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TOP-4 car chargers – 2018 rating

The need to recharge the battery occurs in any vehicle – car, motorcycle, water or special transport. Therefore, the choice of a suitable charger is very important, depends on the charging time, efficiency and, accordingly, the duration of the battery itself.

Now on the market of chargers presented a huge number of products of different brands. Intelligent models are considering the most popular; they work much faster and have several important advantages:

  • full recovery of old batteries;
  • testing battery and determining the mode of operation;
  • the possibility of a smooth start.

In addition, many models are equipped with a desulfation function, which involves the restoration of previous battery functions after prolonged non-functioning.

The best of car chargers — a table of comparison characteristics:

1 place 2 place 3 place 4 place
Intelligent Charger Goodyear CH-4A Goodyear CH-4A Buy Intelligent Charger Auto Welle AW05-1204 Auto Welle AW05-1204 Buy Automatic Charger Master Watt BOT-60 Master Watt БОТ-60 Buy Intelligent Charger Hyundai HY 800 Hyundai HY 800 Buy
Voltage 6/12 V 6/12 V 12/24 V 12 V
Maximum current 4 А 0,8/3,8 А 60 А 8 А
Power 70 W 50 W 950 W 800 W
Additionally The presence of an LCD display, the charge of all types of batteries, capacity from 6 to 120 A/h; 7 stages of charging, winter mode, protection – against short circuit, overload, reverse polarity For batteries up to 120 A/h, LCD display, 5 charging stages with discharged battery recovery mode, degree of protection against moisture and dust according to IP20 standard Microprocessor memory with ammeter and active cooling system, supports all types Battery capacity from 7 to 500 A/h, automatic transfer to battery storage mode, with start function and desulphation mode For batteries up to 160 A/h, LCD display, 9 charging stages with desulphation mode, degree of protection against moisture and dust according to IP65
Goodyear CH-4A

Goodyear CH-4A

  • ★ Partial desulfation
  • ★ Protection against short circuit, overload, overheating
  • ★ Informative LCD display
First place
1 place

Designed to recharge lead-acid batteries, simple and convenient to use. It is characterized by the presence of a complex charging system, by voltage and current, also includes a recovery mode and guarantees the quality charge of the vehicle's battery or any type of motorcycle, with a capacity from 6 to 120 A/h.

At the end of the work, the storage mode is activating, determining the full charge of the battery. Therefore, you do not need to control the charging process and, seeing a 100 percent charge; you just need to disconnect the charger.

It has the following protection modes:

  • — from the wrong polarity;
  • — against short circuit;
  • — from overheating;
  • — overload.

After connecting to the battery determines the level of charge and displays information about it on the LCD display.

  • + presence of the winter mode and 7 stages of charging;
  • + the presence of different protections, which ensures the safety of the charger;
  • + partial desulfation of the battery by pulsed recovery mode is presented.
  • - protection against sparking is not provided;
  • - thin wires.
Auto Welle AW05-1204

Auto Welle AW05-1204

  • ★ Informative LED screen
  • ★ 5 modes of operation
  • ★ Desulfation function
Second place
2 place

Used to charge lead-acid batteries of motorcycles, passenger cars and water transport with a capacity of up to 120 A/h. There is a full charge of equipment, after which the charger is turning off

After connecting to the battery, the charger will independently determine the degree of discharge and will display information on the LED display. You can choose one of five charge modes, so the user can choose the best charging option for him.

Equipped with protective features from:

  • — short circuit;
  • — reverse polarity;
  • — fluctuations and surges in the network.

With this smart charger, you can charge the battery in a car or other vehicle. The presence of reliable protection will make it possible to full charge the battery without harming the on-board electronics.

  • + fully automated charge;
  • + the presence of desulfation function;
  • + 5 battery charging modes available;
  • + the ability to charge the battery in the cold season.
  • - the presence of unpleasant sound during operation;
  • - lack of storage case configuration.
Master Watt БОТ-60

Master Watt БОТ-60

  • ★ Automated charge
  • ★ Recharge any battery
  • ★ Desulfation function
Third place
3 place

The charger is designed to recharge lead-acid batteries with a capacity of up to 500 A / h. It is possible to connect starter, AGM and gel, as well as to conduct desulfation of batteries with liquid electrolyte, including calcium models.

The device for recharging is fully automated, after connecting battery diagnostics begins, the presence of short circuits or improper connection, as well as overheating of the battery is determined. After full recharging, the charger is complete disconnected from the battery.

  • + the ability to recharge any type of battery;
  • + the presence of desulfation function;
  • + the charging process is fully automated;
  • + the ability to select the mode of fast charging.
  • - heavy weight and relatively large size.
Hyundai HY 800

Hyundai HY 800

  • ★ Informative digital display
  • ★ Desulfation function
  • ★ Determining battery status

4 place

Used to recharge batteries with a capacity of 160A/h, there are nine stages of charge. If necessary, you can use the recovery or desulfation of the battery. It is possible to recharge any type of battery, from lead-acid to gel. After connecting, the charger is able to independently determine the type of battery, charge level, other indicators, after which the user is prompting to choose the best option for recharging.

The presence of a digital display greatly simplifies the use of the charger, and the backlight allows you to ease find out about the state of the rechargeable battery at night. It is also possible to connect and conduct recharging directly on the transport, without disconnecting the battery, with all the devices and electronics of the car will be in perfect order. The device provides protection against overheating; the charger in this case completely enters the mode of slow recharging.

  • + fully automated charge system;
  • + the possibility of recharging in winter;
  • + 9 charging stages;
  • + the ability to restore the battery charger with desulfation mode;
  • + the presence of a display, which displays information about the status of the battery.
  • - lack of connection to 6V.

Thus, by choosing the appropriate option, you can learn about all its advantages of use and verify the effectiveness and speed of recharging the battery. At the same time, your battery will fully perform its functions for quite a long time. You can buy chargers for cars in Odessa, Kharkov and Kiev on with delivery in Ukraine.

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