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Piston or diaphragm autocompressor? What to choose?

A car compressor is an indispensable device in every car. Designed to solve such a problem as a broken or lowered wheel. To serve it for many years, you need to choose the right model, which we will discuss in this article.

These designs consist of a cylinder, a pressure gauge and an electric motor. These mechanisms are fundamental and they determine the quality of work and the functions of the product.

Piston or membrane autocompressor? What to choose?

Types of compressors

There are 2 types of automotive compressors: piston and diaphragm. Outwardly, they are not much different, but they have differences in technical parameters.

A piston compressor has its own compression chamber and piston. Here the material plays an important role. For example, some manufacturers use ordinary galvanized steel instead of alloyed. Well, some even make important mechanisms of ordinary plastic. Of course, such devices will cost less, but is such a savings justified?

Membrane models are equipped with a membrane sheet, which provides air pumping due to reciprocating movements. Such devices rarely fail, because in them the number of rubbing parts is minimized. Well, if a breakdown happens, then it is easy to fix, because the membrane is easier to replace.

Piston or membrane autocompressor? What to choose?

Advantages and disadvantages

Both membrane and piston compressors have their advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of a piston compressor: a high power rating and the ability to use in any weather.

Disadvantages of a piston compressor: problems with repairs, since the piston and cylinder cannot be replaced, and the structure is overheated.

Pros of a membrane compressor: high reliability and easy repair.

Cons of membrane models: lower power and inability to use at low temperatures.

Please note that you should not chase for large indicators of power, because it is needed only for trucks and special equipment.

Choosing a car compressor: what to consider

So, to choose the right device, consider the following characteristics:

Pressure. There is not always advisable to chase the high rates. By the way, many manufacturers deliberately overstate it. The real limit of any model is 8 atmospheres.

Performance. This parameter is taken into account with the diameter of the tire. For example, for 14-inch tires will be enough and 40 l./Min.

Power: from the built-in battery or car network. Of course, the first option is much more practical.

The type and accuracy of the gauge: a switch or digital. Possible error should be minimized. It is better to choose digital gauges, as they are highly accurate.

So, the portrait of an ideal model-with a pressure of up to 8 atmospheres, optimal performance in relation to the fit diameter of tires, built-in battery and digital gauge.

Useful autocompressor features

Many compressors can be used for more than tire inflation. So, devices can be equipped with the following useful features:

  • Automatic shutdown when a certain indicator is reached, overload.
  • Bleed air with a special valve.
  • Air exhaust to collapse an inflatable product.
  • Flashlight for comfortable night work.
  • Adapters for using the compressor with other products.

We also recommend choosing devices with a metal casing. Such devices are more durable. And if you choose a model of plastic, then it must be frost and heat resistant. Practical cable length-3 m. At the same time, it should be solid, free of defects.

At you can buy an autocompressor in Odessa, Kharkov and Kiev at with delivery by Ukraine.

TOP-3 autocompressor

Best autocompressors

Looking for a quality and the best autocompressors? This rating of autocompressors is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

The compressor for the Berkut R15 car

The compressor for the Berkut R15 car
  • ★ Powerful electric motor
  • ★ DEFLATOR extension valve for precise tire pressure adjustment
  • ★ Equipped with a long hose and high precision two-piece pressure gauge

The automobile compressor the AS-50 Attack plane with the manometer

The automobile compressor the AS-50 Attack plane with the manometer
  • ★ Power from the cigarette lighter
  • ★ Durable and reliable performance
  • ★ 3 adapters for pumping inflatable products

Automotive compressor Vitol K-72

Automotive compressor Vitol K-72
  • ★ capacity 90 l / min
  • ★ with 5 meter hose
  • ★ works on cigarette lighter and battery

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