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Why sometimes does not cool the antifreeze and overheating car engine?

When servicing the machine, virtually all motorists are very serious about the choice of the various consumables: engine oil, filters, brake fluid, etc. But as anti-freeze, they often take the first available, because it is not considered very important, but in vain. After all, when you select a wrong or non-compliance with the rules it may cause some problems.

Why is it sometimes does not cool the antifreeze and overheating car engine?

What is Antifreeze?

First, let's understand what the anti-freeze, and what it is used.

The antifreeze-a liquid core and the main feature of which is that it does not freeze at low temperatures. It is usually used in the cooling systems of internal combustion engines. Also, antifreeze can be used in autonomous heating systems of various buildings and houses, air conditioners, ventilation systems, etc.

In these compositions, thanks to the special chemical components, the freezing temperature is lower than that of water, and a boiling point, on the contrary-higher. That is, they can be used all year round, regardless of the outside temperature.

Moreover, the value of the coolant is very large. According to many experts and Automaster, antifreeze has a direct impact on the durability of the engine. From it, including dependent stability and reliability of internal combustion engines. It is therefore important to choose the right part, otherwise it will not properly cool the power plant, that may just lead to the engine overheating.

Why is it sometimes does not cool the antifreeze and overheating car engine?

How antifreeze effect on the car engine work and why it may overheat?

According to statistics, one of the main causes about a third of serious fault in automobile engines that are detected during maintenance, defects are associated with the operation of the cooling system. And Automaster confirm that often provokes their wrong choice of coolant, which is not suitable for this engine, or ignoring the requirements for replacement when the car owner just does not change the antifreeze in due time. Which leads to overheating of the motor and damage.

This is to make drivers think, because of neglect can be a very unpleasant situation. A motor repair-a costly exercise.

Of course, sometimes the problem may not be related to the car owners as well as the time, on the contrary, he is doing everything right. Only he got the composition of poor quality. Some manufacturers of coolants for cars in pursuit of savings using cheaper raw materials. For example, instead of expensive glycol to be used in the preparation of quality antifreeze take the cheapest methyl alcohol. This has a very negative effect, since alcohol provokes corrosion, which in turn leads to destruction of metal radiators.

Also, the alcohol evaporates pretty quickly, and it already causes a violation of the thermal regime, as a result of engine overheating of the machine. Under such conditions, the motor can not run for a long time without consequences. It is also worth remembering that methanol can lead to destruction of the pump impeller and damage the surface of the channels in the cooling system.

The presence of alcohol can cause cavitation (the process in which the formation of bubbles in the liquid, after they burst releases large amounts of energy). Cavitation has a negative impact on unit liner of the combustion engine cylinders. A yield cartridge fail-is a recipe for major motor repair

Why is it sometimes does not cool the antifreeze and overheating car engine?

Therefore, in high-quality anti-freeze is not used alcohol, but rather to add special ingredients, additives designed to minimize the devastating effects of cavitation and corrosion, and increase the life of the automobile engine.

Features of different types of antifreeze

Every driver should know what kind of antifreeze will come to his car. It is very important. Because now the technology is developing rapidly and modern engine, often has a very complex structure. And many manufacturers are actively working in the field of power increase with a decrease in volume and mass of the power plant. And that in itself makes the thermal load is higher, so much depends on the stable operation of the cooling system. The quality of the coolant in modern cars is dependent on many things.

Of course, the anti-freeze can be different in its properties and composition. Let us consider the features of different types of fluids.

first type -hybrid antifreeze (G11), have an inorganic origin, are green, turquoise, blue or yellow liquid. The service life of such formulations is 3 years, they are contained as inhibitors of silicates or phosphates. It has been produced for a long time, first appeared in the 90s of the last century. This type of anti-freeze is designed for any type of radiator. Further cooling, they also protect engine parts against corrosion. Include several subclasses G1 + and G11 ++, between which a different percentage of the carboxylic acid.

second type -carboxylate antifreeze (G12), represent an organic red liquid (may have different shades). The service life of such formulations is 5 years, they also contain specific inhibitors, which provide protection against metal corrosion, and much better than their predecessors of the class G11. In this case, an excellent job with the engine cooling. They were and are compatible with the previous generation of cooling fluids in 2006.

The third type - lobridnye antifreeze, G13 (previously G12 +), have an organic basis, in which the special mineral inhibitors added. The service life of these compositions is unlimited if they are poured into the new car. The first compositions were red, and later, in 2008, there were orange and yellow, became released purple (sometimes pink) with the 2012 structure. Since 2008, their base of propylene glycol, which makes this type of antifreeze is more expensive predecessors. But special composition yielded a number of important and useful properties. Among the advantages of this type are higher boiling point which allows their use for thermal loaded modern engines as well as a high level of protection against corrosion (on the surface of engine components formed by a special film which reacts with the source of corrosion).

The fourth type - lobridnye antifreeze glycerol. In fact, it is an analogue of the previous anti-freeze, only they use glycerol. This makes these compositions as safe as possible in terms of environmental friendliness. They are specially created for the latest generation of engines used in cars VAG and Mercedes.

Why is it sometimes does not cool the antifreeze and overheating car engine?

What is better to fill antifreeze in the car? It's all quite simple:

  • On vehicles with a copper or brass radiator, suitable carboxylate (red) antifreeze;
  • For cars with an aluminum radiator, suitable lime (green or blue) antifreeze.
  • Universal, that is suitable for all types of cars are lobridnye antifreeze.

They are not better or worse than work, just select the composition should be based on the materials that are used in the cooling system of the vehicle design.

How do you determine that it is time to change the antifreeze?

There are two main ways to test:

Special test strips-it's a very simple version, they have special reagents that enable a fairly accurate assessment of the current chemical status of antifreeze. As a rule, use them very simply, on the packaging, you can find detailed instructions and appropriate color indicator scale for interpreting the results.

The visual diagnostics of the coolant-everything is a little more complicated:

  • If the antifreeze is turbid and became whitish color, it indicates that the composition has worked, and it's time to change.
  • Reddish color may indicate that the fluid has many rust particles, it is a sign that the cooling system needs to be cleaned.
  • If there is foam flakes or clumps floating in antifreeze, is one of the signs of serious problems in the engine cooling system, it is best to consult a specialist so that it fixed the problem.

In addition, the mandatory replacement of antifreeze is required for tightness of the system, if you notice a leak, it is necessary to remove and fill the coolant loss.

Why is it sometimes does not cool the antifreeze and overheating car engine?

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