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Features and factors affecting proper tire pressure measurement

Maintaining the correct tire pressure recommended by the manufacturer is necessary because it affects the safety and driving comfort, the handling and stability of the vehicle on the road, and fuel consumption. Improper pressure can lead to adverse effects, so you need to regularly check and monitor these indicators.

Consequences of under-pumping and tire pumping

Features and factors affecting proper tire pressure measurement

Deviation from normal air levels in tires can adversely affect safety while driving. Moreover, this, above all, affects the reduction of the contact spot between the tire and the road. It should be borne in mind that this deviation presents a strong danger to the driver and passengers.

The consequences of inadequate tire inflation with a hitchhiking compressor can be:

  • increased tire deformation, this can cause tire damage during the trip;
  • an increase in temperature indicators inside the tire, the result is the detachment of the carcass, the appearance of destructive processes, and, in very frequent cases, the «explosion» of the tire;
  • an increase in the risk of wear of the shoulder zones of the tread element and aquaplaning;
  • the probability of disassembling the tire when cornering;
  • increased fuel consumption.
Insufficient pressure also affects additional financial costs, since at least a 20 percent drop in pressure reduces tire life by 25–30%. At the same time, fuel consumption increases by 3%.

Excessive use of a car compressor causes increased tire pressure. This has the following consequences:

  • rapid wear of the suspension and the center element of the tread;
  • the damping properties of tires are reduced, inconveniences occur during the trip – you can feel a stiff ride, a feeling of «bouncing»;
  • there is an opportunity to damage the tire if it falls into a hole or hits an obstacle – a stone, another sharp or hard object;
  • reduction of the contact spot, which leads to a decrease in stability and controllability in the vehicle.
Features and factors affecting proper tire pressure measurement

These factors can lead to adverse consequences, so you need not only to inflate tires properly, but also to constantly monitor their pressure. This can help the system to control the level of pressure in the tires, they are able to quickly and accurately analyze and display these figures to familiarize the driver. Thus, he will be confident in the safety of movement or promptly notified of the need for the upcoming tire inflation.

Difficulties of choice

The Philips GoSure TS60i tire pressure monitoring system will be an excellent innovative and modern solution for managing these indicators. This device differs from the others not only in its simplicity and ease of use, but also in its enormous functionality.

1. The system allows you quickly and accurately track the temperature and pressure in the tires.

2. In case of leakage of air from the tires – will quickly notify about it.

3. The screen displays all the necessary information at once from all four wheels.

4. The user can pre-configure the necessary parameters for the sensors, specifying the desired pressure level and temperature.

5. Additionally, you can set the intelligent sleep mode, which reduces the power consumption of the device.

Thus, by installing such a system, the driver receives unlimited possibilities in using this device, while its reliability and quality fully guaranteed. Such tire pressure monitoring systems you can buy in Kiev, Odessa, Kharkov with delivery in Ukraine at

Features and factors affecting proper tire pressure measurement

Features of correct tire pressure measurement

It is necessary to check these indicators daily, if there is no time to conduct frequent checks – then once a week. However, on the eve of long-distance travel, it is imperative to check and visually inspect all wheels.

1. The pressure measured in the «cold» tires, if you want to do it in the «hot» ones, the indicators distorted due to the load and speed, as well as air temperature, they increase to 10%. Thus, it is not necessary to deflate the air in heated tires, since this can lead to a decrease for air in cold tires.

2. If hot tires show pressure below the norm, then you need to pump them in excess of 10%. Only when the tire has cooled should we check these indicators again, adjust them if necessary.

3. It is necessary regularly check the pressure in the spare wheel, because there may be a case when it is necessary to urgently make a replacement.

It is important to remember that tires considered cold when the car has not been in motion for 3 hours, or has moved no more than 1.6 km after a long stop. In addition, the occurrence of a different pressure in the two wheels is the cause of a mismatch with the steering. Moreover, the discrepancy between the pressures in the tires in different axles cause a sudden car withdrawal to the side.

Features and factors affecting proper tire pressure measurement

When do you need to do pressure correct?

If the car moves on the highway at a speed of more than 160 km/h, then, according to the manufacturers' recommendations, it is necessary to increase the pressure by the autocompressor by 0.2-0.4 atm. This makes it possible to improve the car’s handling, although comfort during a trip significantly reduced. Therefore, the driver needs to decide on the increase in these indicators, it depends on the vehicle load, the condition of the road surface and other situations. Moreover, moving along a dirt road through mud or bumpy terrain it is better to reduce the pressure, in winter by 10-15, in summertime – by 5-10%.

Features of pressure measurement in low profile tires

In case, when car equipped low profile tires, you need to monitor the pressure indicators more carefully. These tires distinguished by a small side height, and increased rim diameter, so if such a tire has a normal air pressure level, only tread section will contact the road surface.

In the case of reduced pressure in low-profile tires, then there are distortions of the tire sidewalls, which gradually begin to touch the road surface and wear out. The result will be disappointing – the tire wears off completely, collapses, and, with high-speed driving, this can have unpleasant consequences.

Features and factors affecting proper tire pressure measurement

For timely swapping of tires, you need to get a compact device that will help quickly and promptly inflate tires. That is the automobile compressor. Its presence will help quickly and smoothly improve the condition of tires, ensuring complete safety for yourself and passengers during the trip. With delivery in Ukraine, you can buy autocompressors in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa on

TOP-3 autocompressors

Best autocompressors

Looking for a quality and the best autocompressors? This rating of autocompressors is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Two-cylinder pump in the car Alca 227 000

Two-cylinder pump in the car Alca 227 000
  • ★ Productivity — 50 l
  • ★ Suitable for trucks and SUVs
  • ★ The maximum pressure is 11 Atm

Autocompressor Berkut R17

Autocompressor Berkut R17
  • ★ Pump type pump
  • ★ Productivity — 55 l / min
  • ★ With stainless steel air valves

Ring RTC1000 autocompressor with digital pressure gauge, case and LED flashlight

Ring RTC1000 autocompressor with digital pressure gauge, case and LED flashlight
  • ★ It has a white backlight, which simplifies night operation
  • ★ Has the function of setting the necessary pressure parameters
  • ★ The rated power level reaches 180 W

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