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Grind: types and their scope

Grinding machines-is not only grinders (angle grinders), and even more so many different types of devices. In this article you will find out how they differ, and to carry out any work can be used.

Angle grinder (Bulgarian)

Let's start with the most common type. Grinders are used where it is necessary to cut, grind, clean metal, concrete and stone elements and the surface. It is because of this universality angle grinders are popular. They can pick up a variety of different specialized nozzles and disks, which are used to perform specific tasks. Performance is determined by its power grinders. And here it is important to remember that the more complicated the work that will have to do, the stronger must be the instrument. Also, the size of the disk depends on the power that can be used. This option is also worth watching very carefully. To work with small or thin materials suit and small wheels, but for professional use have to look for a machine with larger diameter discs.

Sanders: types and their scope


A feature of this type of machines is that they have an elongated shaft, similar to a long elephant trunk. They also located the spindle longitudinally relative to the main axis of the tool. The spindle allows you to use a variety of nozzles that are designed to work with different materials: leather, wood, stone or metal.

They are like a network that operate from the power outlet, and a standalone battery. There SMP pneumatic type, they work on the compressor.

The special design of this type grinders are often used for smoothing and cleaning surfaces in different remote places. They are, for example, also be used for cleaning welds, which remain on the pipes. The fact that the seams are often located near the wall at the back of the tubes, which is very difficult to get to without a grinder to make high-quality cleansing will be almost impossible.

Also, this tool is useful to the masters who work in the field of treatment of the skin or the production of various decorative wood products. Also, such a tool can be used for boring holes (similar to a file) and stripping surfaces in confined spaces.

Sanders: types and their scope


This tool is visually very similar to electric planer and is designed for cleaning large-area surfaces. But there are also many differences with the plane. If the latter takes one pass quite a lot of material, the LSM works as carefully as possible.

The design presupposes the existence of the working shaft and the two guide rollers, between which is stretched a web of a special abrasive material. This material is used when performing cleaning and polishing.

This tool can be used as a rough hulling surface and smooth to the final polishing of wood products, plastic and metal. One of the main applications is the processing belt polishers edges and edges, for example, it is necessary in the production of furniture, doors, window frames, etc. It is also worth considering, let LSM and used for final cleaning, the quality of polishing this tool gives polishing machines.

Sanders: types and their scope

Vibro-grinding and eccentric

These models are similar in principle. They are the engine is driven by the eccentric-rod located on the shaft. It transmits vibrations to the working tool sole, thereby removing the possibility of a uniform layer of the processed material. In this case, the grinding is carried out with a certain amplitude.

The difference between the Graduate School of Management and the eccentric is in the form of working the soles: in vibro-grinding it has a flat planar shape, so this tool is suitable for polishing only the flat shape of objects and surfaces; and eccentric work with circular discs and are therefore suitable for use with different, even rough and wavy surfaces.

The quality of grinding will directly depend on the size of the abrasive surface of the nozzle used. In itself, the grinding blade to the base of the machine is mounted with special clamps. This is not the fastest tool is slow, but in the end it turns out very good quality polishing. This tool is perfect for the finish grinding of wood, stone, plastic and metal surfaces. It is indispensable in the carpenter's shop.

Sanders: types and their scope

Delta grinding

This is a kind of eccentric machines, but it has a shape very similar to iron. During operation these devices also make oscillatory motion, due to which both removes excess material on the treated surface. Almost all of these models have a special dust bags or additional connectors for connecting a vacuum cleaner.

The tool is intended for grinding and polishing in the most remote places. They are in particular need for high-quality processing edges and internal angles, which are difficult to access, if the title has a rugged terrain and a complex shape. Also, it can be used for different parts of furniture after the shape cutting on a milling machine. This tool is considered to be highly specialized, and can be useful for professional applications where often have to handle uneven surfaces and especially the corners. For domestic use is usually enough normal vibro-grinding machine that copes with all and replaces the polishing «iron».

Sanders: types and their scope


Structurally, they are not much different from the usual grinders, the difference lies only in the fixing of polishing heads: from SMP fixing bolt is located above and the nozzle is fixed by winding the inner sleeve to the special bolt, and grinder attachment is held by a special clamping nut

It is also worth mentioning that the polishing machines are doing their job as clean as possible, the surface turns flat and smooth. This type of instrument is intended for final finishing of surfaces. Polishing can be used by different circles: felt, wool and made of various other soft materials. These machines are often used to perform body work when preparing the vehicle immediately prior to painting. Grinder allows perfectly smooth the surface and remove all not required, that would interfere with the painting.

Sanders: types and their scope

Wall grinding

This tool on the basis of their work something like a grinder and polishing machines. However, they use a large working disk from 225 to 370 mm. Also, worth noting is another type of fastening disk, in a design of this type of device has a special lengthening rod. Operate such machines only from the power supply, so a number have to be socket.

Wall grinding machines are designed for grinding and polishing the walls after plastering is completed. With coarse planted with a high index of abrasiveness can use such a machine for removing old paint and dried, chronic wallpaper. Also, worth noting is that these devices are characterized by a good performance, with them pretty quickly you can process large in surface area. It is an ideal choice if you have to prepare the wall for painting, wallpaper or plaster.

Sanders: types and their scope


Feature grinders of this type is that they drive instead of using a special roller, which is covered with a hard metallic bristles. Such top roller normally closed additional steel casing, designed to ensure worker eye protection against ingress of metal and other fine dust. They also have an additional curved handle, which makes the tool as easy as possible to use and reduces the load on the operator's hands. Otherwise, these devices are conventional angle grinders.

Brush sanders are designed to remove rust from metal surfaces and removing old paint. Since the roller has a dense bristle, such a tool is very effective in removing age-old paint from metal surfaces, for example, with old iron door or gate. In addition to working with metal, these grinders are suitable for working with wood, in this case only necessary to change the nozzle. For wood are special rollers with abrasive coating.

Sanders: types and their scope


We've covered all the main varieties of the existing grinding machines that are used to work with a variety of materials and surfaces. And, summing up, we can say that all of them, except that the Bulgarians have a very narrow specialization. Therefore, to work in the home of such a tool is used rarely, usually lacking functional grinders. However, for professional work: in wood, furniture, joinery, making various handicrafts made of wood and plastic, they can become indispensable helpers.

We hope this article has been helpful to you, and now you know what are the grinders and for which they are intended. If you want to grinder in Kiev, Odessa and Kharkiv, the online store you will find a selection tool delivery in Ukraine.

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