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Built heated seats, what benefits and harms for the driver?

Each driver tends to create in the cabin of the car the most comfortable conditions for himself. This applies any time of year, but it becomes particularly relevant when colder outside. So go for a long time in the cold car very unpleasant. It is to improve the comfort, many car manufacturers increasingly equip their cars not only stoves, but the internal heated seats.

Embedded heated seats in what are the benefits and harms of the driver?

The presence of such a heating system not only provides additional comfort, but also speeds up the warm-up cabin and also allows the driver and passengers do not freeze, and immediately get into the already heated seats warm.

If your eriginal equipment is no such option, any driver can buy a recessed heated seat and equip them to their car. This is a fairly simple process, although it does require some knowledge. In particular, it is necessary to understand the electrical, since heating is directly connected to the onboard power supply. If you are not sure what to cope, it is better to entrust it to professionals.

Let's look at features integrated heating, their pros and cons, as well as the impact on human health.

Design Features built-in seat heater

Structurally, each seat heater comprises the following elements:

  • the heating element;
  • thermostat;
  • mechanism of inclusion and control;
  • sensor for temperature control;
  • protective system.
Embedded heated seats in what are the benefits and harms of the driver?

In a variety of materials can be used as a heating element in the heating. There are two main types of heating elements:

Wire — from the title seen that they represent a certain design of a wire, it is usually located on a spiral, the size of the web with embedded wire typically has dimensions to provide heating across the seating surface.

carbon fiber — have the form of finished flexible plate inside thread extends special heating element made of polymeric carbon. They are considered to be more reliable and have many advantages in comparison with wire options.

The main advantage of carbon fiber warm-:

  • increased rate of heat transfer;
  • heat up quickly;
  • have good ductility, which makes the operation of such structures over long;
  • good performance strength of the load measured at the break.

Advantages and disadvantages of Seat heating systems

Regardless of whether you are using regular heating or installing it on their own, all the indoor heated systems have a certain dignity and limitations. It is about them, we will talk more.

Embedded heated seats in what are the benefits and harms of the driver?


Thus, among the advantages of the use of motor heats can be identified such:

  • are inside seating and completely repeat the form of the chair, so even long journeys will be nothing to disturb or move out, you do not even feel their presence, in addition to the heating effect;
  • have special thermostats that allow you to adjust the temperature based on personal preference or weather conditions;
  • the simplest switching system;
  • are connected directly to the power grid, and have all the required safety systems: fuses, thermostat, switch regulators;
  • the cigarette lighter socket is free and available for connection of other electrical equipment;
  • does not alter the appearance of the vehicle interior.

The disadvantages of

If we talk about the shortcomings, these two are available:

  • If the heating stopped working hard to find fault, most likely you will have to disassemble the seat to reach the components of the heating system;
  • small maintainability;
  • afraid of falling liquid, if the seat to pour a drink, it may cause a short circuit;
  • cost more capes heated.
Embedded heated seats in what are the benefits and harms of the driver?

In addition, if you want to display for a long time served as the need to carefully handle it and comply with electrical safety regulations. In particular, it is impossible:

  • put on the seat of heavy objects that can deform the surface and some elements of the heating system;
  • cover car seat heating with a thick cloth, if the system is turned on, it can lead to overheating.

However, if all the rules of operation of these systems work very well for a long time and perform their functions, because they are different a high rate of reliability.

How heating affects the health of drivers and passengers?

In addition to the performance features, heated seats and also has a certain impact on human health and is not always a positive impact only. It is necessary to know in order to avoid serious mistakes when using the built-in heating car seats.

The potential harm

  • Long sitting in the chair, which is very hot, up to 38 °C, negative effect on men's ability to fertilize, it can cause problems with conception. The optimal temperature is considered scrotum at 34 — 35,5 °C.
  • Overheating is also contraindicated in people with cancer, and this applies to any location of the tumor, and even for people who only have a suspicion of oncology.
  • Do not drive on heavily overheated and seats for children up to 3 years, as they are prone to thermal shock. That is, to use heated, if you plan to carry in a small passenger car, it is necessary to very carefully.
  • When you exit from the heated interior to the street, where the temperature is very low, you risk getting a very unpleasant consequence: the common cold, to the attack of sciatica or jade.
  • Absolutely can not ride on the overheated seats for pregnant women, it is particularly dangerous in the early stages, in the first 7-8 weeks, if the woman's body temperature is above 38,9 °C, then sharply increases the risk of miscarriage or the appearance of fetal anomalies
Embedded heated seats in what are the benefits and harms of the driver?

However, there should be made a reservation, that all these negative effects may arise only if the person is deliberately very hot seat. Most of today's warm-models have built-in system that It controls the amount of heat, so strong overheating which never happens. Independently increase the temperature to maximum performance is not recommended.

The optimum situation, when you restarted the engine and turned on the heater and warm up the interior of the car. After the warm-up before you get to have a warm seat heating is recommended to turn off, or at least put on.

The benefits of the use of motor heating

  • You will not have to sit on the icy seat, making a trip to the car in any weather as comfortable as possible.
  • Allows you to avoid such troubles as hypothermia gluteal muscles of the prostate and the scrotum in men. and the appendages in women. These bodies can not super cool, because they can begin serious health problems: prostatitis, myositis, cystitis, pyelonephritis, neuritis, etc.
  • Heated positive effect and has a positive effect, similar to some physiological procedures, in certain diseases, for example: radicalizes, intercostal neuralgia, osteoarthritis, sprains and others.
Embedded heated seats in what are the benefits and harms of the driver?

If you have not yet equipped their car with such a system, but want to prepare for winter, in our online store you can now buy embedded heated seats in Kiev, Odessa and Kharkov at a very good price, delivery in Ukraine.

ТОП-3 heated seats

Best seat heating in car

Looking for a quality and the best heated seats in the car? This rating of heated seats in the car is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Heating for car seats HEYNER WarmComfort Pro 506600 with a special cover for insulation and a heating controller

Heating for car seats HEYNER WarmComfort Pro 506600 with a special cover for insulation and a heating controller
  • ★ Fast and uniform heating of a large area
  • ★ Simple installation process and secure fit on the chair
  • ★ Fast connection through the cigarette lighter and high performance

Auto warming Milex Arctic Black

Auto warming Milex Arctic Black
  • ★ There is a 3-mode heating regulator
  • ★ With wire heating element
  • ★ Heating type — heated cover

Automatic seat heating Mitsumi M-28

Automatic seat heating Mitsumi M-28
  • ★ Built-in type of seat heating
  • ★ Has 5 modes of heating control
  • ★ With carbon type heating element

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