driver can choose for themselves what will be more convenient for him. However, modern electronic tire-pressure monitoring system allows the driver to receive information and warn if the resulting value greatly deviated from the norm. That is, you can safely say that the TPMS system-is not just the sensors that monitor the pressure, it is one of the most important elements of an integrated security system that can save and prevent contingency


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