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Five interesting facts about the car windshield wipers

Wiper (« wipers ») is equipped with every modern car. This simple device which is intended for cleaning a vehicle windshield glass of precipitation (rain, snow, etc.), Dirt and dust. They allow you to improve visibility while driving in any weather. It is important that the windshield wipers are totally in good condition, it has a direct impact on the safety of drivers on the road.

Five interesting facts on car windshield wipers

Features of the design and operation of automobile wiper

Janitors — is an integral component of any vehicle if they are faulty, it is forbidden to drive on such a machine. To most effectively removed from the surface of the water glass and dirt is recommended to combine the use of brushes windshield with a special liquid, which is sprayed onto the surface under high pressure. This ensures high efficiency of cleaning of the windshield by adhering the dirt on it, insect debris, dust, etc.

As for the design of janitors, then there a lot depends on the type and variety of fasteners used. In general, the wiper structure can include the following components:

  • brush;
  • trapezoid with a system of levers;
  • relays operating modes;
  • hinging;
  • wire;
  • electric motor;
  • reducer;
  • an electronic control unit (not all types).
Five interesting facts on car windshield wipers

The overall performance is largely dependent on the time of year, abundant rainfall, the degree of soiling and the type of wiper design, as well as from the web directly to the state of the brushes themselves. Indeed, over time wears the rubber part, loses elasticity, which adversely affects the quality of removing dirt and water from the glass. It is therefore very important to monitor their condition and change the windshield wipers in good time.

Interesting facts about Wiper

Since the wipers — it's pretty simple detail, the drivers usually do not pay them much attention. And few people know about how do they get there, and how to improve their design. Let's look at some interesting facts from the history of automobile wiper.

The fact that the first

Brushes for windshield appeared not at once. Once the machine had no janitors. The first prototype of modern brushes arose only in 1903, when was developed by a special mechanism that looked like water from the windshield glass machines. And they looked not quite usual for modern motorists, reminding rather large toothbrushes. The effectiveness of these models was also not very high, as they are often simply smeared raindrops on a glass surface, and do not remove them completely.

Five interesting facts on car windshield wipers

The fact that the second

The wiper blades invented woman — Mary Anderson, who has patented his know-how in 1903. When in the winter, she was traveling by car from Alabama to New York, I noticed that the snow despite the cold, many cars travel with the windows, because through it just could not see anything because of the snowstorm. This led her to the idea of ​​creating a special brush, which would be able to remove the snow from the windshield while driving.

Five interesting facts on car windshield wipers

The fact of the third

Initially, the wipers were mechanical with manual transmission. That is driven by using a special pen, installed in the vehicle, which the driver had to turn on their own. Electric emerged much later, in 1917. And their appearance modern drivers also owe the woman. The developer of electric wipers became Charlotte Bridzhvud. Many years later, the design perfected. In 1962, there was a special mechanism that allows you to adjust the speed and change the order of the janitors work.

Five interesting facts on car windshield wipers

The fact of the fourth

were improved cars — improved and wipers. So, after the appearance of the windshield more aerodynamic shape, larger and with a large bend, they have been developed and new in its design of the brush. Wipers to become longer, but it does not lose its downforce, which provides optimal for efficient purification of adhesion to the glass, the designers have developed a so-called hybrid wipers.

If the classical model of brushes with the size begin to interfere with the driver, as it becomes very cumbersome, blind review, frosted and badly fitting. The hybrids have received the most compact mechanism, which was hidden under a special protective plastic cover. As a result, the new product was more effective because it was devoid of such problems. Hybrid wipers very well remove water, snow and even frost. Now some models of premium hybrid brushes have a reinforced rubber part, covered with graphite. This increases their stamina, making the most durable construction.

Five interesting facts on car windshield wipers

The fact of the fifth

According to the standard, automobile windscreen wipers must be cleaned surface of the glass in just 5 strokes. That's usually easy to manage all models of modern brushes for windshield. As for the most effective, and here in front of the hybrid model. With built-in spoilers, they have more downforce, and if other brushes can be left on the glass behind bars, these clean as clean as possible, leaving nothing. They are very well cope with the task, even when driving at high speed.

Five interesting facts on car windshield wipers

As you can see, wipers for more than a century have been continuously improved, changed their structure and shape, but they also continue to assist the driver. And it is clear that the evolution of the wiper blades will continue, as always, work is underway on the modernization and development of new materials!

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ТОП-3 car windshield wipers

Best wipers for cars

Looking for a quality and the best janitors for cars? This rating of janitors for cars is made on the basis of such parameters as: high demand with positive feedback from our customers, high-quality manufacturing — absence of factory defects and service calls, and official warranty and post warranty support in Ukraine.

Frameless wipers HEYNER All Seasons Graphit 089

Frameless wipers HEYNER All Seasons Graphit 089
  • ★ Has a graphite rubber band
  • ★ With an extra rubber band
  • ★ Wiper size — 48 cm

Wiper blades for the HEYNER All Seasons Graphit 094

Wiper blades for the HEYNER All Seasons Graphit 094
  • ★ With graphite
  • ★ Frameless wiper blades
  • ★ Length of the janitor — 60 cm

Car wipers HEYNER HYBRID Graphit 034

Car wipers HEYNER HYBRID Graphit 034
  • ★ Hybrid wiper blades
  • ★ Length of the janitor — 600 mm
  • ★ Adapter for mounting in the kit

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