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Why does not the heated seats?

Many car owners with the autumn-winter period is very actively use the heated seats. This is due to the fact that at this time the outside temperature drops and the morning of the driver and passengers cool seats can bring discomfort and cause discomfort. And if suddenly heated refuses to work, it can cause some problems. In this article we will discuss the main possible causes that can damage the heating and possible methods of dealing with them.

Why does not the heated seats?

What could cause that is not working heating car seats?

So, to answer the question: "Why does not the heated seats?", We should try to find out the root cause of.

First, you need to understand how it works. Seats are heated by a special heater element which is activated upon application of current. The elements themselves are usually placed inside of automobile seats (in the backrest and seat). As soon as the driver presses the power button, the heaters are activated and the temperature rises. The fact that the heating is on, usually signaled by a special indicator. And if the light suddenly caught fire, and the elements do not heat up, it means that something has happened and there is a failure.

The causes of such troubles can be a few:

Blown fuse

If you include heating and light is not lit, it may indicate that the fuse went down. In this case it is necessary to test this hypothesis. If the reason is the case, then simply replace a blown fuse.

Failure Switch

If the suspicion fell on the switch, then start it should be removed. Theoretically, this can be done without removing the seat. Practice shows that it is better to remove from the interior. This is due to the fact that it is not always easy to get to a place where the switch is connected. And at the time of extraction of the part and can damage the skin and the switch itself.

Why does not the heated seats?

First, let's look at the structure of this element. The composition of each switch includes several components: the slider, the contact wire and the board. The slider is used to contact closure, which is performed by a resistor. If the position of the adjusting wheel is changed and the resistance remains unchanged, it is necessary to check the wiring and contacts. In some cases, the heating does not work, because the contacts got grease. In this case, you just want to clean the contacts and remove anything that might interfere.

The algorithm of this issue will be as follows:

  • Remove the switch connector . To disconnect switch, shake it from side to side and gently pull down. Just act very carefully, do not pull very strongly. Inside the special stoppers are plating for dismantling require a screwdriver. Remove the switch will be possible only after removal of the retaining structure.
  • Check the status of the contact wires . The switch has 3 wires. Central only responsible for feeding the light signal. He will not be required. It is only necessary to check the wires that are to the right and to the left. If you find that they do not work, then it is necessary to disassemble the device.
  • Check the status of payment . Inside you will find a switch fee, it shall be connected to all the contact wire. If it is exposed to water or some other automotive fluids, such as oil. This can cause a malfunction, because the heating stops working. To eliminate breakage, you can try to dry and clean the contacts on the board. This may not be enough to restore the system.
  • The final stage . In the last step, if you have found and corrected the malfunction remains only to collect the switch should act strictly in reverse order.
Why does not the heated seats?

Open circuit heating elements

This is one of the most frequent causes, exit seat heating down. To make sure that the reason is this, it is necessary to check the condition of the heating elements.

If the switch and fuse everything is in order, and the seats are not heated, you have to:

  • check the wiring in the connector may damage the cause of her break;
  • to determine whether current is applied to the contacts.

First, you need to find a switch, it is usually in the lower portion of the main mounting block heater. To check the serviceability can use a standard automotive tester or any other measuring instrument available in stock. It can help you find out if there is voltage on the contact terminal. If current flows, it is necessary to look any further.

The next point-the connectors, which are connected via the heating elements already directly themselves. There will have to remove the seat. Because the necessary connectors are at the bottom. They should disconnect, and use an ohmmeter to check whether there is a resistance to them. Do not be amiss, and check the status of the connection wires, because they are trite to grind over time. If the cause of the problem-broken wire, then all is easy, just connect the wire in place and break it thoroughly insulated.

Why does not the heated seats?

If heating elements are functioning properly and are in working condition, be sure to check that the power is supplied to them. Probes tester to connect jacks through which voltage is supplied to the heater, when the circuit breaker.

If the power is supplied and the heating does not work, then the most likely reason-thread with a blown heating circuit. Note that the standard built-in heated car seats consists of two mats, one set into the seat itself and the other is mounted in the back of the chair. Therefore, the connectors are usually two.

To eliminate breakage of the heating element, it is necessary to remove the trim from the car seat, it is necessary in order to get access to all the main components used in heating elements.

The procedure in this situation should be as follows:

  • car seat Dismantling. First chair rolled back as far back, front mounting rails need to unscrew, and vice versa, push the seat forward, and then carefully unscrew the rear elements of the slide.
  • Removing upholstery. padding typically has several mounts, which are located below or to the side. They must be found, and carefully remove the upholstery of the chair.
  • Removing the heating mat. Note, they are usually attached directly to the foam rubber and have adhesive base. Tear they must be very careful not to damage the seat.
  • Replacement of the heating mat. Take the same size heating element and stick it in the place of which is out of order.
  • seat assembly. After replacing a faulty heating element is required to assemble the chair is strictly in the reverse order and secure the same place in the cabin.
Why does not the heated seats?

Like, everything is very simple. However, this is not true, not everyone is able to cope with the removal, disassembly and assembly of the car seat. If you are not sure that will be able to replace the failed unit, it is best to refer to the service. There your sure everything is done correctly. If any questions the process does not cause, it is possible to perform all their own. You decide.

On the eve of the winter is very important to check the condition of the system is heated seat, and if there are problems to solve them quickly, or replace with a new system. In our online store you can always buy heated seats in Kiev, Kharkov and Odessa, if the old has failed and replace it. Delivery is carried out throughout Ukraine. The catalog presents different variants: embedded wire heating and carbon, as well as a great selection of capes heated.

TOP-3 heated seats

Best seat heating in car

Looking for a quality and the best heated seats in the car? This rating of heated seats in the car is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Heating for car seats HEYNER WarmComfort Pro 506600 with a special cover for insulation and a heating controller

Heating for car seats HEYNER WarmComfort Pro 506600 with a special cover for insulation and a heating controller
  • ★ Fast and uniform heating of a large area
  • ★ Simple installation process and secure fit on the chair
  • ★ Fast connection through the cigarette lighter and high performance

Auto warming Milex Arctic Black

Auto warming Milex Arctic Black
  • ★ There is a 3-mode heating regulator
  • ★ With wire heating element
  • ★ Heating type — heated cover

Automatic seat heating Mitsumi M-28

Automatic seat heating Mitsumi M-28
  • ★ Built-in type of seat heating
  • ★ Has 5 modes of heating control
  • ★ With carbon type heating element

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