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Four channel amplifier Alpine R-A60F - excellent sound and power in a compact format

The range of acoustic components of the R-Series by Alpine developed taking into account the fact that the listener can get inspiration from the music and fun. No exception, and quad-channel amplifier R-A60F, which blends perfectly with the Alpine Series speakers R. This model has excellent performance and functional parameters, thanks to the introduction of some additional options to the manufacturer was able to expand the amplifier features. For example, it is now available channelized connection acoustics. This and other features of the car amplifier Alpine R-A60F and we'll talk.

 Four channel amplifier Alpine R-A60F - excellent sound and power in a compact format

Features Alpine R-A60F

Car amplifier Alpine R-A60F relates to a class D   and complies with Hi-Res Audio. In this model uses the most advanced amplifier platform that allows you to achieve not only maximum sonic accuracy, but at the same time ensures a high enough power.

This device used a double negative feedback from the output signal. Thanks to this has been reduced to a minimum rate of harmonic distortion, especially when operating at low power. This contributed to the fact that there is no major drawback of most modern amplifiers class D – microdrivers weak and low resolution.

One of the main advantages of this model are fairly modest overall size of the amplifier, total: 274 mm wide, 223 mm long and 51 mm in thickness. This relatively low figure for this level devices. It can be easily installed in the passenger compartment or the trunk of almost any car, it will fit even under the seat. That is, with the assembly will not have any difficulties. In addition, for quick installation provides special removable brackets very comfortable, they will not only simplify the work, but also help to save time.

The same should be said about the modernization of hull structure, the updated configuration is an improved heat sink, radiator and updated protective circuitry limits the maximum output signal in case of overheating. Consequently there is no fear of sudden shutdown of the amplifier in case of overheating, i.e. the device operates stably without interruptions for a long time.

 Four channel amplifier Alpine R-A60F - excellent sound and power in a compact format

The amplifier can operate with signals of both linear and high – Sensitivity setting has a special switch INPUT LEVEL. Corner closed screw pads « hexagon » provide a power connection and acoustics. There is also a connector RG-45, which is for connecting remote corporate wired controller bass RUX-KNOB2 (option supplied is not included, but you can buy more as needed).

In addition to standard filters of low and high frequencies having a wide tuning range, this amplifier is also provided a bandpass operation for channels 3 and 4. This makes it possible to arrange inside the machine scheme with channel-connecting acoustics without using additional sound processor and crossovers. Given the selected system configuration and the number of linear power outputs on channels 3 and 4 may be supplied from the signal as input to channels 1 and 2 and from its own input channels 3 and 4.

Technical parameters and sound parameters

In spite of its small dimensions, the amplifier has a pretty good cardinality indicators: nominal power when the impedance 4   Ohm — 100   watts per channel, while resisting 2   Ohm — 150   watts per channel, connecting bridge 4   Ohm — 2x300  watts. The maximum power stated by the manufacturer, is 1200 watts. This will be enough to shake almost any dynamics.

 Four channel amplifier Alpine R-A60F - excellent sound and power in a compact format

Operating frequency range is from 10 to 45,000 Hz. There is a built-in crossover: an adjustable highpass /lowpass: 50-400   Hz (-12 dB /oct). A damping coefficient is at <500. p="">

In terms of sound, the amplifier exhibits a very good quality of sound transmission, it does not distort the signal even at high power. The presence of filters of low and high frequencies   the second order, enables to maintain constant quality factor over the entire range of frequency adjustment section. Additional high pass filter stage implemented by a separate filter and a first order. This allows for a clean and uniform sound when connecting the different speakers: midbass, Twitter, etc.

As mentioned above, the amplifier produces a smooth sound with virtually no vibrations and distortions. In typical load distortion curves are consistent performance peculiar class D amplifiers from Alpine. They practically do not depend on the power and   the load resistance, and remain minimal even on micropower.

So, speaking of sound and working features of it can be concluded that despite the fact that this amplifier can operate in various configurations, including a bridge connection, the main area of ​​application of the model – chetyrohomnaya car speakers. This is where you can unleash the full power directly as the amplifier itself and the speakers in general.
 Four channel amplifier Alpine R-A60F - excellent sound and power in a compact format

Summing up

Digital Amplifiers – it is a reality of our time, they are increasingly pushed around in all directions « warm analogue ». Manufacturers are constantly improving their new products, each time sounding amplifier improves. No exception and Alpine R-A60F.

As for the model, then this amp is difficult to find fault, everything is very carefully thought out, the manufacturer has a small format to create a great high-performance unit. In many respects he is not inferior to   the best analog amplifiers. Sound acoustics becomes as natural and natural midrange frequencies free of noise and distortion, and high purity and different sonority, not subside. The sound quality is not inferior to the authoritative analog models.

Macro dynamics very good, however, at high level the sound may become slightly harsh, this may be due to the expansion of the range of harmonics and intermodulation increases. Therefore, we recommend not to use the device at its maximum capacity, leave the reserve. Even at 50% of the power amplifier will pump easily   any car speakers.

The amplifier is optimally equipped. It works great with both the front speakers and a powerful subwoofer. The same can be said about popular with many drivers per-channel front connection, this amplifier copes with this task. Also, worth noting is that, thanks to its compact size enclosure you will not have any problems with the installation of the amplifier.

 Four channel amplifier Alpine R-A60F - excellent sound and power in a compact format

In the online store you can always buy car amplifier Alpine R-A60 Kiev with delivery across Ukraine. We have a catalog contains a large range of products of this brand.

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