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TOP 5 compressors for cars! Rating of automotive tire inflation pump 2019!

What must be in the trunk of a car? Well, of course, in addition to the first-aid kit and fire extinguisher. This is a compressor for pumping tires and, of course, with an accurate pressure gauge so that you can check the tire pressure. Yes, someone will say-why do we need this compressor, if there is a lot of tires in the city, where you can pump up the wheel for a penny and patch it if it has broken through and check the pressure. That's right, but the wheel often breaks through not often near the tire, but somewhere in the middle of the road, possibly outside the city or in the forest when, for example, you went for mushrooms. In such situations, the compressor will be an indispensable assistant and will save you from unforeseen problems. And for owners of SUVs and lovers of off-road auto-compressor should be generally the very first purchase, after acquiring a car.

Today we picked up the TOP-5 automotive compressors, which are popular among customers. Our TOP looks like this:

  • Ring RAC830.
  • Belavto BK43 Muromets.
  • Belavto BK45 Bison.
  • AS-50 attack aircraft.
  • Berkut R20.

Ring RAC830

So, let's start with the Ring RAC830 compressor. This is a twin piston compressor. It is very compact, and its body is made of metal and plastic, which provides reliability on the one hand, and ease of construction on the other. The compressor design is good, but not fully thought out. For example, for convenience, there is a special groove for the hose in the lower part, an LED lamp is located on the front panel, and a manometer and compressor controls are located on the upper part-buttons for turning on the compressor and the lamp, as well as a spinning disk that can set the required pressure for Hitchhiking features. All this is good, but the RING engineers forgot about the carry handle. But in general, this is not critical, the compressor is lightweight, you can grab it with one hand and special recesses are provided for this.

What about the technical part? The performance of this model is above average-48 l/min. And the maximum discharge pressure is 10 Atm. According to the manufacturer, the compressor is able to inflate the passenger car tire to 2.5 Atm in 2 minutes, and the SUV in 5 minutes. At the end of the video, we’ll check if this is true.

Ring 830 has an auto-stop function, thanks to which you can simply set the desired pressure on the digital pressure gauge and the compressor will shut itself off after the tire pressure reaches the set point. An extremely convenient function, thanks to which there is no need to hang over the compressor and follow the pressure gauge’s arrow, when this arrow reaches the cherished mark of 2-2.5 Atm.

The compressor has a straight hose in a fabric winding half a meter long with a wrap at the end and a valve to relieve excess pressure. By the way, if you don’t like a hose with a wire wrap for any reason, you can always buy an adapter for a quick-release valve. The length of the compressor power cable is 3 meters, which will be enough to swap any wheel in a passenger car, minibus or SUV. The compressor works from the on-board network of the car and plugs into the cigarette lighter.

Options :

- Compressor.

- Adapters for pumping inflatable products.

- Bag for storage and carrying.

Belavto BK43 Muromets

Belavto BK43 Muromets is the most simple, powerful, reliable and affordable compressor in which there is nothing superfluous. Apparently, for this reason he is very popular among customers. The case is made of metal and plastic. To check the pressure in the tires, there is a metal analog pressure gauge that accurately displays the pressure. Compressor productivity-40 l/min., Maximum pressure-10 Atm. A car wheel shakes in about 2 minutes.

Externally, the compressor looks stylish, without any sharp corners, everything is smooth and ergonomic. In the front of the compressor on the top panel there is a pressure gauge, and on the side below it is the power button compressor. In the center of the device is a convenient carrying handle. The same pen that was missing in the previous compressor from our TOP.

The hose at the Belavto Muromets compressor is 1 meter long, it is straight and it is removable. At the end of the hose there is a wrap connector. The device is powered by a cigarette lighter, and the length of the power cable is 3 meters.

Options :

- Compressor.

- Adapters for pumping inflatable products.

- Bag for storage and carrying.

Belavto BK45 Bison

Belavto BK45 Bison is one of the most productive compressors in our video. Big productivity in 90 l/min. achieved due to the presence of two cylinders in the compressor. Its maximum pressure, like previous models, is 10 atm. This compressor is designed for inflating tires of large vehicles, the kit includes a spiral hose with a pressure gauge 5 meters and 70 cm long. At the end of the hose there is a connector with a wrap and a deflator valve to relieve excess pressure.

The compressor is equipped with a convenient handle with a soft cover for carrying. The body of the device is made of metal.

Due to the increased power, unlike previous models, this compressor is no longer connected to the cigarette lighter, but directly to the car’s battery, for this the power cable is equipped with high-quality clamps. The length of the power cable is 2 m 40 cm.

Options :

- Compressor.

- Adapters for pumping inflatable products.

- Bag for storage and carrying.

Aircraft AS-50

AS-50 attack aircraft-a low-cost piston compressor for pumping tires. The compressor housing is made of metal, in the upper part there is an analog pressure gauge and a transfer handle directly above it, which in turn protects the pressure gauge from damage in the event of a compressor failure.

The compressor performance is not very large-37 l/min, but this is enough to pump the wheels of a car in 2-3 minutes. Claimed maximum pressure 10 bar.

Power is supplied from the car cigarette lighter. The power cord has a length of 2.7 m, and the length of the air supply hose is 1.2 m, which allows you to easily position the compressor near any wheel of a car. The hose itself is straight and rubber without any additional winding as on more expensive models. The connector of this model is made in the form of a clip, which, for me, is more convenient than wrapping.

Options :

- Compressor.

- Adapters for pumping inflatable products.

- Bag for storage and carrying.

Berkut R20

Berkut R20 is already a professional-level compressor and is more suitable for pumping wheels for SUVs and trucks. Also, this compressor is perfect for stationary installation at the service station, as it is able to withstand high loads and can work continuously for about an hour. The compressor is massive and heavy, weighs about 6 kg.

The compressor capacity is 72 l/min. The maximum pressure is 14 bar. The SUV wheel shakes in 2 minutes, and the passenger car can be pumped up in just over a minute. The compressor has a replaceable air filter that purifies the air, and there are several spare filters in the kit.

There is also a removable spiral hose with a manometer, 7.5 meters long, black. The connector on the hose is completely metal with a clip. The length of the power cable is 2.4 meters. The compressor runs on a car battery. The hose connects to the compressor in the area of ​​the carry handle. Speaking of the handle-it is quite comfortable here with a soft pad, which is important because the compressor is heavy and it should be comfortable to carry.

On the side panel, next to the power cable, there is a compressor on/off button. The button is protected against moisture by a silicone pad.

I would also like to note the bag that comes with this compressor. The bag is very high quality. Among all the compressors that I have seen, it is the most convenient and high-quality. Even extra pockets are available.

Options :

- BERKUT R20-high pressure compressor.

- Twisted extension hose with pressure gauge DF-029- 1 pc.

- Air filter AF-0686-1 pc.

- Additional nozzles-adapters-3 pcs.

- Bag for storage and carrying-1 pc.

- Operation Guide.

- Warranty card.

- Packing box.


Well, let's summarize briefly:

We need a budget compressor for a passenger car without any frills-this is AS-50 attack aircraft .

Want a slightly more efficient and stylish compressor- Belavto BK43 Muromets .

Belavto BK45 Bison is suitable for those who are going to pump the wheels in a jeep or just want to pump the wheels of the car a little faster.

If you want a more modern compressor with all the amenities, All Inclusive, so to speak, is your choice Ring RAC830 .

Well, if you need a compressor to inflate the tires of an SUV, truck, or plan to install it permanently in a garage or in a service station, Berkut R20 .

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