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How to choose a lawn mower?

Lawn mower - Garden is a special technique that is designed to maintain a grassy lawn, sports field or special areas for outdoor activities in a neat form. With it you can easily cut the tall grass to the lawn was nice and neat.

How to choose a lawn mower

Manufacturers now offer a huge range of models, so many people have difficulty in choosing the machine. To facilitate this task, we will talk about the features and types of these devices, and consider what you should pay attention before buying.

The main types of lawn mowers


Trimmers - they have a view of the unit with the engine, bar and special knives, clipping grass. Usually they have a convenient handle that is adjustable in angle and height that ensures maximum device when working with them. Typically, they have little power, but an excellent job of removing the grass in confined spaces and on bumpy surfaces.

To work with the tool is easy, it is necessary only to push ahead. Mows the grass so the mower on the principle of scissors. The design assumes the presence of stationary and moving blades of a few.

Trimmer - is the ideal solution if you want to scythe mowing a small area, or work in inaccessible places for large mowers. they are relatively expensive, so popular.

How to choose a lawn mower


This type of lawn mower is quite compact, easy to operate and economical. They do not need fuel, that is not necessary to go to the gas station for gasoline. In this work they are lighter, they do not have to push ourselves as a trimmer. In addition, they are extremely quiet running and have no negative impact on the environment. There are two types:


Work from ordinary household outlet, connected via a standard cord with a plug. Their comfort in the fact that such devices do not need to be recharged, they are reliable, easy to use and quite light.

Purpose: It is recommended to use in small areas where they have access to electricity. If reaches the wire, there are no problems with the operation of the device is not there, you can use an extension cord if necessary.

Disadvantages : not suitable for use in the rain or for cutting wet grass. Are usually not very much power, so are only intended for domestic use.


This type of device has good maneuverability and autonomy. For their work do not need a socket or extension cord as the power provided by the internal battery. In this case the duration of the mower is directly determined battery capacity. Characterized by convenience and ease of use.

Purpose : suitable for the removal of the grass in the areas of small and medium area


Disadvantages : have a limited service life, which depends on the volume of the battery, if she sat down, then resume work will be possible only after the charge

How to choose a lawn mower


This type of lawn mower equipped with a gasoline engine - is powerful models that are suitable for battery life, as it does not require a source of electricity. Require topping up the fuel oil change and other services. Also worth noting is the fact that they are heavier and overall electrical models that worsens their maneuverability.

Purpose : perfectly suited for the job, if you want to mow the grass in a large area


Disadvantages : they are quite noisy in operation, it is necessary to constantly monitor the level of fuel and carry out maintenance on the machine. Do not forget about the unpleasant smell of exhaust gases.

How to choose a lawn mower


These devices through the use of special artificial intelligence programs differ completely autonomous operation. The main function of the robotic lawnmower is self mowing grass unattended. It is only necessary to set the unit and route the work.

This mower is able to automatically detect when the battery is approaching discharge time, and advance goes on for recharging base. In addition, the device will also be returned if the rain starts. Some models have a protection against theft, they give a signal in case the owner of unauthorized movement of overturning or sharp rise.

Use: it can be used to maintain the ideal state of a large landscaped area (1,000 square meters). The surface must be flat, the angle of inclination must not exceed 40%. This is a great option for those who have to mow the lawn too often.

Disadvantages: sometimes the robot may miss small areas and leave uncut grass along fences or barriers near a strip of grass is often left wide 3-5 cm

How to choose a lawn mower

On what parameters to look for when choosing a lawn mower?

If you are going to buy a lawn mower, selecting it is necessary to take into account some important characteristics:

Engine Type

From this parameter depends on the performance, power, and the battery life.

Type lawn mowers



Electric Wire

- does not depend on fuel;

- do not pollute the atmosphere with exhaust gases;

- very quiet in operation;

- lightweight and compact;

- their operation is cheaper than gasoline


- tied to an electrical outlet;

- often an extension cord;

- can not operate at high humidity;

- not so much power;

- every 15-30 minutes required to stop the engine at rest



- are not tied to an electrical outlet;

- have all the same advantages of electric lawnmowers, except for a small weight


- time of the device is limited, depending on the capacity of battery used;

- require regular recharging;

- can not operate at high humidity


Gasoline (DIC)

- suited for frequent and intensive use;

- have a good performance;

- reliable;

- maneuverable;

- can be easily repaired


- the need to purchase and fill fuel;

- high noise level (90 dB);

- heavy;

- require regular maintenance;

- pollute the atmosphere;

- need to cool the engine stops



- do not require fuel and power;

- very quiet in operation;

- can work in conditions of high humidity;

- a simple, rugged and lightweight design;

- a very simple and cheap to use


- low productivity;

- require physical effort;

- heavy management, if it is necessary to go around obstacles;

- are not suitable for treatment of large areas



- fully automatic operation;

- eco-friendly;

- are not tied to a wall outlet and do not require topping fuel


- time of the device is limited, depending on the capacity of battery used;

- need recharging;

- are not suitable for use in wet weather;

- the high price


movement type

According to the type of movement of all the mower can be divided into 2 types:

  • Self-propelled - These devices have the engine (petrol or electric). They do not need when applying physical effort during their work, so are ideal for mowing large lawns.
  • self-propelled - these include all mechanical mower, driven by an operator. They are characterized by low price and compact size, but due to the fact that their work is needed to make a big physical effort, it is not recommended to use them children, women and the elderly.


This parameter affects the handling device, its maneuverability and handling quality of the lawn.

Drive Type




- high maneuverability, easy to take turns;

- easy management


are not suitable for processing slope uneven surfaces.


excellent job of mowing on slopes (optimally, if the rear wheels have a larger diameter than the front)

Low flexibility - it can be difficult on the corners



- easily overcome any surface reliefs;

- high power and efficiency;

- can work in any weather


- a great price;

-. Overall and heavy

Engine power

When selecting the power necessary to consider the area and quality of the processed surface section, and the frequency of its shearing.

The power level



Shallow (power - up to 1.5 kW, petrol - 2.5 l.c.)

- low power consumption /fuel;

- compact size;

- the reasonable price;

- suitable for processing flat lawn area up to 500 square meters


- require a lot of focus;

- typically have cutting a narrow strip (40 cm);

- a well-mowed only low fresh grass;

- have limited functionality


The average (1.5-2 kW /2.5-6 hp.)

- may handle portions, with minor fluctuations in relief;

- can remove the weeds with a thick stem;

- suitable for lawn care to 1,000 square meters


enough overall and heavy;

more expensive low-power.

High (only petrol -> 6 hp.)

- have a good performance;

- suitable for professional use;

- are stable and reliable operation;

- suitable for lawn care over 1,000 square meters


high cost and expensive maintenance;

heavy and overall.

The main features and functions of lawnmowers

How to choose a lawn mower

The width of the cutting unit

This parameter speed shearing depends, naturally, the wider band, the less time will be spent on site handling. But do not just take the largest model, it is necessary to take into account the features of the site that you want to cut. If on the territory of many narrow sections, the large lawn there just will not be able to go and mow it will not be available. The devices can have the following dimensions:

  • small width (30 to 40 cm) - suitable for the care of lawns and 500 m;
  • . .
  • average (40 to 50 cm) - 1 thousand sq;
  • . .
  • large (50 to 60 cm) - up to 2 thousand sq;
  • .
  • the maximum (from 60 to 120 cm) - for large fields of over 2tys. m.

The cutting height

Well, if the model is able to adjust the cutting height. Thus reguliroki mechanism can be central or manual. The former is more accurate.

  • Minimum height (0-110 mm) - used to treat areas of sports fields, lawn in front of house, lawn barbecue, etc., that is, for those areas where you need finished off perfectly smooth lawn low;
  • The maximum height (7-150 mm) - typically used for first haircut or if the lawn is running. The fact that at a time immediately remove more than one third the height of the grass will not work. It can only worsen the appearance of the lawn.
How to choose a lawn mower

Variety grass catcher

Mower can have different embodiments travosbornik: soft (small bag of a synthetic material), the solid (plastic container), the combined (it connects plastic and cloth bag)


Type grass catcher




- take up little space;

- easy;

- has a volume of 90 l;

- easy removal


require regular cleaning because the pores are quickly clogged with tissue.


- easy to clean;

- has good ventilation;

- just unloaded;

- has a good capacity


- a large mass;

- in the cracks can become clogged grass or debris



- light weight;

- holds its shape well thanks to the plastic frame;

- good ventilation;

- easy to clean


When large volume mower container can be severe.

Reset Options grass

There can be three types:

  • Side /rear discharge - often there are models with rear discharge. Use options with side discharge is convenient when mowing along roadsides.
  • Grass bag - this type of model can cut the grass at the same time and give the lawn neat appearance. volume of the container may vary.
  • Mulching - this option involves covering the soil with dry grass, which is also called mulch. This helps to protect the ground from evaporation, freezing, the growth of weeds, etc. This feature does not have all models of mowers. But this need not always an option.
How to choose a lawn mower


Different models of lawn mowers may differ among themselves and in additional equipment and a set of functions, for example:

  • brake (knife clutch) - this function makes it possible to control the knife while the engine is running and move the mower with an inactive knife;
  • innovative grass catcher design - it has a system of protection against the ingress of grass and dust and a full indicator;
  • aluminum body - this material is very strong and lightweight, resistant to corrosion and mechanical damage;
  • double bearings on wheels - their use improves the reliability of the wheels;
  • wheel drive - improves maneuverability and ease of movement of the lawn mower;
  • multifunctional knife - allows you to cut the grass stepwise, as well as chop it directly in the device body;
  • special enclosures - used to provide better protection for the enclosure;
  • The
  • blade with flaps is a specially shaped blade that allows you to keep your lawn perfectly clean.

As you can see, different types of lawn mowers have their own characteristics. If you need a powerful professional tool, it is better to take a gasoline model. For domestic needs, electrical options and even trimmers are quite suitable if the area to be treated is not very large.

How to choose a lawn mower

Online store offers a wide range of models. Here you can buy a lawn mower in Kiev, Odessa or Kharkov as well as other power tools at an attractive price with delivery in Ukraine.

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