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Automotive articles - compressors for cars — за 2019 year

Autocompressors — selection wizard

Choose a compressor — with a direct or belt drive?


The need to use compressors in the home and at work. Versions of the compressor equipment – with the direct or belt drive. What distinguishes a direct drive compressor from a belt driven compressor? The advantages and disadvantages of using each of these types of pumping equipment. The importance of choosing the required model of air blower based on its scope. all…


Features and factors affecting proper tire pressure measurement


Importance of regular use of the tire pressure monitoring system. Poor use of a car compressor, the effects of insufficient and excessive inflation of tires. The best modern solution among tire pressure monitoring systems – Philips GoSure TS60i. Specifics of the correct pressure measurement and main cases necessity to use a compressor with a hitchhiker. The importance of using a control system and an auto-compressor with low-profile tires installed on the machine. all…


Which compressor to give preference — oil or oil-free?


Necessity for an autocompressor. Importance of choice – oil or oil-free compressor? Distinctive features of the compressor for the car oil or oil-free type. What are the advantages and disadvantages of installation an oil-free compressor and oil? Features of the choice of oil-free and oil compressor. all…

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