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TOP-5 car speakers. Auto Acoustics Rating 2021!

The acoustics help create a good mood on the road, especially on long journeys on the highway. You must admit that traveling with your favorite music is always more fun. You should choose the acoustics according to your preferences. Some drivers just want background sound, while others want high quality bass.

There are component and coaxial types of acoustics.

The component system creates surround sound quality. It consists of multiple speakers to reproduce sounds in specific frequency ranges. That is, in this acoustics, you can place the low-frequency, mid-frequency and high-frequency in different places to improve the sound quality.

The coaxial system is more compact, easy to install, and affordable. In this acoustics, all sound outputs are located in one speaker. The sound comes out with mixed frequencies, and is not as clear as in component.

When choosing acoustics, you should pay attention to its size, as well as the dimensions of regular seats in your car. Acoustics are small in size up to 13 cm, medium — 15 - 18 cm and large over 20 cm.

A sound amplifier is needed to drive the speakers. Whether external or built into the head unit. The higher the speaker sensitivity, the less powerful the amplifier is needed.

Let's take a look at the TOP 5 popular car acoustics among our customers. Our rating looks like this:

Focal Auditor RSE-165

Our TOP opens component acoustics Focal Auditor RSE-165. It has high sensitivity and excellent reproduction of midrange with good bass. Best installed in the front doors of the car. Can be used with a head unit or amplifier.

The tweeters are designed like an inverted dome and are very easy to install. The maximum power of this acoustics reaches 120 W, and the frequency range is 60-21000 Hz.

In addition to the main speakers, 165 mm in size, the kit also includes two crossovers, protective steel grilles for excellent sound diffusion. The speakers have a sensitivity of 91.5 dB and an installation depth of 66.5 mm.


— 2 midrange speakers

— 2 tweeters

— 2 crossovers

— Installation kit

— Speaker grilles

— Instructions

— Guarantee

Hertz K 165 Uno

Hertz Uno K 165 two-component acoustics are suitable for replacing standard car speakers with a size of 165 mm. Speakers are compact in size without protective cages, as they are intended for installation in regular places.

The rated power is 75 W and the maximum power is 300 W. The frequency range is 55-23000 Hz.

The high-frequency link in this model is represented by a 24 mm tweeter. The dome is made of polyetherimide. They sound good enough for their value. The mid-bass speaker is made in the familiar style with a V-cone cone. 80mm diameter ferrite magnet for high power, clear sound.

The basket is made of anti-corrosive stamped steel, 6.5 ”DIN size. Compressed cellulose diffuser.

The crossovers are presented as a simple 6 dB / octave first order filter and are built into the wiring.

It is recommended to install these speakers in parallel with the tweeter.

The sensitivity index is 93.5 dB. In combination with even a low-power amplifier, these speakers will reveal their potential well and sound quite pleasant.


— 2 speakers

— 2 tweeters with wires

— Housings for tweeters

— Mounting kit

— Instructions

— Guarantee

Pioneer TS-1339R

The three-way coaxial speaker system TS-1339R from Pioneer continues our rating. The system has a size of 13 cm and is suitable for upgrading standard acoustics. Produces good sound with decent bass. Speakers without protective cages with a landing depth of 5 cm have quite high power ratings. The rated power is 40 W and the maximum power is 130 W.

The diffuser is made of polypropylene with a rubber surround. Stamped steel basket. The impedance of these speakers is 4 ohms, and the sensitivity is 91 dB. Frequency response 40-30000 Hz.

Connection is standard with easy installation.


— 2 woofers

— 2 midrange speakers

— 2 twitter

— Connection wires

— Mounting kit

— Instructions

— Guarantee

Focal Auditor RCX-165

Next in our TOP is the model Focal Auditor RCX-165. This is a two-way coaxial speaker system that is usually installed in the rear doors of a car. It features good sound, with a maximum output of 120 watts. The rated power is 60W.

The speaker has an inverted dome tweeter that is capable of combining very low and high frequencies in an excellent way.

The frequency range is 60-21000 Hz, and the sensitivity reaches 91.5 dB.

The speaker system is made with high quality. Stamped steel basket with rubber suspension. Diffuser made of polypropylene with matt finish.

The speaker comes with a protective mesh, but the installation wires must be purchased additionally.


— Speaker

— Tweeter

— Mounts set

— Grills

— Instructions

— Guarantee

Alpine SPG-69C3

Rounding out our rating is the Alpine SPG-69C3 three-way coaxial speaker system. Of the four round models presented above, this system differs in that it has an oval shape. Speakers have a high power rating of 90 W. The peak power reaches 350 W.

Acoustics are made of high quality reliable materials. Excellent sound is achieved thanks to the soft dome tweeter and square voice coil.

The diffuser is made of polypropylene material with a ferrite magnet. The basket is cast. This model has a wide frequency range - 65-19000 Hz. The sensitivity level is 91 dB.

You can install this acoustics with or without protective screens.

The landing depth is 75.6 mm.


— 2 speakers

— 2 protective nets

— Connection wires

— Mounting kit

— Guarantee

— Instructions


So let's summarize.

If you want high quality sound with good bass, then choose the Focal Auditor RSE-165.

Hertz K 165 Uno is ideal for replacing standard 165 mm speakers.

Pioneer TS-1339R is a budget model for replacing the standard acoustics without protective cages.

Focal Auditor RCX-165 is a system with a good combination of bass and midrange.

Alpine SPG-69C3 is a powerful high quality oval speaker with high sound quality.

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